Flatiron / Lower Midtown - Not For Tourists Guide to New York City - Not For Tourists

Not For Tourists Guide to New York City - Not For Tourists (2016)

Map 9. Flatiron / Lower Midtown



Neighborhood Overview


Map 9

The amazing variety of people, places and things that typifies New York cannot be better experienced than in this area. Containing some of the most tourist-heavy areas—the Empire State Building and Macy’s at Herald Square—you will also find the hip, expensive, and fabulously exclusive communities of Gramercy (to the east) and Chelsea (to the west). Flatiron is also the home to the lesser-known “Silicon Alley,” after the many start-ups in the area. In this incredibly diverse and unassuming neighborhood you will see moms pushing strollers, hipsters in low-slung pants, and wealthy elderly women walking their perfectly groomed poodles.

One of the most obvious draws of the area is the impressive architecture. You certainly can’t miss the amazing sight of the towering Empire State Building or the aptly-named Flatiron Building. But also not to miss is the less-obvious Chelsea Hotel, a favorite of many musicians and artists from Bob Dylan to Sid Vicious. Early 20th century additions to the area include the MetLife Tower, the New York Life Building, and the New York State Appellate Court, all of which are ranged on the east side of Madison Square Park. Equally impressive are the myriad number of current and former cast-iron department store buildings that make up the historic “Ladies’ Mile” area, including the Arnold Constable Dry Goods Store, the Broadway Lord & Taylor, the Croisic Building, the Hugh O’Neill Dry Goods Store, the Stern Brothers’ Dry Goods Store, and, our all-time favorite, the Siegel-Cooper Department Store. We can’t help but mention that this area was also the scene of one of the greatest crimes against architecture—namely, the destruction of McKim, Mead & White’s original Penn Station in 1963.

Venture to the Garment District and you will be surrounded by the shops and people that helped make New York City the fashion leader of the world in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The nearby Flower District was once several blocks filled with lush greenery of every variety. By the 2010s however, high rent and massive competition squeezed most retailers out, and it’s now less than a block in size and can easily be missed. Luckily Koreatown is still going strong on 32nd Street (between Fifth and Broadway). Stroll through here on a Friday night to find the restaurants and bars packed to the brim.

Look down as you walk on 28th Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway and you will see a plaque in the sidewalk dedicated to Tin Pan Alley. If you’re a music buff you’ll want to take in the historical significance of this area, dated back to 1885 when a group of songwriters and music publishers got together to lobby for copyright laws.

For a piece of Presidential history, visit the Birthplace of Theodore Roosevelt. A recreated version of the brownstone President Roosevelt was born in on October 27th, 1858 now serves as a museum dedicated to the 26th President.

Finding a small patch of fresh green grass in Manhattan is almost as challenging as finding a parking spot, but in this area you have not one, but two parks. Madison Square Park is a beautifully manicured park where you can be sure to catch hundreds of sunbathers on any summer Saturday. It is also home to the long lines of the Shake Shack. If you can afford to wait an hour or two, you will be treated to one of the best hamburgers of all-time. Farther south, Union Square is one of the more famous parks in Manhattan, having had several historic rallies and riots as well as being a main subway hub; it is busier than most parks. If you can squeeze yourself into a spot on one of the overflowing park benches, you’ll be treated to some entertaining people watching. It’s also worth noting for the dog lovers out there, that both of these parks have sizable dog parks.

Flatiron / Lower Midtown


Map 9

image Landmarks

✵ The “Palace of Trade” ✵

885 Broadway [E 19th St]

The mansard roof to end all mansard roofs.

✵ Croisic Building ✵ 220 5th Ave [E 26th St]

Just another outstanding NYC building. Circa 1912.

✵ De Lamar Mansion ✵

233 Madison Ave [E 37th St]

Dutch sea captain’s mansion now inhabited by Polish diplomats.

✵ Empire State Building ✵

350 5th Ave [W 33rd St]


View unlike any other (except maybe Top of the Rock).

✵ Flatiron Building ✵ 175 5th Ave [W 22nd St]

A lesson for all architects: design for the actual space.

