The Last Chance(2015)

The Last Chance

Chapter Twelve

Anna opened her eyes just as she felt something crash into her legs. She looked down and all she could see was a ball of long and shaggy red hair. The head lift and a pair of the most intense green eyes looked up at her. A little girl had her arms wrapped around Anna’s legs.

Her face was so innocent. “Mommy, what are you doing?”

Anna heart began to beat rapidly. She looked around and found herself standing in an elegant all white kitchen.  She was in a home. She looked at clothes. She was wearing a hot pink business dress. It hit her small curses perfectly. When had she brought this? As she leaned down, her own long hair caught her eyes. It was straightened, but not permed. She hadn’t cut it.

Shouting came from the hall around the corner. Brian came into view with two more little girls hanging from his limbs. One on his arm one riding his leg. Their faces completely identical to the one that still had her arms wrapped around Anna’s legs. Triplets?

Brain looked at her. He looked amazing in his gray suit. His expression looked confused tough and he did looked kind of silly with two girls crawling all over him like monkeys. He didn’t seem to mind. “What are you doing?”

Anna didn’t know.

Brian walked over to her and placed a hand on her forehead. “Are you feeling alright?”

Anna narrowed her eyes in confusion, but didn’t answer.

Brian looked worried. His hand rested on her stomach. “Is it the baby?”

Anna’s eyes flew open. “I’m pregnant again.”

He grinned. His eyes flew wide as well. “I know, right?”

The little girls around them began to dance around in circles, their fire engine red hair and white dresses flowing around them. They were singing some song Anna didn’t know.

Anna’s eyes went back to Brian. Her hands grabs his shoulders. Her eyes spotted her ring. Nice. “It’s just one, right? Tell me it’s a boy.”

His hands cupped her hips. “We can only hope.” His kissed her cheek.

Anna’s heart flipped. Brian was hers. They were together. They had triplets. She was having another baby. Tears sprang to her eyes. She started to cry.

The girls stopped dancing and came over to hug her. They were all saying different things, but Anna couldn’t really hear them over her crying. And it struck her that she didn’t know their names.  She’d given life to three little girls and she knew nothing about them.

But then Anna remembered a wedding. Hers. She remembered going out on dates with Brian. Moments that Brian pissed her off. The times when they made up. She remembered being pregnant. She remembered giving birth. Their names. She not only knew their names, but she could tell them apart. She remembered everything and as the memorize came back, the olds ones began to disappear. There were barely any memories that didn’t include Brian at her side now. There was no Vivian. No secret lonely nights. And lastly, Anna couldn’t remember the homeless man whose eyes glittered with moons and stars in their black depths. This was Anna’s world. This was her reality and she wouldn’t change a thing.