Bellevue (Southwest) - Eastside - Not For Tourists Guide to Seattle (2016)

Not For Tourists Guide to Seattle (2016)


Bellevue (Southwest)


Map 43

Bellevue is home to a ton of smart teenagers—several high schools rank among the finest in the nation and it’s safe to say that these Bellevue braniacs will probably be your boss one day. When not studying, you can find them hanging out at the food court in the Factoria Mall.

image Restaurants

✵ Shanghai Café ✵ 12708 SE 38th St

425-603-1689 ✵ $$

Homemade noodles keep ‘em coming back.

✵ Square Lotus ✵ 3540 Factoria Blvd SE

425-679-0680 ✵ $$

Family-owned Vietnamese with substantial vegetarian menu.

✵ Top Gun Seafood ✵ 12450 SE 38th St

425-641-3386 ✵ $$

Take a ride into the dim-sum zone.

Map 44 ✵ Bellevue (South)