16 books on self-help (2015)

16 books on self-help (2015)

Accent Reduction For Professionals

Chapter 1: Is Your Strong Accent Preventing you from Getting your Perfect Job?

Chapter 2: Can you Hear That? Placing Stress on the Proper Syllables

Chapter 3: Learning the Sounds of the Vowels

Chapter 4: Considering the Soft Palate

Chapter 5: Learning about the “R” Sound: It’s Trickier than you Think

Chapter 6: Conquering the “th” sound

Chapter 7: Discovering Diphthongs

Chapter 8: Putting it All Together

Chapter 9: Reverse Accent Mimicry

Chapter: 10: 8 Secrets to Accent Reduction

English Fluency For Advanced English Speaker

Chapter 1: Getting Over the Plateau to Become a Fluent English Speaker

Chapter 2: Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals -- The Secret of Getting What You Want When You Want It

Chapter 3: Immerse Yourself in the English Language

Chapter 4: Mistakes Are the Foundation Of Any Good Speaker

Chapter 5: Improve Your Listening, Your Fluency Will Follow

Chapter 6: Shadowing

Chapter 7: Secrets of a Fluent English Speaker

Chapter 8: Idioms and More: You Can't be Fluent without Idioms

Chapter 9: Contractions in the English Language

Public Speaking Secrets for ESL

Chapter 1: Stage Fright Speaks in Every Language, but …

Chapter 2: Practice your English Before you’re scheduled to Present

Chapter 3: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Visual Aids

Chapter 4: Build a Rapport with your Audience

Chapter 5: Making the Best Use of your Language

Chapter 6: Signposting: The Best Kept Secret of Professional Speakers

Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Tips

The Power of Not Caring

Chapter 1: Who Are You Living For?

Chapter 2: Are You a Lost Soul?

Chapter 3: Why Do I Care?

Chapter 4: In the Real World

The Billionaire Professor

Chapter 1: Maxwell

Chapter 2: Max

Chapter 3: Jazmin

Chapter 4: Max

Chapter 5: Max

Chapter 6: Max

Chapter 7: Jazmin

Chapter 8: Jazmin

Chapter 9: Max

Chapter 10: Max

Chapter 11: Jazmin

Chapter 12: Max

Chapter 13: Maxwell

Chapter 14: Jazmin

Chapter 15: Maxwell

Chapter 16: Jazmin

The Billionaire Professor 2

Chapter 1: Maxwell

Chapter 2: Jazmin

Chapter 3: Jazmin

Chapter 4: Max

Chapter 5: Jazmin

Chapter 6: Max

Chapter 7: Jazmin

Chapter 8: Jazmin

Chapter 9: Max

Chapter 10: Max

Chapter 11: Jazmin

Chapter 12: Max

Chapter 13: Max

Chapter 14: Max

Chapter 15: Max

Chapter 16: Jazmin

Chapter 17: Jazmin

The Billionaire Stepbrother











The Last Chance

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

The Mind Reader

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

The Billionaire's Ex Girlfriend

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

The Comparing Game.Escape The Comparing Paradigm And Be Your True Self

Chapter 1: Why Do We Compare?

Chapter 2: The Negative Impact Of Comparison

Chapter 3: It’s Ok To Be Different

Chapter 4: You Can’t Compare Happiness

Chapter 5: Self-Reflection

The Materialistic World

Chapter 1: The Consequences of Materialism

Chapter 2: How much is Happiness?

