Politics in Minutes (2016)


Nationalism can be seen as the political manifestation of feelings of national identity, a specific ideology on which various political movements and parties are founded. Patriotism, while closely linked to the concept of nationalism, is different in that it is not a particular belief, but the way in which people show their attachment to their nation. In a sense, nationalism is built on the idea that a nation is there for the benefit of its people, whereas patriotism is the idea that the people are there for the nation.

Indeed, nationalism can call on patriotism for support, which can be so deeply ingrained that it becomes ‘my country, right or wrong’. Like nationalism, patriotism involves an element of pride, but also carries notions of loyalty and even devotion to the nation, and its institutions and symbols of state. Many nations have a formal oath or pledge of allegiance, which aspiring citizens are required to take confirming their duty to protect and defend their country.