Downtown - Central Seattle - Not For Tourists Guide to Seattle (2016)

Not For Tourists Guide to Seattle (2016)

Central Seattle



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Like most downtowns, Seattle's mainly caters to tourists, consumers, and the work-a-day crowd. Therefore department stores, happy hours, and Starbucks are plentiful. But fancy condos are starting to spring up on every block, and more people are calling this 'hood home. You can get your culture on at Benaroya Hall or the Seattle Art Museum. Westlake Center is flavor country in terms of colorful characters, religious zealots, and the occasional "Personality Test" booth.

image Landmarks

5th Avenue Theatre ✵ 1308 5th Ave


Lavish Chinese-inspired interior. Cheesy shows.

Benaroya Hall ✵ 200 University St


Seattle Symphony's state-of-the-art performance hall.

The Blade ✵ 2nd Ave & Pike St

Used to be crack and coke. Now it's condos and coffee.

Columbia Center ✵ 701 5th Ave

Tallest building in Seattle with an observation deck on the 73rd floor.

Freeway Park ✵ 700 Seneca St


Architecturally stunning park built over I-5.

Giant Rotating Shuttlecock

Western Ave & Lenora St

Officially known as Angie's Umbrella.

The Great Wheel ✵ 1301 Alaskan Way


Buy tickets online to save yourself an hour+ wait before you wait some more. And keep in mind it's just a ferris wheel.

The Hammering Man ✵ 100 University St


Jonathan Borofsky's mechanized sculpture looms over the SAM.

Moore Theatre ✵ 1932 2nd Ave


Historic, architecturally stunning performance hall.

Paramount Theatre ✵ 911 Pine St


Former vaudeville theater houses a rare Wurlitzer organ.

Pike Place Market ✵ 1501 Pike Pl


So authentic even locals shop here!

Pike Place Market Gum Wall

Lower Post Alley & Pike St

The most unlikely public art created by thousands of wads of masticated gum.

Rachel the Piggy Bank ✵ Pike St & Pike Pl

Meeting point for internet daters.

Rainier Tower ✵ 1301 5th Ave

Architect Minoru Yamasaki also designed the World Trade Center in NYC.

Seattle Art Museum Downtown ✵ 1300 1st Ave


A museum named SAM.

Seattle Central Library ✵ 1000 4th Ave


Koolhaas designed. Stunning inside and out. Free tours.

Starbucks ✵ 1912 Pike Pl


Original store (but not original location); where it all began.

image Coffee

Ancient Grounds ✵ 1220 1st Ave


Part art gallery, part coffee joint.

Caffe Appassionato ✵ 801 Alaskan Way


Classic Seattle coffee shop vibe at this small-ish local chain. Frasier would love it here.

Caffe D'Arte ✵ 1625 2nd Ave


Italian-style espresso.

Caffe Ladro ✵ 108 Union St


Strong coffee for the strong coffee drinker.

Caffe Ladro ✵ 801 Pine St


Strong coffee for the strong coffee drinker.

Cherry Street Coffee House ✵ 1212 1st Ave


Good coffee, nice staff, but the owner added a sick leave surcharge to protest a city mandate. Not cool.

Cherry Street Coffee House ✵ 103 Cherry St


Good coffee, nice staff, but the owner added a sick leave surcharge to protest a city mandate. Not cool.

Cherry Street Coffee House ✵ 808 3rd Ave


Good coffee, nice staff, but the owner added a sick leave surcharge to protest a city mandate. Not cool.

Diva Espresso ✵ 401 5th Ave


Local chain with unpredictable service. I guess it's kind of like ordering coffee from a diva.

Espresso Caffe Dior ✵ 725 Pike St


Also sandwiches.

Ghost Alley Espresso ✵ 1499 Post Alley


Have a spiritual coffee experience next to the infamous wall of masticated gum corpses.

Monorail Espresso ✵ 520 Pike St


Their product is a whole hell of a lot more useful than the actual monorail. Tastier too.

Moore Coffee Shop ✵ 1930 2nd Ave


Nutella latte. Need I say Moore?

Nordstrom eBar ✵ 500 Pine St


Nothing special, but hey, it's right there.

Pegasus Coffee Bar ✵ 711 3rd Ave


Bainbridge Island roasters' downtown location.

Pegasus Coffee Bar ✵ 1218 3rd Ave


Bainbridge Island roasters' downtown location.

Phoenix Cafe ✵ 1017 3rd Ave


Serving Fonte coffee with their own fiery twist.

