AUTHOR’S NOTE - Impossible to Ignore - Carmen Simon

Impossible to Ignore: Creating Memorable Content to Influence Decisions - Carmen Simon (2016)


There are 15 variables you can use to influence other people’s memory: context, cues, distinctiveness, emotion, facts, familiarity, motivation, novelty, quantity of information, relevance, repetition, self-generated content, sensory intensity, social aspects, and surprise. All are discussed in this book, but some variables dominate in particular chapters. Specifically:

Chapter 1: distinctiveness

Chapter 2: cues, emotion, motivation, social aspects

Chapter 3: facts, familiarity

Chapter 4: cues, distinctiveness, familiarity, relevance, sensory intensity, social aspects

Chapter 5: context, distinctiveness, familiarity, novelty, surprise

Chapter 6: cues, emotion, familiarity, motivation, novelty, relevance, social aspects, surprise

Chapter 7: familiarity, motivation, novelty, relevance, repetition, social aspects, surprise

Chapter 8: distinctiveness, relevance, self-generated content, sensory intensity

Chapter 9: context, emotion, facts, familiarity, relevance, sensory intensity

Chapter 10: facts, familiarity, relevance, quantity of information

Chapter 11: familiarity, relevance, social aspects

You don’t have to use all 15 variables in a message. The combination is up to you. The following chapters will enable you to explore and experiment. Soon you’ll be impossible to ignore.

Shall we get started?