Politics in Minutes (2016)


While in the USA and Africa the driving force behind the civil rights movements was one of white-European supremacy over black-Africans, elsewhere there were other racial tensions. Jewish people had suffered discrimination, long before even African colonization. Displaced Jewish communities in Europe and parts of Asia had been frequently persecuted, segregated and even confined to ghettoes – discrimination so widespread that it has its own name: antisemitism. Some Jews campaigned for the establishment of a separate homeland. Zionism, the movement pressing for a Jewish state of Israel, gained political support from certain quarters, but was vigorously opposed by others, including many Jews. The argument centred on the question of Jewish identity: is it defined by race, religion or culture, and is it a nationality? In the wake of the Nazi Holocaust, the state of Israel was founded in 1948, and continues to support its existence and security in the face of criticism and actual violence directed against it, which some believe are antisemitic.