Seattle Coffee Works ✵ 107 Pike St


To these guys, making coffee is not work.

Voxx Coffee ✵ 1200 6th Ave


A welcoming shop with tons of outlets. Take off your coat and stay a while.

image Nightlife

Alibi Room ✵ 85 Pike St


Dark, underground bar with a lounge feel.

Athenian ✵ 1517 Pike Pl


Drink with other Pike Place Market alcoholics.

BOKA ✵ 1010 1st Ave


Terrific happy hour food. Otherwise a boka bore.

Can Can ✵ 94 Pike St


1940s cabaret is alive and well. Make reservations EARLY.

Carlile Room ✵ 820 Pine Street


T-Doug gets into the nightlife business.

Contour ✵ 807 1st Ave


Ongoing mix 'em up of live and DJ'd music.

The Diller Room ✵ 1224 1st Ave


Cozy booths and cozier food with an Italian flare.

Fado Irish Pub ✵ 801 1st Ave


More like Frat-O.

The Forge Lounge ✵ 65 Marion St


Grab a sandwich and a drink to help you stomach ferry travel.

GameWorks ✵ 1511 7th Ave


Another dateless Friday night.

Kells ✵ 1916 Post Alley


Where everybody gets a little Irish in them.

Moore Theatre ✵ 1932 2nd Ave


Architecturally stunning performance hall.

Nitelite Lounge ✵ 1926 2nd Ave


Lethal drinks and Johnny Cash comfort lonely hearts and ironic hipsters.

No national telecast is complete without the requisite fish-flinging shot from Pike Place Market. Less heralded, but just as impressive, is the mastication celebration of the Gum Wall there. If you're going to patronize a Starbucks, it might as well be the coffee behemoth's original Pike Place store. Rem Koolhaas' Seattle Central Library is as advertised, and provides a satisfying architectural counterpoint to the Space Age nostalgia just north of here.

Oliver's Lounge ✵ 405 Olive Way


Feel wealthier and classier by buying overpriced martinis in a posh hotel scene.

The Owl & Thistle ✵ 808 Post Ave


In true Irish fashion, you'll probably witness a fight.

Paramount Theatre ✵ 911 Pine St


Opulent theater showcasing big-name musicals, concerts, and events.

Purple Café & Wine Bar ✵ 1225 4th Ave


Dramatic in size, selection, and ambiance. Suits abound.

Showbox at the Market ✵ 1426 1st Ave


Superb sight lines and crystalline sound on the city's biggest nightclub stage.

Suite 410 ✵ 410 Stewart St


For those who miss pretentious LA bars.

Trace Bar ✵ 1112 4th Ave


A bit of New York swank, if you're into that.

The Triple Door ✵ 216 Union St


Live music venue with a Vegas nightclub slant.

Virginia Inn ✵ 1937 1st Ave


A one-drink destination.

Von's Gustobistro ✵ 1225 1st Ave


Red meat, Manhattans, and Martinis.

White Horse Trading Company ✵ 1908 Post Alley


Top-secret English pub and bookstore. Enjoy a hearthside ale.

Yard House ✵ 1501 4th Ave


Cheesecake Factory-themed pub tries to be all things to all people and falls short.

Zig Zag Cafe ✵ 1501 Western Ave


These guys make getting cocktails into the main event.

image Restaurants

Andaluca ✵ 407 Olive Way

206-382-6999 ✵ $$$$

Tasty upscale tapas will have you exclaiming "¡Qué sabroso!"

Bakeman's ✵ 122 Cherry St

206-622-3375 ✵ $

The plump turkey sandwiches are dirt-cheap, and damn tasty.

Belle Epicurean ✵ 1206 4th Ave

206-262-9404 ✵ $

Inspired French pastries served with snooty attitude.

Biscuit Bitch ✵ 1909 1st Ave

206-441-7999 ✵ $

Southern hospitality and buttery goodness behind a resting bitch face.

Blueacre Seafood ✵ 1700 7th Ave

206-659-0737 ✵ $$$

Steelhead proprietor successfully branches out to the water.

The Brooklyn ✵ 1212 2nd Ave

206-224-7000 ✵ $$$$

Gulp down the oysters (the specialty here) in old-Seattle elegance.

Brown Bag Baguette


Finger-licking bahn-mi-ish sandwiches.

Café Campagne ✵ 1600 Post Alley

206-728-2233 ✵ $$$

Campagne's more laid-back sister. And the absolute best brunch downtown.

