Ballard - North Seattle - Not For Tourists Guide to Seattle (2016)

Not For Tourists Guide to Seattle (2016)

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A Scandinavian fishing village at the turn of the 20th century and until relatively recently considered a nice place for seniors, Ballard has reinvented and reinvigorated itself as one of Seattle’s most desirable ‘nabes. Life’s necessities are never hard to track down in this triangle-shaped hub hugging Salmon Bay, and a recent boom in condo development certainly doesn’t hurt.

image Landmarks

Bergen Place Park ✵ 5420 22nd Avenue Northwest


Seuss-like tree sculptures and Scandinavian flags.

image Coffee

Anchored Ship Coffee Bar ✵ 5306 Ballard Ave NW


Hole-in-the-wall that will keep you anchored.

Ballard Coffee Works ✵ 2060 NW Market St


The coffee here definitely works.

Caffè Fiorè ✵ 5405 Leary Ave NW


Makes the bold claim of being Seattle’s first organic coffee.

Cupcake Royale/Verite Coffee

2052 NW Market St


Cupcakes and coffee go well together.

Equal Exchange Espresso Bar ✵ 1400 NW 56th St


They’re all about the free trade, so you can feel extra smug about your latte.

Java Bean ✵ 5819 24th Ave NW


Since 1989: organic, shade grown, fair trade.

Java Jahn ✵ 1428 NW Leary Way


They’ll be your Jahnny on the spot for your caffeine fix.

Sip & Ship ✵ 1752 NW Market St


Like a home office with an espresso bar.

Slate Coffee Bar ✵ 5413 6th Ave NW


The perfect place for a clean slate.

image Nightlife

Ballard Annex Oyster House

5410 Ballard Ave NW


The fun seafood party that Red Lobster ads promised and couldn’t deliver.

Ballard Loft ✵ 5105 Ballard Ave NW


The place in Ballard to watch the game. Any game.

Ballard Smoke Shop ✵ 5439 Ballard Ave NW


A smokey taste of Old Ballard.

Ballard Station Public House ✵ 2236 NW Market St


Super chill Ballard scene specializing in local brews and spirits.

BalMar ✵ 5449 Ballard Ave NW


Plenty of places to sit to avoid some of the more annoying clientele.

The Bergschrund ✵ 4818 17th Ave NW


Tap room for the NW Peaks brewery.

Hattie’s Hat ✵ 5231 Ballard Ave NW


Still gritty, but we’re no longer afraid to eat there.

Hazelwood ✵ 2311 NW Market St


Classy but not snooty, with two levels of dimly-lit ambiance.

Jolly Roger Taproom ✵ 1111 NW Ballard Way


Bigger location with a subdued pirate theme. Fried pickles: Aarr!

Kangaroo & Kiwi ✵ 2026 NW Market St


Where homesick Australians get pissed with New Zealand ex-pats.

Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen

5309 22nd Ave NW


Ballardites can get their kicks with whiskey and modern southern cuisine.

King’s Hardware ✵ 5225 Ballard Ave NW


Uber-hip bar with unhip crowd on weekends. Brought to you by Linda.

The Leary Traveler ✵ 4354 Leary Way NW


Frites and beer! Rest your barking dogs here.

Lock & Keel Tavern ✵ 5144 Ballard Ave NW


A boat graveyard with booze.

The Market Arms ✵ 2401 NW Market St


Fine footie pub from the blokes behind the George & Dragon.

Matador ✵ 2221 NW Market St


Lots of tequila. Lots.

Ocho ✵ 2325 NW Market St


Like having an office party in your walk-in closet.

The People’s Pub ✵ 5429 Ballard Ave NW


Like grandma’s dining room, with late-night schnitzel and wurst.

The Sexton ✵ 5327 Ballard Ave NW


Southern comfort tapas and comfort booze to match.

Shelter Lounge ✵ 4910 Leary Ave NW


An urban ski lodge.

The Sunset ✵ 5433 Ballard Ave NW


Opium den-themed bar and concert venue for local bands.

The Tractor Tavern ✵ 5213 Ballard Ave NW


Live alt twang.

Urban Family Public House ✵ 5329 Ballard Ave NW


25 taps for people who consider beer their family.

Zayda Buddy’s ✵ 5405 Leary Ave NW


Fhaux-dive with Leinenkugel’s!

Spots like Hattie’s Hat, Tractor Tavern, King’s Hardware, and the People’s Pub have the bases covered for great neighborhood nightlife. The Tractor Tavern is your home for live alt-country. Discover your new favorite band at the Sunset.

image Restaurants

Ann’s Teriyaki ✵ 2246 NW Market St

206-789-5838 ✵ $

Huge menu, gigantic portions, quick. And cheap!

Ballard Annex Oyster House

5410 Ballard Ave NW

206-783-5410 ✵ $$$

The fun seafood party that Red Lobster ads promised and couldn’t deliver.

Ballard Mandarin Chinese Restaurant

5500 8th Ave NW

206-782-5531 ✵ $$

I wouldn’t do it…unless it were on a bet.