✵ Flower District ✵ W 28th St b/n 6th & 7th Aves

Lots of flowers by day, lots of nothing by night.

✵ Garment District ✵

34th to 40th St b/n 6th to 9th Ave

Clothing racks by day, nothing by night. Gritty, grimy.

✵ Hotel Chelsea ✵ 222 W 23rd St [7th Ave]

The scene of many, many crimes.

✵ Hugh O’Neill’s Dry Goods Store ✵

655 6th Ave [W 20th St]

Brilliant cast-iron from Mortimer Merritt.

✵ Koreatown ✵

W 32nd St b/n Broadway & 5th Ave

Korean restaurants, bars, and shops. Bustling on the weekends.

✵ Lord & Taylor Building ✵

901 Broadway [E 20th St]

Incredible detail on former Lord & Taylor outlet.

✵ Macy’s ✵ 151 W 34th St [7th Ave]


13 floors of wall-to-wall tourists! Sound like fun?

✵ Madison Square Garden ✵

4 Penn Plaza [W 31st St]


MSG’s one thing in Chinatown; in Midtown it’s something different.

✵ Madison Square Park ✵ E 23rd St & Broadway


One of the most underrated parks in the city. Lots of great weird sculpture.

✵ Metropolitan Life Insurance Co ✵

1 Madison Ave [E 23rd St]

Cool top, recently refurbished.

✵ The Morgan Library & Museum ✵

225 Madison Ave [E 37th St]


See cool stuff the dead rich dude collected.

✵ New York Life Insurance Company ✵

51 Madison Ave [E 26th St]

The gold roof? Your insurance premiums at work.

✵ New York State Appellate Court ✵

Madison Ave & E 25th St

Insanely ornate 1899 courthouse; where new lawyers get sworn in.

✵ Old Town Bar ✵ 45 E 18th St [Broadway]


Classic NY pub housed in former speak-easy.

✵ Penn Station ✵ 8th Ave & W 32nd St

Well, the old one was a landmark, anyway…

✵ Siegel-Cooper Co. Department Store ✵

616 6th Ave [W 18th St]

Beaux-Arts retail madness. Now a f***in’ Bed, Bath & Beyond.

✵ Stern Brothers’ Dry Goods Store ✵

32 W 23rd St [6th Ave]

Awesome ornate cast-iron; now houses Home Depot. Whatever.

✵ Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace ✵

28 E 20th St [Broadway]


Recreation of childhood home of only president born in NYC.

✵ Tin Pan Alley ✵

W 28th St b/n 6th Ave & Broadway

Where American popular music climbed out of the crib.

✵ Union Square ✵ E 14th St & University Pl

Famous park for protests and rallies. Now bordered by chain stores.

image Coffee

✵ Café Grumpy ✵ 224 W 20th St [7th Ave]


Best coffee on the island.

✵ Culture Espresso ✵ 72 W 38th St [6th Ave]


Amazing coffee right near Bryant Park.

✵ Gregorys Coffee ✵ 874 6th Ave [W 31st St]


Take a break from Macy’s or Koreatown with a latte.

✵ Ports Coffee ✵ 251 W 23rd St [8th Ave]


A friendly crew of baristas helps feed your caffeine addiction.

Whether you prefer celebrity sighting at Raines Law Room, dress-code mandatory joints like 230 Fifth, or classic NYC watering holes like Old Town Bar and Peter McManus, you have options. NFT cabaret experts state unequivocally that the Metropolitan Room is the best cabaret club in the city.

✵ Spoon ✵ 17 W 20th St [5th Ave]


Serving up Stumptown beans—coffee of the gods.

✵ Stumptown Coffee ✵ 18 W 29th St [Broadway]


The real deal straight outta Portland.

image Farmers Markets

✵ Union Square Greenmarket ✵

E 17th St & Broadway

NYC’s best greenmarket.

Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat 8 am-6 pm, year round.

image Nightlife

✵ 230 Fifth ✵ 230 5th Ave [E 26th St]


Dress code and overpriced drinks. Best view of NYC makes it worthwhile.