Cafe Fonté ✵ 1321 1st Ave

206-777-6193 ✵ $$

Lovely cafe across from the SAM serving locally sourced everything.

Cafe Zum Zum ✵ 823 3rd Ave

206-622-7391 ✵ $

Giant affordable lunch that is yum yum.

Caffe Lieto ✵ 1909 1st Ave

206-441-7999 ✵ $

Weekend nights, mannered Lieto becomes the Biscuit Bitch. And that's a bitch you DO want to trifle with.

Calozzi's Cheesesteaks ✵ 1306 4th Ave

206-623-1330 ✵ $$

Tough-to-please Chicago ex-pats say these are ALMOST as good as the real thing.

Carlile Room ✵ 820 Pine Street

206-946-9720 ✵ $$

Tom Douglas' version of a fan letter to Brandi Carlile. Creative bar bites and a DJ booth.

Copacabana Cafe ✵ 1520 Pike Pl

206-622-6359 ✵ $$$

Bolivian food but the real draw is the balcony.

Country Dough ✵ 1916 Pike Pl

206-728-2598 ✵ $

Chinese carbs heaven.

The Crumpet Shop ✵ 1503 1st Ave

206-682-1598 ✵ $

Fresh, buttery crumpets with sweet or savory toppings. Not just for Brits!

Dilettante Mocha Café ✵ 1310 4th Ave

206-223-1644 ✵ $$

Just skip dinner and indulge in a chocolate dessert orgy. You deserve it.

Dragonfish ✵ 722 Pine St

206-467-7777 ✵ $$

Pop-culture Asian that takes a ride around the Pacific Rim.

El Borracho ✵ 1521 1st Ave

206-538-0440 ✵ $$

Mellow Mexican cafe with plenty of tequila to get you borracho. (There's a family section too).

Elliot's Oyster House ✵ 1201 Alaskan Way

206-623-4340 ✵ $$$

Get messy with the cioppino.

Emmett Watson's Oyster Bar ✵ 1916 Pike Pl

206-448-7721 ✵ $$

Seattle's very first oyster bar, appropriately shabby—in a good way.

Etta's ✵ 2020 Western Ave

206-443-6000 ✵ $$$

Fresh seafood from Tommy D.

Fonte Cafe & Wine Bar ✵ 1321 1st Ave

206-777-6193 ✵ $$

Fontastic coffee and gourmet eats.

Fusion on the Run ✵ 4th Ave & Madison St

206-957-3724 ✵ $

Kalua pork tacos, bra.

Gelatiamo ✵ 1400 3rd Ave

206-467-9563 ✵ $

Some tasty pastries and heavenly gelato.

The Georgian ✵ 411 University St

206-621-7889 ✵ $$$$$

For impressing the spouse, the in-laws, or your boss.

Goldfinch Tavern ✵ 99 Union St

206-749-7070 ✵ $$$$

Northwestern in style, healthy emphasis on seafood.

Hard Rock Cafe ✵ 116 Pike St

206-204-2233 ✵ $$

Party like it's 1994.

Il Bistro ✵ 93 Pike St

206-682-3049 ✵ $$$$

Decent Italian off the Market; nice scotch selection.

Il Fornaio ✵ 600 Pine St

206-264-0994 ✵ $$

If you must eat in a mall, this place has edible Italian.

Italian Family Pizza ✵ 1206 1st Ave NW

206-538-0040 ✵ $

You'll think you've died and gone to east coast pizza heaven.

Jack's Fish Spot ✵ 1514 Pike Pl

206-467-0514 ✵ $

No-nonsense counter that embodies the soul of the Market—for better or worse.

Japonessa Sushi Cocina ✵ 1400 1st Ave

206-971-7979 ✵ $$$

If you've ever wondered what Asian Tapas tasted like, mystery solved.

Jemil's Big Easy ✵ 2nd Ave & Pike St

206-930-8915 ✵ $$

Jemil claims to be "the real thing" in terms of Cajun cuisine. And he's absolutely right.

Katsoori Grill ✵ 94 Stewart St

206-441-5456 ✵ $$

A lunch buffet that tastes like fine dining.

Grab a bar stool at the Zig Zag for a stiff cocktail. The Showbox and the Moore have top-notch music calendars, and the Paramount Theatre hosts all things to all people, big and small. Jazz it up with the cool kats at Can Can. Disregard the hipsters and glass-gaze the lethal drinks at the Nitelite.

La Creperie Voila ✵ 707 Pike St

206-447-2737 ✵ $$

In the eating wasteland that is the Convention Center, Voila is your warm, buttery salvation.

