Latest Readings - Clive James

Latest Readings - Clive James (2015)


Hemingway in the Beginning

Revisiting Conrad

Novels in Sequence

Patrick O’Brian and His Salty Hero

War Leader

Sebald and the Battle in the Air

Phantom Flying Saucer

Under Western Eyes

Anthony Powell, Time Lord

Treasuring Osbert Lancaster

American Power

Kipling and the Widow-maker

Speer in Spandau

Shakespeare and Johnson

Naipaul’s Nastiness

Movie Books

Women in Hollywood

Extra Shelves

Always Philip Larkin

Villa America

Angles on Hitler

Stephen Edgar, Australian Ace

John Howard Extends His Reign

Hemingway at the End

On Wit

Richard Wilbur’s Precept

When Creation Is Perverse

Conrad’s Greatest Victory