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Not For Tourists Guide to New York City - Not For Tourists (2016)

Map 25. Inwood



Neighborhood Overview


Map 25

Located on the northernmost tip of the island, the hilly neighborhood of Inwood has something for everyone. And at a moment when there are so few places left in Manhattan where you can get affordable housing and fit all your belongings in something bigger than a shoebox, the ‘hood is a solid alternative for those considering abandoning the island for one of the outer boroughs.

West of Broadway offers views, pathways, quiet streets, and artsy cafés. Parking is tricky, but possible—worst-case scenario is parking in one of the many lots around the area, which are still an affordable option. Rents west of Broadway can be higher because of the aforementioned perks and because it’s right next to Inwood Hill Park, which is arguably the best neighborhood resource. The grass might be greener on this side of Broadway, but the predominantly Dominican area east of Broadway has even cheaper housing alternatives. That, and you’ll find the air is filled with free bachata, especially during the summer.

Speaking of Inwood Hill Park, its 160 acres of greenspace stretch along the Hudson from Dyckman Street to the northern tip of the island. The park is home to last remaining natural forest in Manhattan, affording one the opportunity to brag about hiking through real woods without leaving the city. Take your kids (or nephews or nieces) to Emerson Playground on a sunny day, let your dog play with its kinfolk at Homer’s Run or use one of several outdoor tennis courts. The Inwood Greenmarket happens rain or shine Saturdays at the foot of Inwood Hill Park.

That little house on the hill at 204th Street that looks out of place among the low-slung apartment buildings along Broadway is the Dyckman Farmhouse (c. 1784). Originally part of several hundred acres of farmland owned by a family with roots stretching back to New York’s Dutch beginnings, today it’s a stark visual reminder of just how much the city has evolved. On weekends say hello (or hola) to the seniors sitting on the benches by the farmhouse’s garden.

The Henry Hudson Bridge connects Manhattan and The Bronx via a two-level, seven-lane structure. With thousands of vehicles crossing back and forth each day, drivers and passengers can take a minute to admire the lavish engineering efforts, views of the Hudson River, and the Harlem Ship Canal below. And speaking of channels, channel your inner Rocky by climbing the West 215th Steps. All 111 of them (yep, we counted). On the way up note Park Terrace East to see a few rare species: Actual houses with driveways.

Well, if you refuse to take the 1 or A trains south for more exciting options, then dive into Piper’s Kilt for a perfect pint of Guinness and a burger. Inwood Local has many brews on tap and a fun neighborhood feel. For some vino, hit up Corcho for a glass and some tapas.

Get brunch at Garden Cafe. Go calorie crazy at Elsa La Reina del Chicharron with the best pork rinds in town. Sushi lovers go to Mama Sushi and Italian aficionados go to Il Sole. Practice your Spanish at Mamajuana Cafe and be artsy at Indian Road Cafe.



Map 25

image Landmarks

✵ Dyckman Farmhouse Museum ✵

4881 Broadway [W 204th St]


Oldest farmhouse in Manhattan, now restored as a museum.

✵ Emerson Playground ✵

Seaman Ave & Isham St

Kids (and adults) love playing around on the iron wolf.

✵ Henry Hudson Bridge ✵ Henry Hudson Pkwy

Affords a nice view from the Inwood Hill Park side.

✵ Homer’s Run ✵ Isham St [W 211th St]

Where dogs par-tay.

✵ Inwood Hill Park ✵ Dyckman St & Payson Ave

The last natural forest and salt marsh in Manhattan!

✵ West 215th Street Steps ✵

W 215th St & Park Terrace E

Elevation of sidewalk requires steps. Now get a move on it!

image Coffee

✵ Beans & Vines ✵ 4842 Broadway [Academy St]


Cozy coffee shop and wine bar serving food.

✵ Dunkin’ Donuts ✵

4942 Broadway [W 207th St]


Decent coffee served in gigantic Styrofoam cups.