Le Panier ✵ 1902 Pike Pl

206-441-3669 ✵ $$

Win popularity by doling out their macaroons—they will blow you away.

Le Pichet ✵ 1933 1st Ave

206-256-1499 ✵ $$

Eat roast chicken. Drink beaujolais. Pretend you're in Paris. Save airfare.

Lecosho ✵ 89 University St

206-623-2101 ✵ $$

If you like eating pig, they provide numerous ways to do it.

Long Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant

1901 2nd Ave

206-443-6266 ✵ $$

Modern Vietnamese cuisine in a dark, posh hole.

Lowell's ✵ 1519 Pike Pl

206-622-2036 ✵ $$$

Seafood at Pike Place Market, with breakfast and cocktails, too.

Lumpia World ✵ 4th Ave & Pine St

206-371-7995 ✵ $

Lumpia are basically Filipino taquitos/egg rolls. You probably want to eat that.

Mae Phim Thai Restaurant ✵ 94 Columbia St

206-624-2979 ✵ $

Enormous portions of slightly authentic Thai for not much more than a fiver.

Market Grill ✵ 1509 Pike Pl

206-682-2654 ✵ $

Homemade chowder and blackened salmon sandwiches are worth the wait.

Matt's in the Market ✵ 94 Pike St

206-467-7909 ✵ $$$

Market-fresh produce and fish tossed up to the second floor window? It's magic.

Maximilien ✵ 81 Pike St

206-682-7270 ✵ $$$

Classic French in all its butter-sauced glory; classy and cheap happy hour.

Maximus Minimus ✵ 2nd Ave & Pike St

206-601-5510 ✵ $

Yummy BBQ served out of a giant metal pig.

McCormick's Fish House & Bar ✵ 722 4th Ave

206-682-3900 ✵ $$$

Corporate club vibe with weekly oyster specials.

Mee Sum Pastry ✵ 1526 Pike Pl

206-682-6780 ✵ $

Marvelous buns.

Metropolitan Grill ✵ 820 2nd Ave

206-624-3287 ✵ $$$$$

Martinis, mahogany and meat.

Morton's The Steakhouse ✵ 1511 6th Ave

206-223-0550 ✵ $$$$$

Yet another dark-wood, clubby, pricey steakhouse. Tableside service.

Mr. D's Greek Delicacies ✵ 1518 Pike Pl

206-622-4881 ✵ $

Gyros to go, wrapped in a cone.

The Pink Door ✵ 1919 Post Alley

206-443-3241 ✵ $$

Acceptable Italian, cranky servers. And sometimes people swing from trapezes.

Place Pigalle ✵ 81 Pike St

206-624-1756 ✵ $$$$

Great views highlight a nice seafood menu.

Plum Vegan Burgers + More ✵ 2nd Ave & Pike St


The geniuses behind vegan fine dining bring their unbelievably delicious show on the road.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop ✵ 1429 4th Ave

206-623-0099 ✵ $

Decent sandwich chain, giving Specialities a run for their money.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop ✵ 1111 3rd Ave

206-204-0079 ✵ $

Decent sandwich chain, giving Specialities a run for their money.

Purple Café & Wine Bar ✵ 1225 4th Ave

206-829-2280 ✵ $$$

Tome-like wine list can be intimidating; food is upscale café fare.

Rachel's Ginger Beer ✵ 1530 Post Alley

206-467-4924 ✵ $

A craft soda fountain with a booze option. Finally, something that's truly fun for the whole family.

RN74 ✵ 1433 4th Ave

206-456-7474 ✵ $$$

The highway to fancy pants.

Sazerac ✵ 1101 4th Ave

206-624-7755 ✵ $$$$

Trendy twists on Southern classics. Upscale-tacky interior.

Seatown ✵ 2010 Western Ave

206-436-0390 ✵ $$

Snacks a la Tom Douglas: You either love him or are an idiot.

Shuckers ✵ 411 University St

206-621-1984 ✵ $$$$

Slick business-y types slurp oysters and sign deals.


206-512-2000 ✵ $

Seasonal, local bistro food…out of a traveling Airstream trailer.

Sky View Cafe ✵ 1801 E Marion St

206-860-7449 ✵ $

Ravishing Radish catering's 73rd floor club house in Columbia Tower.

Steelhead Diner ✵ 95 Pine St

206-625-0129 ✵ $$

Pitch-perfect dishes exude the essence of Seattle and the Northwest.