✵ Ace Hotel Lobby Bar ✵

20 W 29th St [Broadway]


Amazing cocktails in an amazing space.

✵ Anthony Anderson’s Mixtape Comedy Show ✵ 208 W 23rd St [7th Ave]


Entertainment for the people, by the people.

✵ The Archive ✵ 12 E 36th St [Madison Ave]


Relaxed, subdued; solid cocktails.

✵ Barracuda ✵ 275 W 22nd St [8th Ave]


Neighborhood fave, low-key gay bar.

✵ Belgian Beer Cafe ✵ 220 5th Ave [W 26th St]


Belgian fare and brews, plus growlers to go.

✵ Birreria ✵ 200 5th Ave [W 23rd St]


Retractable-roof beer garden atop Eataly.

✵ Flatiron Lounge ✵ 37 W 19th St [6th Ave]


We like it. Especially if someone else is paying.

✵ The Ginger Man ✵ 11 E 36th St [Madison Ave]


Where button-down midtown types loosen up over bitter beers.

✵ Gotham Comedy Club ✵

208 W 23rd St [7th Ave]


In a new, shiny location.

✵ Hotel Metro Rooftop Bar ✵

45 W 35th St [6th Ave]


Fresh air + beer 14 floors above Manhattan.

✵ Jazz Gallery ✵ 1160 Broadway [W 27th St]


Not-for-profit jazz venue.

✵ Lillie’s ✵ 13 E 17th St [5th Ave]


Perfect for anyone with an Irish-Victorian fetish.

✵ Live Bait ✵ 14 E 23rd St [Madison Ave]


Still a great feel. A mainstay.

✵ Merchants ✵ 112 7th Ave [W 17th St]


Good mixed space.

✵ Metropolitan Room ✵ 34 W 22nd St [6th Ave]


Best cabaret club in the city.

✵ Midtown Live ✵ 251 W 30th St [8th Ave]


Rock club with good happy hour specials.

✵ Old Town Bar ✵ 45 E 18th St [Broadway]


Excellent old-NY pub.

✵ Park Bar ✵ 15 E 15th St [Fifth Ave]


Good date spot; small enough to encourage a little conversation.

✵ Peter McManus ✵ 152 7th Ave [W 19th St]


Refreshingly basic. Gorgeous old phone booths.

✵ The Raines Law Room ✵

48 W 17th St [6th Ave]

Cocktails worth your time. And money.

✵ Rattle N Hum ✵ 14 E 33rd St [Madison Ave]


40 beers on tap!

✵ Rogue Bar ✵

757 6th Ave [W 25th St]


Big sports bar.

✵ Society Billiards + Bar ✵ 10 E 21st St [5th Ave]


Well-appointed, classy pool hall.

✵ Stout ✵ 133 W 33rd St [7th Ave]


Huge Midtown pub.

✵ Taj Lounge ✵ 48 W 21st St [5th Ave]


Indian lux lounge. Lots of private events.

✵ Tir Na Nog ✵ 5 Penn Plaza [W 34th St]


Penn Station hangout.

✵ Triple Crown Restaurant & Ale House ✵

330 7th Ave [W 29th St]


Typical Midtown bar. Expensive, insipid. But, hey, we hear the bartenders are nice.

✵ VU Rooftop Bar ✵ 17 W 32nd St [5th Ave]


Reliably chill K-town rooftop bar.

✵ XES Lounge ✵ 157 W 24th St [7th Ave]


Extended happy hour gay bar with karaoke.

image Restaurants

✵ ABC Kitchen ✵ 35 E 18th St [Broadway]

212-475-5829 $$$$

Fancy farm-to-table. In a carpet store.

✵ Alidoro ✵ 18 E 39th St [Madison Ave]

646-692-4330 $$

High-end Italian sandwiches.

✵ Basta Pasta ✵ 37 W 17th St [5th Ave]

212-366-0888 $$$$

Pac-rim Italian. Hmmm.

✵ BCD Tofu House ✵ 5 W 32nd St [5th Ave]

212-967-1900 $$$

California-based Korean tofu chain.