✵ Indian Road Cafe ✵ 600 W 218th St [Indian Rd]


Friendly neighborhood café.

image Farmers Markets

✵ Inwood Greenmarket ✵

Seaman Ave & Isham St

Sat 8 am-3 pm, Year Round

image Nightlife

✵ Corcho ✵ 231 Dyckman St [Seaman Ave]


Cozy spot to sip and nibble; happy hour and wine classes a bonus.

✵ Inwood Local ✵ 4957 Broadway [W 207th St]


Beer garden, wine bar, and sports pub with a side of tasty grub.

✵ Melodia ✵ 154 Post Ave [10th Ave]


Get your reggaeton on at this Latin dance club.

✵ Piper’s Kilt ✵ 4946 Broadway [W 207th St]


Irish pub with friendly locals and a solid burger.

✵ Post Billiards Café ✵ 154 Post Ave [W 207th St]


When you need to shoot pool way way uptown.

Shopping isn’t exactly Inwood’s forte but El Nuevo Azteca does have a huge selection of typical/junk Mexican foods. Order a fresh-rolled cigar to go at Q Cigars, take that old couch for an upholstery makeover to The Victorian House or relieve your sweet tooth fix at Carrot Top Pastries.

image Restaurants

✵ Capitol Restaurant ✵

4933 Broadway [W 207th St]

212-942-5090 $$

Nice neighborhood diner.

✵ El Lina ✵ 500 W 207th St [10th Ave]

212-567-5031 $

Satisfying though tiny Dominican diner.

✵ Elsa La Reina Del Chicharron ✵

4840 Broadway [W 204th St]

212-304-1070 $

It’s worth the coronary bypass.

✵ Garden Café ✵ 4961 Broadway [Isham St]

212-544-9480 $$

Homestyle brunch for less than 10 bucks.

✵ Grandpa’s Brick Oven Pizza ✵

4973 Broadway [Isham St]

212-304-1185 $$

Personal brick oven pies and catering.

✵ Guadalupe ✵ 597 W 207th St [Broadway]

212-304-1083 $$

High class Mexican.

✵ Il Sole ✵ 233 Dyckman St [Seaman Ave]

212-544-0406 $$

Neighborhood Italian.

✵ Junior’s Tacos ✵ 253 Sherman Ave [Isham St]

212-942-7202 $

Low budget, high taste.

✵ Mama Sushi ✵ 237 Dyckman St [Broadway]

212-567-2450 $

As good as uptown sushi gets.

✵ Mamajuana Cafe ✵

247 Dyckman St [Seaman Ave]

212-304-1217 $$$

Tasty Nuevo Latino cuisine.

✵ Papasito ✵ 223 Dyckman St [Broadway]

212-544-0001 $$

Margaritas, music, and Mexican food.

✵ Pizza Haven ✵ 4942 Broadway [W 207th St]

212-569-3720 $

They bring-a the pizza.

✵ Yummy Thai ✵ 4959 Broadway [Isham St]

917-529-0812 $$

Affordable and reliable, especially for take-out and delivery.

image Shopping

✵ Carrot Top Pastries ✵

5025 Broadway [W 214th St]


Top carrot cake, muffins, chocolate cake, rugalach, and more.

✵ El Nuevo Azteca ✵ 3861 10th Ave [W 206th St]


For the Mexican junkfood junky.

✵ Gopher Broke ✵ 4926 Broadway [W 204th St]


All I want for Xmas is a piece of forest.

✵ Inwood Paint & Hardware ✵

165 Sherman Ave [W 204th St]


High security locks and more.

✵ Q Cigars ✵ 5009 Broadway [W 214th St]


Fresh out of the hand cigars.

✵ Richie’s Cleaners and Tailors ✵

4915 Broadway [W 204th St]


Trust the R. man.

✵ Tread Bike Shop ✵

250 Dyckman St [Broadway]


Where to fix your bike after riding through Inwood Hill Park.

✵ V.I.M. ✵ 565 W 207th St [Vermilyea Ave]


Street wear—jeans, sneakers, tops—for all.

✵ The Victorian House ✵

4961 Broadway [W 207th St]


Upholstery sanctuary.