Fremont - North Seattle - Not For Tourists Guide to Seattle (2016)

Not For Tourists Guide to Seattle (2016)

North Seattle



Map 24

Once a haven for counterculture in Seattle, Fremont has gentrified in recent years. Getty Images, Adobe, and Google all have offices near the ship canal and the famous naked cyclists of the Solstice Parade now bike past high-end boutiques. Vladimir Lenin still glowers in mute disdain over yuppies and hippies alike.

image Landmarks

Archie McPhee ✵ 1300 N 45th St


Legendary novelty toy shop filled with bacon and mustache-emblazoned items.

Aurora Bridge ✵ Aurora Ave N & N 34th St

Affectionately known as “Suicide Bridge.”

Fremont Rocket ✵ 601 N 35th St

1950s rocket fuselage bearing the motto, “De Libertas Quirkas,” or Freedom to Be Peculiar.

Fremont Troll ✵ N 36th St & Troll Ave N

Monstrous public art, crushing a real VW.

Vladimir Lenin Statue ✵ 600 N 36th St

The irony grows stronger with every new condo.

Waiting for the Interurban

Fremont Ave N & N 34th St

The 1979 sculpture of commuters is the victim of frequent “art attacks” by locals.

Woodland Park Zoo ✵ 5500 Phinney Ave N


Too much fun despite the cute animals behind bars.

Woodland Skatepark ✵ 5201 Green Lake Way N

You know…for kids!

image Coffee

Caffe Ladro ✵ 452 N 36th St


Strong coffee for the strong coffee drinker.

Caffe Vita ✵ 4301 Fremont Ave N


The best of the local chains.

Diva Espresso ✵ 4615 Stone Way N


Local chain with unpredictable service. I guess it’s kind of like ordering coffee from a diva.

ETG Coffee ✵ 3512 Fremont Pl N


These people treat coffee like a fine wine. And you’ll feel classier drinking it.

Fremont Coffee Company ✵ 459 N 36th St


Fair trade roasters.

Lighthouse Roasters ✵ 400 N 43rd St


Well-liked roasters’ cafe.

Lucca Espresso ✵ 3623 Leary Way NW


For coffee-addicted statuary enthusiasts.

Milstead & Co. ✵ 900 N 34th St


Hipster coffee, but in the best possible way.

image Nightlife

Backdoor at Roxy’s ✵ 462 N 36th St


Finally! A hipster speakeasy with an all-you-can-eat prime rib special.

The Barrel Thief ✵ 3417 Evanston Ave N


Party like a grown-up with fancy wines, cocktails and truffle-infused snacks. Wine and beer tastings to boot.

Brimmer & Heeltap ✵ 425 NW Market St


Honoring the memory of Le Gourmand by serving comparable food and keeping the sign.

Brouwer’s Café ✵ 400 N 35th St


Could double as an S&M dungeon; amazing selection of beer but the food is torture.

El Camino ✵ 607 N 35th St


Mexican frou-frou with covered outdoor seating.

George & Dragon Pub ✵ 206 N 36th St


They call it football here.

High Dive ✵ 513 N 36th St


BBQ and bands.

LTD Bar & Grill ✵ 309 N 36th St


Every sporting event on TV plus Golden Tee.

Nectar Lounge ✵ 412 N 36th St


Good cheap happy hour pizza. Terrible piped-in music.

Norm’s Eatery and Ale House ✵ 460 N 36th St


Enjoy a beer with your dog after eating dinner elsewhere.

Pacific Inn Pub ✵ 3501 Stone Way N


When you need a break from the Fremont yuppies.

Woodsky’s ✵ 303 N 36th St


Ski lodge-themed bar.

image Restaurants

Agrodolce ✵ 709 N 35th St

206-547-9707 ✵ $$$

Maria Hines’ inspired Italian food will make you anything but agro.

Art of the Table ✵ 1054 N 39th St

206-282-0942 ✵ $$$$

A true culinary experience with harmonic pairings and intimate company. You won’t forget it.

Bamboo Village ✵ 4900 Stone Way N

206-632-8888 ✵ $$

With the addition of this Dim Sum place, this ‘hood is finally complete.

The Barrel Thief ✵ 3417 Evanston Ave N

206-402-5492 ✵ $$

Upscale bar bistro with a weekend waffle brunch and tons of local alcohol.

Bizzarro Italian Café ✵ 1307 N 46th St

206-632-7277 ✵ $$

Tasty pasta dishes in a funky, yet intimate, setting.

Blue C Sushi ✵ 3411 Fremont Ave N

206-633-3411 ✵ $

What’s cooler than a selection of cheap sushi on a conveyer belt?

Blue Moon Burgers ✵ 703 N 34th St

206-547-1907 ✵ $

Tremendous burgers that might make you fat, but certainly not blue.