✵ Ben’s NY Kosher ✵ 209 W 38th St [7th Ave]

212-398-2367 $$

Deli standards, Middle Eastern and Kosher Chinese.

✵ Blaggard’s Pub ✵ 8 W 38th St [5th Ave]

212-382-2611 $$

Smells like last night’s vomit. Overpriced, awful service.

✵ Blue Water Grill ✵ 31 Union Sq W [E 16th St]

212-675-9500 $$$$$

Seafood. We’re torn on this one.

✵ BonChon Chicken ✵ 325 5th Ave [33rd St]

212-686-8282 $$

Fast-casual Korean fried chicken powerhouse.

✵ BonChon Chicken ✵ 207 W 38th St [7th Ave]

212-221-3339 $$

Times Square location of Korean fried chicken powerhouse.

✵ Boqueria ✵ 53 W 19th St [6th Ave]

212-255-4160 $$$

Cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon? We’re there.

✵ The Breslin ✵ 16 W 29th St [Broadway]

212-679-1939 $$$

Meet. Wait. Meat. Lamb burgers is a culinary gem.

✵ BRGR ✵ 287 7th Ave [W 26th St]

212-488-7500 $

Good FRFR.

✵ Burger & Lobster ✵ 39 W 19th St [6th Ave]

646-833-7532 $$$

London-based burger-lobster joint; menu boiled down to essentials.

✵ Butterfield 8 ✵ 5 E 38th St [5th Ave]

212-679-0646 $$$

Walnut-paneled Murray Hill American with cool, Hitchcockian cityscape mural.

✵ BXL Zoute ✵ 50 W 22nd St [6th Ave]

646-692-9282 $$$

Belgian cuisine with requisite beer-mussels specials.

✵ Cafeteria ✵ 119 7th Ave [W 17th St]

212-414-1717 $$$

Comfort food, open all night.

✵ Chandni Restaurant ✵

11 W 29th St [Broadway]

212-686-4456 $

Cabbies love this Indian-Pakistani place. Open ‘til 4 am.

✵ Chick-fil-A ✵ 1000 6th Ave [W 37th St]

212-704-9920 $

Legendary fried chicken sandwiches; closed Sunday.

✵ Cho Dang Gol ✵ 55 W 35th St [6th Ave]

212-695-8222 $$$

There’s usually a line for good reason at this homey Korean.

✵ Chop’t ✵ 24 E 17th St [Union Square W]

646-336-5523 $

Salads for office drones.

✵ The City Bakery ✵ 3 W 18th St [5th Ave]

212-366-1414 $$

Stellar baked goods.

✵ City Crab Shack ✵ 10 E 16th St [5th Ave]

212-529-3800 $$$$

Shellfish-forward menu, upscale crab shack charm.

✵ The Clocktower ✵ 5 Madison Ave [E 24th St]

212-413-4300 $$$$

Superstar-filled roster brings Britishy elegance to sleek hotel restaurant.

✵ Coffee Shop ✵ 29 Union Sq W [E 16th St]

212-243-7969 $$

Diner with a samba skew.

✵ Cosme ✵ 35 E 21st St [Broadway]

212-913-9659 $$$$

Locally sourced haute Mexican from one of Mexico’s top chefs.

✵ Craft ✵ 43 E 19th St [Broadway]

212-780-0880 $$$$$

Outstanding. A top-end place worth the $$$$$$$$$$$.

✵ Don’s Bogam ✵ 17 E 32nd St [Madison Ave]

212-683-2200 $$$

Korean BBQ heaven.

Impress a date with the size of your wallet at Gramercy Tavern, Eleven Madison Park and NFT-fave Craft, or impress them with your wit and conversation over tapas at Boqueria. Otherwise, hit City Bakery for their pretzel croissants, Eisenberg’s for egg creams, or Kang Suh for all-night Korean BBQ.

✵ Eataly ✵ 200 5th Ave [W 23rd St]

212-229-2560 $$$$

Try to get a seat somewhere. Go ahead, we dare you.

