Politics in Minutes (2016)

The ultimate challenge?

Modern political theory and philosophy has concentrated largely on different attitudes to economic and social issues, and the degree to which these should be the responsibility of the state or the individual. The implicit assumption is that politics is a human invention, and as such can be determined by us. It has become increasingly apparent, however, that there are external, environmental factors that affect our political decision-making. Scientific evidence points overwhelmingly to the fact that our previous management of the environment has pushed us to the brink of catastrophe.

Many mainstream politicians have made some concessions to Green policies (see here); others have chosen to ignore – or even flout – the warning signs. There are those who believe that drastic measures are needed to avert irreversible damage to the environment, which threatens economic mayhem and even extinction of our species. Unless these are prioritized now, they could very soon be the only item on the agenda.