Blue Star Café ✵ 4512 Stone Way N

206-548-0345 ✵ $$

Stellar breakfast menu.

Brimmer & Heeltap ✵ 425 NW Market St

206-420-2534 ✵ $$$

Honoring the memory of Le Gourmand by serving comparable food and keeping the sign.

Brouwer’s Café ✵ 400 N 35th St

206-267-2437 ✵ $$

Belgian cuisine and a staggering beer menu.

Chillies Paste ✵ 119 N 36th St

206-633-1433 ✵ $

Delicious curries, wide noodle dishes, and a fantastic seafood soufflé.

Though it lacks quite a few practical amenities, Fremont has more cool shops than you have fingers and seemingly more Thai restaurants per capita than Bangkok. Rare and precious, however, are the meaty Cuban sandwiches at Paseo and the low-brow Britishness of the George & Dragon. Have a beer with the canine townies and the people who love them at dog-friendly Norm’s Eatery & Alehouse.

Chiso ✵ 3520 Fremont Ave N

206-632-3430 ✵ $$$

Sushi served up chic.

Dot’s Delicatessen ✵ 4262 Fremont Ave N

206-687-7446 ✵ $$

Local meats and cheeses that really hit the dot.

El Camino ✵ 607 N 35th St

206-632-7303 ✵ $$

Flavorful Mexican food with patio dining. Few veg options.

Flair Taco ✵ 66 N 36th St

206-356-2475 ✵ $

Feeding Fremont’s drunk zombies till 4 am on weekends.

Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop

3416 Fremont Ave N

206-453-5232 ✵ $

Sustainable sandwich shop with killer updates of old favs.

Jai Thai ✵ 3423 Fremont Ave N

206-632-7060 ✵ $

The curries are always kickin’, and the happy hour menu is tops.

Joule ✵ 3506 Stone Way N

206-632-5685 ✵ $$$

Inspired small plates pack a punch, fusing Korean spice with French precision.

Kidd Valley ✵ 4910 Greenlake Way N

206-547-0121 ✵ $

Hey, at least they have veggie burgers.

Kwanjai Thai ✵ 469 N 36th St

206-632-3656 ✵ $

Cheap, reliable, lightning-fast.

Mama’s Brown Bags ✵ 770 N 34th St

206-633-2247 ✵ $$

Let Mama bring the office lunch! Of course, you’ll have to pay her…

Manolin ✵ 3621 Stone Way N

206-294-3331 ✵ $$$$

Walrus & Carpenter peeps lavish you with lovingly prepared seafood.

Musashi’s ✵ 1400 N 45th St

206-633-0212 ✵ $$

Cozy up to the Japanese regulars and chow down on a bento box.

Paseo ✵ 4225 Fremont Ave N

206-545-7440 ✵ $

Restaurant the size of a garage, and so is the pork sandwich. So damn good.

Pecado Bueno ✵ 4307 Fremont Ave N

206-457-8837 ✵ $

Celebrating the naughtiness of good Mexican food and tequila.

Pel’Meni ✵ 3516 Fremont Pl N

206-588-2570 ✵ $

In Center of Universe, Russian Dumplings eat you.

Perche No Pasta & Vino ✵ 1319 N 49th St

206-547-0222 ✵ $

Housemade pasta (!); high on faux brick and friendliness.

Pie ✵ 3515 Fremont Ave N

206-436-8590 ✵ $

Pie till 2am on weekends! Like that dream you had, without the mama issues.

pomerol ✵ 127 N 36th St

206-632-0135 ✵ $$$$

French cuisine that even Snobby McSnobberson would love.

Qazis Indian Curry House ✵ 473 N 36th St

206-632-3575 ✵ $$

All-you-can eat lunch buffet! Trust me, you can eat a lot of this stuff.

Red Door ✵ 3401 Evanston Ave N

206-547-7521 ✵ $

A better class of pub grub.

Restaurant Roux ✵ 4201 Fremont Ave N

206-547-5420 ✵ $$

Let the good times (and excellent food) roll at Where Ya At Matt’s highly anticipated brick n’ mortar joint.

Revel ✵ 403 N 36th St

206-547-2040 ✵ $$

All the mindblowingness of a food truck without the pesky traveling.

RockCreek Seafood & Spirits ✵ 4300 Fremont Ave N

206-557-7532 ✵ $$$

Ex-Toulouse Petit chef nails it with this daring local/import seafood hybrid.

Rocking Wok ✵ 4301 Interlake Ave N

206-545-4878 ✵ $

Not the prettiest place to look at, but the bargain-priced dim sum is true Taiwanese.

RoRo BBQ & Grill ✵ 3620 Stone Way N

206-954-1100 ✵ $$

A dozen ways to eat BBQd meat, including piled into a bowl.

Roxy’s Diner ✵ 462 N 36th St

206-632-3963 ✵ $

As close to Katz’s as Seattle’s going to get. The best is the pastrami on rye.

