Politics in Minutes (2016)

  The evolution of politics

  Government and leadership


  The Greeks and the city-state

  Plato: Republic

  Aristotle: Politics

  Civil society

  Human nature


  Authority and legitimacy; power and accountability


  The role of religion

  Political ideologies: left and right

  Political ideologies: the political spectrum

  Political concepts

  Ancient Greek ideas of justice and liberty


  Humanism and the rise of the nation state

  Machiavelli and political realism


  Concept of liberty

  Positive and negative freedom

  Concept of justice

  Equality: of outcome or opportunity?

  The social contract

  Political authority

  Rights: civil and natural

  Influencing politics

  Freedom of speech

  The right to protest

  Peaceful protest and civil disobedience

  Violent direct action


  Structures and institutions

  Government by the few

  Government by the people


  Non-governmental organizations

  Economic policy and taxation

  Welfare and social policy

  Constitutions and bills of rights

  Laws and legislation

  Law and order

  Defence and foreign policy

  Armed forces and intelligence services

  Local and regional government

  Decentralization and devolution


  Supranational institutions

  Democracy and democratic institutions

  Of, by and for the people


  Elections and representation

  Political parties

  Electoral systems


  Presidential government

  Bicameral systems


  Separation of powers



  A ruling class, the right to rule

  Entitlement and property

  Authoritarian conservatism

  Paternalistic conservatism

  One-nation conservatism

  Christian democracy

  Liberal and libertarian conservatism

  The New Right


  The individual

  Natural rights


  British liberalism

  The harm principle


  US liberalism

  Small government


  Liberal democracy

  Social Darwinism

  Social liberalism

  The ‘invisible hand’

  Economic liberalism



  Socialism and communism


  Rousseau: the general will

  18th- and 19th-century revolutions

  Utopian socialism

  Social liberalism

  Community, cooperation and common ownership

  Marx: philosophy, history

  Marx: economics, analysis of capitalism

  Class struggle

  Marx: politics and the inevitability of socialism


  The New Left

  State ownership and nationalization

  Central economic planning

  Revolutionary socialism


  Reformism, or evolutionary socialism


  Libertarian socialism

  Trades unions and the labour movement

  Social democracy

  The ‘Third Way’





  Individualist anarchism


  Collectivist anarchism


  Libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism

  Anarchist revolution


  Tyranny and police states


  One-party state



  Communist totalitarianism

  Religious totalitarianism

  Coup d’état

  Military juntas

  Nation, race and religion



  Ethnic nationalism

  Civic nationalism

  Expansionist nationalism

  Imperialism and colonialism


  Anti-colonial and post-colonial nationalism

  Independence and self-determination

  Race and politics

  Civil rights movement

  Positive discrimination




  The role of religion

  The laws of God and the laws of Man>

  The divine right to rule

  State religion

  Secular states


  Islam and sharia law

  Religious fundamentalism


  The Christian right

  Islamic fundamentalism

  Gender politics



  The rights of women

  The fight for the vote

  Equality and difference

  An unequal world

  Women in power

  Second- and third-wave feminism

  Sex and gender

  Sexuality and politics



  Pollution, climate change and global warming

  Sustainability and resources

  Ecology vs development

  Other eco-movements

  Deep ecology

  International politics


  Foreign policy

  Defence and national security


  Alliances and neutrality

  Just war theory

  Pacifism and anti-war movements


  Transnational corporations


  International law

  International institutions

  World government

  The future

  The future of the right

  The power elite

  The future of the left

  Power to the people

  A shrinking world

  Religion in 21st-century politics

  Brave New World

  The ultimate challenge?