Street Donuts

206-414-7410 ✵ $

Donuts made fresh in front of your face! On the street!

Street Treats ✵ 6th Ave & Pike St

206-714-9535 ✵ $

Custom ice cream sandwiches…duuuuuuuuude.

Sullivan's Steakhouse ✵ 621 Union St

206-494-4442 ✵ $$$

Steaks, martinis, and jazz…if you're into that sort of thing.

Sweet Iron Waffles ✵ 1200 3rd Ave

206-682-3336 ✵ $$

Like the waffle house. But only waffles.

Tap House Grill ✵ 1506 6th Ave

206-816-3314 ✵ $$

160 beers on tap. We repeat: 160 beers. On tap.

Three Girls Bakery ✵ 1514 Pike Pl

206-622-1045 ✵ $

The sandwiches are classic, no frills, and the hands-down favorite.

Top Pot Doughnuts ✵ 720 3rd Ave

206-454-3694 ✵ $

Top Pot is tops!

Trace ✵ 1112 4th Ave

206-264-6060 ✵ $$$$

Find your culinary center piled high and gorgeous on the plate. Renowned.

Tulio Ristorante ✵ 1100 5th Ave

206-624-5500 ✵ $$$$

Fancified Italian dishes loved by businesspeople. Great service.

Turkish Delight ✵ 1930 Pike Pl

206-443-1387 ✵ $

Brave the Market crowd for the 3-buck lentil soup.

Urbane ✵ 1639 8th Ave

206-676-4600 ✵ $$$$

Hit the happy hour or convince the boss to bring the corporate card.

Von's Gustobistro ✵ 1225 1st Ave

206-621-8667 ✵ $$

Red meat, Manhattans, and Martinis.

Wild Ginger ✵ 1401 3rd Ave

206-623-4450 ✵ $$$

Wildly overrated, but still remains an eternal favorite.

Wild Rye Cafe Bakery ✵ 806 Pike St

206-694-5049 ✵ $

Where you can find quiet neighborhood feeling right smack in downtown.

Yard House ✵ 1501 4th Ave

206-682-2087 ✵ $$

Cheesecake Factory-themed pub tries to be all things to all people and falls short.

Zig Zag Cafe ✵ 1501 Western Ave

206-625-1146 ✵ $$

You would have no idea that the food gets second billing at this cocktail bar.

As far as seafood goes, and as far as highbrow is concerned, Matt's in the Market gives a true taste of Pike Place while Tom Douglas serves up calamari and Copper River salmon for his adoring fans at Etta's Seafood. If thy lower brow, gorge thee at Emmett Watson's or Jack's. For the landlubber, the best ginger beer you ever tasted, guaranteed, is at Rachel's.

image Shopping

American Apparel ✵ 1504 6th Ave


Soft t-shirts and free porn!

Baby and Company ✵ 1936 1st Ave


Want to pay to dress like you live in Manhattan? Try here.

Bavarian Meats ✵ 1920 Pike Pl


German-style meat products; more than just brats and wursts.

Beecher's Handmade Cheese ✵ 1600 Pike Pl


Stop in everyday for a free sample and then buy the place out.

Bergman Luggage ✵ 1901 3rd Ave


Serious baggage for serious travelers.

BLMF Literary Saloon ✵ 1501 Pike Pl


Used and rare books in Pike Place Market.

Bottega Italiana ✵ 1425 1st Ave


Seattle's best gelato.

Chocolate Box ✵ 108 Pine St


Think Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

City Fish Co. ✵ 1535 Pike Pl


Oldest fish market at Pike Place.

The Confectional ✵ 1530 Pike Pl


The real sin is skipping dessert.

DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine ✵ 1435 1st Ave


Euro-snacks that you craved during that summer abroad.

Diva Dollz ✵ 624 1st Ave


Bettie Page would have loved this place.

Don & Joe's Meats ✵ 85 Pike St


Old-school butcher shop.

First and Pike News ✵ 93 Pike St


Classic Pike Place Market newstand.

Gian DeCaro Sartoria ✵ 2025 1st Ave


Gian transforms your Polartek boy into a suave Italian lover.

Golden Age Collectibles ✵ 1501 Pike Pl


Essential geek merchandise.

The Good Coffee Company ✵ 818 Post Ave


Stock up on your at-home caffeinated needs.

Hair Fair Wig Shop ✵ 124 Pike St


The Blade's best and only wig shop. RIP Wigland.