✵ Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop ✵

174 5th Ave [W 22nd St]

212-675-5096 $$

Old-school corned beef and pastrami.

✵ Eleven Madison Park ✵

11 Madison Ave [E 24th St]

212-889-0905 $$$$$

Where the elite meet to greet.

✵ Elmo ✵ 156 7th Ave [W 19th St]

212-337-8000 $$

Lounge downstairs, dine upstairs at this swanky Chelsea venue.

✵ Evergreen Shanghai Restaurant ✵

10 E 38th St [5th Ave]

212-448-1199 $

Their scallion pancakes are worth the wait, and they know it.

✵ Francisco’s Centro Vasco ✵

159 W 23rd St [7th Ave]

212-645-6224 $$$

Fun Spanish.

✵ Giorgio’s of Gramercy ✵

27 E 21st St [Broadway]

212-477-0007 $$$$$

Cozy Italian.

✵ Go! Go! Curry! ✵ 273 W 38th St [8th Ave]

212-730-5555 $$

Japanese deep fried fast food.

✵ Gramercy Tavern ✵ 42 E 20th St [Broadway]

212-477-0777 $$$$$

Expensive, but good, New American.

✵ Hanbat ✵ 53 W 35th St [6th Ave]

212-629-5588 $$

The Bi Bim Bab is amazing. Open all night!

✵ Hangawi ✵ 12 E 32nd St [5th Ave]

212-213-0077 $$$$

Serene, top-end vegetarian Korean.

✵ Hanjan ✵ 36 W 26th St [6th Ave]

212-206-7226 $$$

Sophisticated Korean-Chinese food and cocktails.

✵ Her Name Is Han ✵ 17 E 31st St [Madison Ave]

212-779-9990 $$$

Korean soul food for homesick students, and the rest of us.

✵ Hill Country ✵ 30 W 26th St [Broadway]

212-255-4544 $$$

Good ol’ Texas ‘cue; go for the wet brisket.

✵ Home’s Kitchen ✵ 22 E 21st St [Broadway]

212-475-5049 $$

Hands down, best fried rice.

✵ ilili ✵ 236 5th Ave [W 27th St]

212-683-2929 $$$

Hearty Lebanese food in a fancy setting.

✵ Johny’s Luncheonette ✵

124 W 25th St [6th Ave]

212-243-6230 $

Sit at the counter and get an egg and cheese on a roll.

✵ Kang Suh ✵ 1250 Broadway [W 32nd St]

212-564-6845 $$$

Late-night Korean. Go for the private rooms.

✵ Kunjip ✵ 9 W 32nd St [Broadway]

212-216-9487 $$

The best Korean food in Manhattan; try the bo saam!

✵ La Vie en Szechuan ✵

14 E 33rd St [Madison Ave]

212-683-2779 $$

Spiced up Chinese in an unlikely neighborhood.

✵ Lan Sheng ✵ 60 W 39th St [6th Ave]

212-575-8899 $$

Szechuan fare that once earned a Michelin star.

✵ Le Zie ✵ 172 7th Ave [W 20th St]

212-206-8686 $$$

Venetian. That means it’s Italian.

✵ The Liberty ✵ 29 W 35th St [5th Ave]

212-967-4000 $$$

New American tavern with not a statue in sight.

✵ Mandoo Bar ✵ 2 W 32nd St [W 31st St]

212-279-3075 $

Mandoo these dumplings taste good!

✵ Marta ✵ 29 E 29th St [Madison Ave]

212-651-3800 $$$

Wood-fired pizzas and Italian seasonal entrees.

✵ Mendy’s Kosher Deli ✵ 61 E 34th St [Park Ave]

212-576-1010 $$

Pastrami, matzoh ball soup, and knishes.

✵ Momoya ✵ 185 7th Ave [W 21 St]

212-989-4466 $$$

Nice selection of unique sushi.

✵ New Wonjo ✵ 23 W 32nd St [Broadway]

212-695-5815 $$$

Can you ever have enough 24/7 Korean BBQ restaurants?

✵ The NoMad Restaurant ✵

1170 Broadway [E 28th St]

347-472-5660 $$$$

Elegant comfort cuisine in the NoMad Hotel.