Ballard Pizza Company ✵ 5107 Ballard Ave NW

206-946-9960 ✵ $$

Ethan Stowell furthers his Ballard conquest with pizza & gnocchi.

Bastille Cafe & Bar ✵ 5307 Ballard Ave NW

206-453-5014 ✵ $$

The French invade Little Norway with haute cuisine. Hipsters rejoice.

Bitterroot BBQ ✵ 5239 Ballard Ave NW

206-588-1577 ✵ $$

Even vegetarians don’t have much to be bitter about at this transcendent BBQ spot.

Café Besalu ✵ 5909 24th Ave NW

206-789-1463 ✵ $

Beautifully crafted pastries, quiches, cookies, brioches…

Cafe Mox ✵ 5105 Leary Ave NW

206-436-0540 ✵ $

Gamer cafe with way better food than your D.M. would provide.

Cafe Munir ✵ 2408 NW 80th St

206-783-4190 ✵ $$

A nice family Lebanese restaurant that also serves liquor. We don’t have enough of these.

Cupcake Royale/Verite Coffee

2052 NW Market St

206-883-7656 ✵ $

Cupcakes and coffee go well together.

The Dish ✵ 4358 Leary Way NW

206-782-9985 ✵ $$

Probably one of the best tofu scrambles of all the local hippie-dippies.

El Camion ✵ 5314 15th Ave NW

206-297-1124 ✵ $

Amazing truck tacos and tamales you can trust.

El Camión Adentro ✵ 6416 15th Ave NW

206-784-5411 ✵ $

Brick-and-mortar version of Tom Douglas’ (understandably) favorite taco truck.

Fez on Wheels ✵ 1550 NW 49th St

206-432-0415 ✵ $

The hummus is a must.

Floating Leaves Tea ✵ 1704 NW Market St

206-276-9542 ✵ $

Tea is the new coffee.

The Gerald ✵ 5210 Ballard Ave NW

206-432-9280 ✵ $$

Upscale comfort fare perfect for the inebriated foodie.

Golden Beetle ✵ 1744 NW Market St

206-706-2977 ✵ $$

An exotic flavor excursion brought to you by Maria Hines of Tilth fame.

Gracia ✵ 5313 Ballard Ave NW

206-268-0217 ✵ $$$

Farm-to-table Mexican with heady cocktails.

Hale’s Ales Pub ✵ 4301 Leary Way NW

206-706-1544 ✵ $$

Seattle’s oldest microbrewery with unfortunate corporate-like atmosphere.

The Hi-Life ✵ 5425 Russell Ave NW

206-784-7272 ✵ $$

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and quart-sized Bloody Marys in a 1911 firehouse.

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

5427 Ballard Ave NW

206-420-3431 ✵ $$

Decadent dessert cafe. Known for molten cakes and boozy milkshakes.

India Bistro ✵ 2301 NW Market St

206-783-5080 ✵ $$

Perfectly spiced entrees with excellent seafood.

Jolly Roger Taproom ✵ 1111 NW Ballard Way

206-782-6181 ✵ $$

Yes, it’s a brewery, but to call it pub food would be sacrilegious.

Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen

5309 22nd Ave NW

206-783-2668 ✵ $$

Ballardites can get their kicks with whiskey and modern southern cuisine.

La Carta de Oaxaca ✵ 5431 Ballard Ave NW

206-782-8722 ✵ $$

Authentic Oaxacan—think deep, dark sweet mole—at bargain prices.

La Isla ✵ 2320 NW Market St

206-789-0516 ✵ $$

A half-dozen Puerto Rican platos that are addictive and satisfying.

Matador ✵ 2221 NW Market St

206-297-2855 ✵ $$

If you can’t get a table at Oaxaca.

Mr. Gyros ✵ 5522 20th Ave NW

206-782-7777 ✵ $

It’s almost like he was born to make Gyros.

No Bones About It ✵ 5410 17th Ave NW


Uniting the world’s dietary preferences with their fried avocado tacos.

The Other Coast Café ✵ 5315 Ballard Ave NW

206-789-0936 ✵ $

Sloppy sammies and super subs like they slather up way out east.

Pasta Bella ✵ 5913 15th Ave NW

206-789-4933 ✵ $$$

Your run-of-the-mill romantic Italian restaurant.

Pho Big Bowl ✵ 2248 NW Market St

206-588-1249 ✵ $

Pho-tastic. And big as advertized.

Pho Thân Brothers ✵ 2021 NW Market St

206-782-5715 ✵ $

Cheap, fast, and filling, with a free cream puff to boot.

Plaka Estiatorio ✵ 5407 20th Ave NW

206-829-8934 ✵ $$

Opa! Hands down best Greek food in town.

Porkchop & Co. ✵ 5451 Leary Ave NW

206-257-5761 ✵ $$$

Farm-to-table comfort food.