Ian ✵ 1919 2nd Ave


I don't know who this Ian person is, but he must be loaded.

Isadora's ✵ 1601 1st Ave


The queen of vintage. Prices to match.

Lamplight Books ✵ 1514 Pike Pl


Charming second-hand book seller.

Left Bank Books Collective ✵ 92 Pike St


Anarchist, revolution, Chomsky—everything that made the '60s great.

Leroy Mens' Wear ✵ 201 Pike St


Classy duds for classy dudes.

Market Magic ✵ 1501 Pike Pl


Make your social life magically disappear.

Market Optical ✵ 1906 Pike Pl


Contact lenses are so yesterday. Whack out with really expensive frames.

Marketspice ✵ 85 Pike St


This is one of those times when you should believe the hype. Marketspice Tea is the shiz.

Metsker Maps ✵ 1511 1st Ave


A geographer's paradise.

Mt. Townsend Creamery ✵ 89 Pike St


You'll need to climb a mountain to burn off all that cheesy goodness.

Nordstrom ✵ 500 Pine St


It all began here: The legendary customer service, the fine designer goods.

Nordstrom Rack ✵ 400 Pine St


Nordstrom stuff, a half season later and much cheaper. Go for the shoes.

Old Seattle Paperworks ✵ 1501 Pike Pl


Vintage ads, posters, magazines, and newspapers.

Paris Grocery ✵ 1418 Western Ave


That's a baguette in my pocket AND I'm glad to see you.

Perennial Tea Room ✵ 1910 Post Alley


All tea all the time. Stock up for your favorite tea addict.

Pike Place Fish Market ✵ 86 Pike Pl


Purveyors of flying fish and Seattle-area B-roll.

Pike Place Market Creamery ✵ 1514 Pike Pl


Who can resist Nancy Nipples' dairy products?

Piroshky Piroshky ✵ 1908 Pike Pl


Russian piroshkies, both sweet and savory.

Polish Pottery Place ✵ 1501 Pike Pl


Hand-crafted pottery with Polish designs.

Pure Food Fish Market ✵ 1515 Pike Pl


No flying fish, just great seafood and service.

Rachel's Ginger Beer ✵ 1530 Post Alley


It's a tad pricey, but guaranteed to be the best ginger beer you've ever tasted.

Sandylew ✵ 1408 1st Ave


Clothes for offbeat cougars and independent ladies.

Get up early, brave the tourists, and shop like a local at Pike Place Market. The fresh food and flowers are all worth sticking out the crowds. That said, if you really can't bear the thought of seeing your dinner marched on the aquacultural perpwalk that is the Pike Place Fish Market, go to Harry at Pure Food Fish. Raise your cholesterol levels at Beecher's Handmade Cheese. And return your old car tires at the original Nordstrom.

Schmancy ✵ 1932 2nd Ave


Coolest stuffed animals ever.

Seattle Art Museum Shop ✵ 1300 3rd Ave


Rent art for your new condo. Reasonable prices on contemporary art for rent.

Seattle Mystery Bookshop ✵ 117 Cherry St


It's all here. Detective fiction, suspense, thrillers, true crime.

Sephora ✵ 415 Pine St


All the make-up you can dream-up in one store.

Sneaker City ✵ 110 Pike St


Fill your proverbial wazoo full of sneakers.

The Spanish Table ✵ 1426 Western Ave


Catherine sends you home with fine sherries and fixings for tapas.

Sur La Table ✵ 84 Pine St


National upmarket kitchen chain; stop in for fish bone tweezer.

Teavana ✵ 600 Pine St


Come as you are. But bring your credit card.

Tenzing Momo ✵ 93 Pike St


Herbs, teas, incense, tarot readings. Get your hippie supplies here.

Top Ten Toys ✵ 600 Pine St


Classic, teaching, affordable toys that won't bum a kid out either.

Twist ✵ 600 Pine St


Gorgeous jewelry, eclectic ceramics, and other fine, expensive breakables.

Uli's Famous Sausage ✵ 1511 Pike Pl


Tasty sausagefest.

Vain ✵ 2018 1st Ave


Hair. Shop. Art.

Watson Kennedy Fine Home ✵ 1022 1st Ave


Their largest shop dedicated to an eclectic mix of fun goods.

Watson Kennedy Fine Living ✵ 86 Pine St


Swanky Frenchy things your lady friends will like.

Zanadu Comics ✵ 1923 3rd Ave


The best place to satisfy the new comics Wednesday jones.

Map 4 ✵ First Hill / Pike / Pine