✵ Nuchas Empanadas ✵

97 W 32nd St [Broadway]

212-912-0035 $

Flawless, juicy Argentine turnovers from a kiosk and truck.

✵ Olympic Pita ✵

58 W 38th St [6th Ave]

212-869-7482 $

Scrumptious shawarma.

✵ Periyali ✵ 35 W 20th St [5th Ave]

212-463-7890 $$$$

Upscale Greek. Pretty damned great.

✵ Ravagh ✵ 11 E 30th St [Madison Ave]

212-696-0300 $

All your kebab needs.

✵ Republic ✵ 37 Union Sq W [E 16th St]

212-627-7172 $$

Noisy noodles.

✵ Rosa Mexicano ✵ 9 E 18th St [5th Ave]

212-629-9000 $$$

New Union Square outpost of Manhattan Mexi chain.

✵ Rye House ✵ 11 W 17th St [5th Ave]

212-255-7260 $$$

Small plates and agreat selection of spirits.

✵ Sala One Nine ✵

35 W 19th St [6th Ave]

212-229-2300 $$

Garlic on everything, bring breathmints. Must try: Filet Mignon sandwich.

✵ Seoul Garden ✵ 34 W 32nd St [Broadway]

212-736-9002 $$

The soon tofu soup hits the spot.

✵ Shake Shack ✵ 11 Madison Ave [E 23rd St]

212-889-6600 $

Enjoy homemade shakes ‘n burgers in the park. On a 2-hour line.

✵ Simit Sarayi ✵ 435 5th Ave [E 39th St]

212-683-4100 $$

International Turkish chain brings its bagels to NYC.

✵ Socarrat ✵ 259 W 19th St [8th Ave]

212-462-1000 $$$

Authentic paella feast, sit next to the Spaniards at the communal table.

✵ Soju Haus ✵ 315 5th Ave [E 32nd St]

212-213-2177 $$$

Wash down Korean food with namesake booze.

✵ Szechuan Gourmet ✵ 21 W 39th St [6th Ave]

212-921-0233 $$$

Amazing Chinese in this part of the city? Believe it.

✵ Tarallucci E Vino ✵ 15 E 18th St [5th Ave]

212-228-5400 $$

Espresso in the morning, wine after work. Delicious and versatile.

✵ Tocqueville ✵ 1 E 15th St [5th Ave]

212-647-1515 $$$$$

Lovely everything—and you can actually hear each other speak!

✵ Toledo ✵ 6 E 36th St [5th Ave]

212-696-5036 $$$$

Classy Spanish.

✵ Triple Crown Restaurant & Ale House ✵

330 7th Ave [W 29th St]

212-736-1575 $$

Pub grub that will make you shrug.

✵ Waldy’s Wood Fired Pizza ✵

800 6th Ave [W 27th St]

212-213-5042 $$

Where former Beacon chef fires up gourmet penne and pie.

✵ Wined Up ✵ 913 Broadway [E 20th St]

212-673-6333 $$$

Impress a date here. Cozy, quiet, best wine selection.

✵ Winner’s Circle ✵ 515 7th Ave [W 38th St]


Eat while you OTB with a hundred other grumpy old men.

✵ Woorijip ✵ 12 W 32nd St [5th Ave]

212-244-1115 $

Cheap Korean buffet, hot and cold, great variety.

✵ Zero Otto Nove Trattoria ✵

15 W 21st St [5th Ave]

212-242-0899 $$$

Arthur Avenue pizza import; highly recommended.

image Shopping

✵ 30th Street Guitars ✵ 236 W 30th St [7th Ave]


Ax heaven. Seriously.

✵ A.I. Friedman ✵ 44 W 18th St [5th Ave]


Art supplies, frames, office furniture, and more.

✵ ABC Carpet & Home ✵

888 Broadway [E 19th St]


A NYC institution for chic, even exotic, home decor and design.

✵ Abracadabra ✵ 19 W 21st St [5th Ave]


Magic, masks, costumes—presto!