Royal Grinders ✵ 3526 Fremont Pl N

206-545-7560 ✵ $

Giving your belly the royal treatment whether or not you eat meat.

Silence-Heart-Nest ✵ 3508 Fremont Pl N

206-633-5169 ✵ $

Delectable vegetarian dishes made with love by Sri Chinmoy devotees.

Simply Desserts ✵ 3421 Fremont Ave N

206-633-2671 ✵ $

Simply the best chocolate cake. Anywhere.

Sinbad Express ✵ 3526 Fremont Pl N

206-632-7426 ✵ $

Cheap middle-eastern grub to keep you sated on “high” seas.

Solsticio ✵ 1100 N Northlake Way

206-547-0404 ✵ $

Nice atmosphere and extensive menu. for a coffee shop.

Tacos Guaymas ✵ 100 N 36th St

206-547-5110 ✵ $

Delicious tacos of all kinds including braaaaiiiins for your zombie friends.

Tilth ✵ 1411 N 45th St

206-633-0801 ✵ $$$

The definition of seasonal, organic, local cooking. And it’s delicious to boot.

Tutta Bella Neopolitan Pizzeria

4411 Stone Way N

206-633-3800 ✵ $$

Their pizza has been certified by the Italian government. ‘Nuff said.

Uneeda Burger ✵ 4302 Fremont Ave N

206-547-2600 ✵ $$

Ted Nugent’s dream upscale burger joint.

Vif ✵ 4401 Fremont Ave N

206-557-7357 ✵ $

Locally-conscious cafe and wine bar with an Sea-town-tastic organic menu.

image Shopping

Alphabet Soup ✵ 1406 N 45th St


Fun children’s bookstore; limited hours so check before going.

Archie McPhee ✵ 1300 N 45th St


For all your potato gun and monster finger puppet needs.

B. Brown & Associates ✵ 3534 Stone Way N


Used and rare books.

Bliss ✵ 3501 Fremont Ave N


Small clothing boutique with designer duds mixed in.

Bluebird Ice Cream ✵ 3515 Fremont Ave N


Beer ice cream? Yes you can.

Get your pastrami fix at Roxy’s Diner; it’s as close to Katz’s as Seattle’s going to get. On the other end of the spectrum, Maria Hines’ Agrodolce and Tilth both make for destination dining. Meanwhile, Chiso takes sushi for a spin in a hip, modern setting. And what started out as a weekend supper club has grown into a hospitable and unforgettable celebration of food at Art of the Table.

Book Larder ✵ 4252 Fremont Ave N


Specialty cookbook store for Top Chefing it in your home kitchen.

Destee Nation Shirt Co. ✵ 3412 Evanston Ave N


T-shirts emblazoned with logos of local bars and record shops.

Flying Apron Bakery ✵ 3510 Fremont Ave N


Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, funny-tasting bakery.

Fremont Sunday Street Market

Phinney Ave N & N 34th St


The world’s most fabulously bizarre bazaar.

Fremont Vintage Mall ✵ 3419 Fremont Pl N


Huge antique store where you’re sure to find your next favorite piece.

Fusion Beads ✵ 3830 Stone Way N


A well-organized bead store that also offers classes.

Hashtag Recreational Cannabis

3540 Stone Way N


All about providing the 411 for your 420.

The Indoor Sun Shoppe ✵ 160 N Canal St


When you don’t have a garden, they’ll help you create one, inside.

Jive Time Records ✵ 3506 Fremont Ave N


Rare vinyl, used CDs, 99¢ bins.

Les Amis ✵ 3420 Evanston Ave N


Out-of-this-world clothes at astronomical prices.

Marketime Foods ✵ 4416 Fremont Ave N


The TARDIS of convenience stores. It’s bigger on the inside!

Not a Number Cards & Gifts ✵ 720 N 35th St


Fun, random stuff you never knew you needed.

Ophelia’s Books ✵ 3504 Fremont Ave N


Large collection of books for the non cat allergic.

PCC Natural Markets ✵ 600 N 34th St


One-stop shopping for overpriced organic groceries.

Piece of Mind ✵ 315 N 36th St


It’s a water pipe…for tobacco.

Portage Bay Goods ✵ 621 N 35th St


Eclectic gifts for babies, children, and adults in a range of prices.

Rudy’s Barbershop ✵ 475 N 36th St


Absolute best cheap haircut!

Sea Ocean Book Berth ✵ 3534 Stone Way N


Used and rare maritime books.

Show Pony ✵ 702 N 35th St


Pretty things for your pony. Or, you know, yourself.

Theo Chocolate ✵ 3400 Phinney Ave N


Delicious free-trade, organic chocolate, without the ramped up price.

Vintage Angel Company ✵ 3519 Fremont Pl N


Your childhood is considered vintage now, so you may as well get used to it.

Map 25 ✵ Wallingford