Raclette ✵ NW Market St

206-369-3488 ✵ $$

They only serve their titular cheesey potato dish. But isn’t that enough?

Root Table ✵ 2213 NW Market St

206-420-3214 ✵ $$


Senor Moose ✵ 5242 Leary Ave NW

206-784-5568 ✵ $

Ballard breakfast institution. The guac is already legend.

Staple & Fancy Mercantile ✵ 4739 Ballard Ave NW

206-789-1200 ✵ $$$

For a special night out, try the supper in 4 courses.

Stoneburner ✵ 5214 Ballard Ave NW

206-695-2051 ✵ $$

Upscale pizza that you don’t have to be a stoned burner to enjoy.


206-755-5433 ✵ $

Their diverse salad menu might be better than the pizza.

Tall Grass Bakery ✵ 5907 24th Ave NW

206-706-0991 ✵ $

Bring extra bread to pay for these award-winning loaves.

Top Pot Doughnuts ✵ 1416 NW 46th St

206-728-1986 ✵ $

Top Pot is tops!

Vera’s ✵ 5417 22nd Ave NW

206-782-9966 ✵ $

Good old breakfast with crusty regulars.

Volterra ✵ 5411 Ballard Ave NW

206-789-5100 ✵ $$$

Lovely Italian specialties with contemporary flair.

The Walrus and The Carpenter

4743 Ballard Ave NW

206-395-9227 ✵ $$$

Stylish and transcendent oyster bar tucked behind a bike shop.

Zayda Buddy’s ✵ 5405 Leary Ave NW

206-783-7777 ✵ $$

Midwestern comfort food and Schlitz. Burn in hell, Wisconsin, for sending us more hipsters.

The two main and navigable drags—vibrant Market Street and historic Ballard Avenue—feature tons of restaurants. La Carta de Oaxaca is well worth the wait, while Vera’s is one of the last true old-school dining spots left in the city. Go big at Ethan Stowell’s Staple & Fancy or Maria Hines’ Golden Beetle. Have an oyster-gasm at The Walrus and the Carpenter. Finally, don’t miss the Ballard Market every Sunday.

image Shopping

Anchor Tattoo ✵ 2313 NW Market St


You’ll be in good, (and clean) hands here.

Arcane Comics and More ✵ 5809 15th Ave NW


Comics, games, and more (but not a lot more).

Ballard Farmers Market ✵ 5330 Ballard Ave NW

Organic farmers, restauranteurs, and sidewalk buskers.

Ballard Town & Country Market

1400 NW 56th St


Local produce, wine and desserts.

Bop Street Records ✵ 5219 Ballard Ave NW


Huge basement full of vinyl. Certain piles off limits.

Buffalo Exchange ✵ 2232 NW Market St


Second-hand clothes for girls who drink Zima.

Card Kingdom ✵ 5105 Leary Ave NW


The ultimate destination for Lawful Good times.

Dutch Bike Co. ✵ 4741 Ballard Ave NW


Super fancy bikes and espresso. Only in Seattle.

Electric & Folding Bikes Northwest

4810 17th Ave NW


Electric bicycle sales and repairs.

Fred Meyer ✵ 915 NW 45th St


Just like Target but with groceries too!

Full Tilt Ice Cream ✵ 5453 Leary Ave NW


Ice cream, beer & pinball. Sweet.

Greener Lifestyles ✵ 5317 Ballard Ave NW


Interesting, eco-friendly (re: expensive) goods. Appointment Only.

Hilliard’s Taproom ✵ 1550 NW 49th St


Taste the local craft beer that has become an instant classic.

Horseshoe ✵ 5344 Ballard Ave NW


Lucky in shopping, unlucky in bank balances.

Jo Ann Fabrics ✵ 2217 NW 57th St


Fabrics supplies and fun decorations at excellent prices.

NW Peaks Brewery ✵ 4912 17th Ave NW


Limited-edition micro-brews inspired by the ice-cold Cascades.

The RE Store ✵ 1440 NW 52nd St


Funky reused building material and all the cheap knick-knacks you could possibly want.

Re-Soul ✵ 5319 Ballard Ave NW


Where one goes to blow a paycheck on a pair of shoes.

Second Ascent ✵ 5209 Ballard Ave NW


New and used sporting equipment.

Secret Garden Bookshop ✵ 2214 NW Market St


Neighborhood indie with a great kid’s section.

Sonic Boom Records ✵ 2209 NW Market St


National and international acts perform free live sets at the Ballard location.

Space Oddity Vintage Furniture

5318 22nd Ave NW


Ground control to major deals.

Sweet Mickey’s ✵ 2230 NW 57th St


Old fashioned sweets shop serving shakes, malts and candy rarities.

Trove Vintage Boutique ✵ 2202 NW Market St


Treasures galore (if your treasure is dresses and 60s casserole dishes).

Vain ✵ 5401 Ballard Ave NW


Hair. Shop. Art.

Velouria ✵ 2205 NW Market St


Friendly boutique featuring indie designers.

Map 24 ✵ Fremont