✵ Academy Records ✵ 12 W 18th St [5th Ave]


Top jazz/classical mecca.

.✵ Adorama ✵ 42 W 18th St [5th Ave]


Good camera alternative to B&H. Still closed Saturdays, though.

Need sporting goods? Paragon is the paragon of sporting goods stores. Food heaven is found at Eataly—just bring your credit card. 30th Street Guitars and Rogue Music will rock your world. Idlewild is one of New York’s finest bookshops, specializing in travel and literature.

✵ Ariston Flowers ✵ 110 W 17th St [6th Ave]


Excellent florist with orchids as well.

✵ Barnes & Noble ✵ 33 E 17th St [Broadway]


Chain bookstore.

✵ Beecher’s Cheese ✵ 900 Broadway [E 20th St]


Handmade cheese by the block or in gourmet grilled sandwiches.

✵ Books of Wonder ✵ 18 W 18th St [5th Ave]


Top NYC children’s bookstore, always has signed copies around too.

✵ Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit ✵

5 W 19th St [5th Ave]


Free tastings every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!

✵ Chelsea Bicycles ✵ 130 W 26th St [Sixth Ave]


Sales, service, and rentals.

✵ The Container Store ✵ 629 6th Ave [W 19th St]


Organize your closet…and your life!

✵ Danny’s Cycles ✵

546 6th Ave [W 14th St]


Sales, service, repairs, and rentals.

✵ Design Within Reach ✵

903 Broadway [E 20th St]


”Within reach” is relative, but the stuff is definitely cool.

✵ Eataly ✵ 200 5th Ave [W 23rd St]


Over the top (in a good way) Italian culinary superstore.

✵ Fishs Eddy ✵ 889 Broadway [E 19th St]


Bizarre dishes to complete your cool abode.

✵ Flying Tiger ✵ 920 Broadway [E 21st St]


The Stew Leonard’s of quirky Danish design.

✵ Idlewild Books ✵ 12 W 19th St [5th Ave]


One of the best travel + literature bookstores on the planet.

✵ Jazz Record Center ✵ 236 W 26th St [7th Ave]


All that jazz!

✵ LA Burdick ✵ 5 E 20th St [5th Ave]


Mood-altering hot chocolate & astounding pastries.

✵ Luthier Music ✵ 49 W 24th St [6th Ave]


One of the best for classical and flamenco guitars.

✵ M&J Trimmings ✵ 1008 6th Ave [W 38th St]


For your DIY sewing projects.

✵ Macy’s ✵ 151 W 34th St [7th Ave]


Love the wooden escalators.

✵ Muji Chelsea ✵ 16 W 19th St [5th Ave]


Beautiful Japanese aesthetic applied to daily living.

✵ NYC Racquet Sports ✵ 157 W 35th St [7th Ave]


Serious tennis supplies.

✵ Paragon Sporting Goods ✵

867 Broadway [E 18th St]


Top NYC sporting goods store, plus tennis permits!

✵ The Pennsy ✵ 2 Penn Plaza [7th Ave]

NYC food luminaries populate high-end food court.

✵ Rogue Music ✵ 220 W 30th St [7th Ave]


Used equipment you probably still can’t afford.

✵ Samuel’s Hats ✵ 255 W 36th St [8th Ave]


Decorate your head at this old-school hat shop.

✵ Sid’s Bikes ✵ 151 W 19th St [7th Ave]


Great selection of new bikes… Bianchi, Dahon, Gazelle, Ibis, etc.

✵ Sound by Singer ✵ 242 W 27th St [8th Ave]


High end audio and video. And we mean “high-end.”

✵ Tannen’s Magic ✵ 45 W 34th St [6th Ave]


Serving both professional and amateur magicians since 1925.

✵ Tekserve ✵ 119 W 23rd St [6th Ave]


Apple computer sales and repairs.

✵ Trader Joe’s ✵ 675 6th Ave [W 21st St]


Finally some welcome relief for the 14th Street store.

✵ Whole Foods ✵ 250 7th Ave [W 24th St]


Healthy shopping of the gayborhood.