The Mind Reader (2015)

Chapter 1


She looked into his blue eyes and recognized the depths of his love. Chara felt an unspoken bond with Jake. Without a doubt, it was a love she had thought was impossible to find.

Jake looked back at her and stroked her hair. Then he reached for her breast and slowly massaged it – again. That’s how their first session of lovemaking started that night and ended with a climatic orgasm. Every muscle in her body tightened at the anticipation of another round of sexual delight.

It had been a difficult day at work. Chara Ferguson worked as a registered nurse and seldom felt she was in control of her day. Her patients always needed something. If it wasn’t time to dispense medications, change the intravenous bags, or take vital signs, Chara felt compelled to visit individually with the patients just so they could talk.

Chara tried to be a good nurse and felt for the most part she was. But in return it felt incredibly remarkable to have someone pamper and love her the way Jake did.

He continued to massage her breast as she tenderly fondled his chest hairs. She caressed his chest then moved her hands toward his penis until she had a firm grasp of it and lovingly guided her hand up and down the shaft.

His slight movement and low moan told her that she had found the spot to provide him with exactly what he needed. But, of course, she knew that. “Oh, Chara, it’s like you can sense my needs without me even speaking them,” Jake said to her. If you only knew the half of my talents.

“It’s just my woman’s intuition,” she said modestly. “We women are usually born with this sense.”

“No, no. You’ve got this down to a science,” he said lovingly. “It’s like you’re a wizard in the bedroom.”

As if that were her cue, she maneuvered her body lower and gently nibbled at his penis with her lips. She glided her mouth up and down his organ, gently at first, then as she felt it grow, she moved faster and faster. The organ hardened quickly. His moaning increased in tandem with the speed of her strokes.

In turn, Jake slapped her butt, took his index finger and rubbed her clitoris. Chara immediately noticed and appreciated his skill at finding her sweet spot in a matter of moments. They shared a single rhythmic movement, as if their separate hearts and had melded and their separate bodies were now one.

Chara cherished moments like this, when she forget about the activity of the day and lost herself in her own thoughts. She didn’t need to worry what others were thinking. In rare moments like these she placed a priority on the needs and desires of Jake and indulged herself in the utter heavenly feeling of being totally at peace.

Finally, the pair found that moment together when they both claimed a climax that was indescribable. Jake held Chara tightly and together they fell backwards onto the bed, totally spent.

It was only now that Chara relaxed. She opened herself and her mind to her surroundings. Cuddling closer to Jake, she listened intently for the sound of his heart beating and once again tried to control her breath so their hearts would be as closely in rhythm as possible. Could life get any better, she wondered.

She was grateful for this time, even if they only lasted a few moments in a day, when she could use the gift she was born with to not only please another, but help her find pleasure as well. If she were honest with herself, she never regretted having the gift. It certainly became a blessing to many around her, especially her patients at the hospital.

Her gift allowed her to interpret to the doctors what many of them were thinking, but couldn’t find the words to articulate them. She could specify using terms the doctors could understand for feelings the patients were fully incapable of describing.

What was this present from nature? Chara could read minds. She had inherited this rare trait from her grandmother, who had inherited it from her mother.

While her grandmother always emphasized she had a responsibility to use this power to help others, it was gratifying to use it now and again in a way that she, too, could gain some satisfaction.

Jake laid back on the bed, his eyes closed. Chara took this time to stare at him lovingly without him making fun of her. She heard his thoughts, “It’s time for that omelet I’ve been craving from Ryan’s Diner.”

Food! Only now did she remember she had skipped lunch and in fact, couldn’t even remember if she had eaten anything for breakfast. She jumped at the chance to go and eat at Ryan’s.

“Ryan’s sounds great, Jake,” she said, out loud, “they make the best omelets in town. Let’s go.”

This spark of conversation apparently was not the turn Jake had intended. In fact, he apparently hadn’t envisioned any type of conversation – at least now with Chara. In a panic, he thought, ‘This isn’t quite what I had imagined. I’m meeting Denise there in a few hours.”

Upon hearing his thoughts, Chara felt heartbroken. She never would have “answered” his unspoken thoughts had he mentioned Denise at the beginning. She stopped and listened again to his thinking. Apparently, this Denise character was someone he had been seeing for a while. How did manage to hide that from her for so long?

Determined to keep a shred of dignity, she bolted out of bed, began dressing and spurted her apologies in a flurry of words. “Oh, no Jake, I’m so sorry. I can’t go to Ryan’s. I promised my mother I would stop by tonight. She needed some help around the house. I’m already running late.”

She finished pulling on her scrubs, kissed him on the forehead and ran out of the bedroom, and bolted out of his apartment. She didn’t stop running until she got to her car. Unlocking the door, she dropped herself in the driver’s seat, laid her head on the steering wheel and cried.

Once the majority of tears were spent and she felt she could see well enough to drive, she headed over to her mom’s house. Her mom was sympathetic, but could offer little in the way of practical advice.

Her mother wasn’t endowed with the gift the way Chara and her grandmother were. Her mother couldn’t advise her on the details of the gift, but she proved invaluable in helping her to pick up the pieces of her life in moments like these. A mom’s love was priceless.

Chara knew two things growing up. First, that her grandmother was able to read thoughts of others and was diligent in guiding Chara in using it properly. The other thing that was evident to her as grew up was that her mother never had the gift and didn’t understand either generation she was sandwiched between.

Despite that, though, her mother did everything within her power to encourage Chara in perfecting it and encouraged the relationship she had with her grandmother. Chara admired her mother immensely for that.

She had read that in some families the gift became a bone of contention when it skipped generations. Some parents who didn’t have it were at a total loss of how to treat their children who did. Worse yet, many of those parents feared the gift and tried everything in their power to prevent their children from using it. Others were convinced it was a demon-driven power.

“I’m never going to see that jerk again,” Chara said, tears unexpectedly burst forth again. The mother and daughter had been sitting on the living room couch. Her mother cradled her like a little baby.