Chapter 3: Materialism and the Youth

Chapter 4: The Remedy of Materialism

Chapter 5: Non-Material Forms of Entertainment

The Secret of Creating Your Reality

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Herd Mentality

Chapter 2: Emotion Is the Compass

Chapter 3: We are the Creator

The Art of Inner Beauty

Chapter 1: Recognizing the Difference between Inner and Outer Beauty

Chapter 2: Where to Start: Loving Yourself

Chapter 3: Good Health and Inner Beauty

Chapter 4: Pursue Your Passion: Your Beauty will Shine

Chapter 5: Develop Inner Beauty with Positive Self-Talk

Chapter 6: Inner Beauty and Self-Respect

The Perception Transformation

Chapter 1: 3 Mind-Blowing Real Life Scenarios

Chapter 2: Different Perceptions In The Same Experience

Chapter 3: Getting Inside A Thought

Chapter 4: The Perception Transformation

The Power of Opportunity

Your Attitude Determines How Successful You Can Be

Extraordinary Life Plan

Health is Wealth

Professional Life



Chapter I: Not Just Another “Minimalism” Guide

Chapter II: Why is Minimalism so Popular?

Chapter III: Minimalism Is a Double-edged Sword

Chapter IV: Minimalism is Not For Everyone

Chapter V: Minimalism versus Frugal Living

Chapter VI: Minimalism and Your Diet

Chapter VII: How to Become A Hybrid Minimalist

The Smart Passive Income Guide

Chapter 1: Do what Successful people do

Chapter 2: The Truth about Passive Income

Chapter 3: Passive Income: The Easy Way to Make Money?

Chapter 4: The Pitfalls of Making a Passive Income

Chapter 5: Building a Passive Income Business

Chapter 6: 5 Best Passive Income Options

Habits of the Super Rich

Chapter 1: Habits of the Rich and the Poor

Chapter 2: Turning thoughts into reality: It All Starts with the Subconscious Mind

Chapter 3: Developing the Mindset of a Successful Person

Chapter 4: The Universal Laws of Success

Chapter 5: The Powerful Habit of a Mastermind Group

Chapter 6: The Most Effective Way to Build a Habit

Chapter 7: Become Aware of your Surroundings

Chapter 8: Meditation: A Habit of 85% of all Successful people

Christian: God is Love

Chapter 1: The Power of Prayer

Chapter 2: Why Christianity it’s no better than any other religion

Chapter 3: The Temptation of Life

Chapter 4: Famous Christians who fell

Chapter 5: The Bible was written by religious fanatics

Chapter 6: The man who has it all doesn’t need Christianity

Chapter 7: Christians do doubt God

Chapter 8: God is helping people in this evil world

Chapter 9: Where to begin in Christianity

The Smartphone Buyer's Guide 2015

From Mobile Phone to Mobile Device to Smartphone: The Evolution of the Cell Phone

The Basics of a Cell Phone: Overviews and How-To

Business or Pleasure: What is the purpose of your cellphone? **Bonus** A Quick Budgeting Guide For Cellphone Buyers!

The Five Pillars of a Good Smartphone - How To Choose The Right Smartphone

A Plan that Works!

Taps, Clicks, Troubleshooting, and Phone Tricks

Should I Quit My Job?

Chapter 1: Real Reasons For Quitting

Chapter 2: You Have Options

Chapter 3: Planning For The Exit

The Smart First-Time Home Buyer's Guide

Finding a Dream Home

Neighborhood Inspection

Important home Buying tips

The Smart First-Time Home Seller's Guide

Chapter 1: Making The Decision To Sell – Important Considerations

Chapter 2: Considering Assistance As A First Time Home Seller

Chapter 3: Preparing The Home For Sale – First Impressions

Chapter 4: Establishing The Asking Price

Chapter 5: Listing And Showing The Home

Chapter 6: Managing and Settling The Offer

Getting in The Right State

Chapter 1 – What is State?

Chapter 2 – What Affects Our States?

Chapter 3 – Changing to the Right State

Chapter 4 – Awareness

Thinking Outside The Box

Chapter 1: The Invisible Trap of Social Standards

Chapter 2: Kicking the Box Open and Sparking your Creativity

Chapter 3: Lateral Thinking is the Key

Chapter 4: Applying Critical Thinking to Understand your Life Value

Chapter 5: Activities that force you to think outside the box