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Not For Tourists Guide to New York City - Not For Tourists (2016)

Map 15. Upper East Side (Lower)



Neighborhood Overview


Map 15

You know the reputation of the Upper East Side: Snooty, fancy and rich. But while this historical neighborhood is home to some of the oldest wealth in New York, it’s home to a lot more than you see on the CW: On the weekends, especially in the warm days, check out everyone in their flip flops and sunglasses (designer, please) heading to the most green space in Manhattan, Central Park. If you’re not sunbathing or throwing a Frisbee, check out some of the most famous museums in the world, lively restaurants, shopping and brunch—oh you must be a lady/gentleman who brunches if you wander up here. Old or young, this neighborhood is changing—and especially in the summer, sans a trip to the Hamptons, there is no better place to be.

Long before Bernie Madoff made this neighborhood infamous, the fabulously wealthy started settling into the Upper East Side over a century ago. As a result, there are beautiful high rises up and down Park Avenue. Fifth Avenue is the home of what was dubbed “Millionaires Row” at the turn of the 19th century—the Carnegies, the Vanderbilts, the Astors, and their friends all walked the streets lined with glorious mansions, now known as Museum Mile. For a different sort of landmark head up to 85th for The Jeffersons High Rise…you know, that dee-luxe apartment in the sky from the classic TV show. Or walk by where Holly Golightly frolicked at the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Apartment.

There are many historical sites to check out in one of the most historic districts in New York. Check out the New York Society Library, which moved to its current location on 79th Street from University Place in 1937. Temple Emanu-El on 65th Street is one of the oldest temples in New York City—it was founded as a result of the second wave of immigration of Jews to America. Established in 1845, the reform congregation moved to its current location in 1927, where it welcomes Jews whose families have been going for generations and those who just moved to the city.

Want to stop and see a couple of exhibits? How about some of the most famous museums in the world? The Frick Collection, housed in the 1914 mansion of industrialist Henry Clark Frick, includes works by Rembrandt, Degas, Goya, and many more of the art world’s best-known names. (Visitor’s tip: “Pay what you wish” admission every Sunday between 11 am and 1 pm.) For a look into the art of worlds past, head over to The Met which houses, oh, over two million pieces and can take days to see it all. One last stop? The Asia Society and Museum, which houses an impressive art collection and performing arts program.

If you love classic New York entertainment (and have a giant wad of cash), this your neighborhood. Step inside the Carlye Hotel to find Bemelmans Bar, named for the Austrian-born artist who created Madeline children’s books. It’s a lovely place to stop for a drink and hear some piano during happy hour. Right next door is Café Carlye which attracts stars like Judy Collins, Elaine Strich, and even Woody Allen on his clarinet.

Upper East Side (Lower)


Map 15

image Landmarks

✵ Asia Society ✵ 725 Park Ave [E 70th St]


Small-scale modernism.

✵ Bemelmans Bar ✵ 35 E 76th St [Madison Ave]


Features lovely mural by creator of Madeline books, Ludwig Bemelmans.

✵ Bernie Madoff Apartment ✵

133 E 64th St [Park Ave]

Madoff lived here, before he went to The Big House.

✵ Breakfast at Tiffany’s Apartment ✵

169 E 71st St [Lexington Ave]

Where Holly Golightly and “Fred” lived in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

✵ The Explorers Club ✵ 46 E 70th St [Park Ave]


Indiana Joneses of the world hang out here. Some events open to the public.

✵ Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel ✵

1076 Madison Ave [E 81st St]


Undertaker to the famously deceased like Lennon and Joan Crawford.

✵ The Frick Collection ✵ 1 E 70th St [5th Ave]


Lots of furniture.

✵ The Jeffersons High-Rise ✵

185 E 85th St [3rd Ave]

We’re movin’ on up…to a dee-luxe apartment in the sky-hi.

✵ The Lotos Club ✵ 5 E 66th St [5th Ave]


Twain loved this private literary club. NFT is still waiting for an invite.

✵ The Manhattan House ✵

200 E 66th St [3rd Ave]

Seminal UES “white-brick” building.

✵ Metropolitan Club of New York ✵ 1 E 60th St [5th Ave]


1894 millionaire’s clubhouse built by McKim, Mead & White.

✵ Metropolitan Museum of Art ✵

1000 5th Ave [E 81st St]


The mother of all art musuems. Check out: temple, roof garden, Clyfford Still room, baseball cards.

✵ Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden ✵ 421 E 61st St [1st Ave]


Nice old building.

✵ New York Society Library ✵

53 E 79th St [Madison Ave]


A subscription library that predates the public library (1754!).

✵ Parisian-Style Chimneys ✵

E 80th St & Park Ave

A touch of Paris on the UES.

✵ Park East Synagogue ✵

163 E 67th St [3rd Ave]


1890 Moorish-Jewish asymmetrical brilliance from Schneider & Herter.

✵ Roosevelt Island Tram ✵ E 59th St & 2nd Ave

As featured in Spider Man.

✵ The Sherry-Netherland Hotel ✵

781 5th Ave [E 59th St]


Super-cool spired tower and super-stuffy hotel.

✵ Zion-St Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church ✵ 339 E 84th St [2nd Ave]


Last “Germantown” church (see the General Slocum memorials inside).

image Coffee

✵ Beanocchio’s ✵ 1413 York Ave [E 75th St]


Nice little spot, despite the lame name.

✵ Joe The Art Of Coffee ✵

1045 Lexington Ave [E 75th St]


Joe really knows his joe.

✵ Le Pain Quotidien ✵ 1270 1st Ave [E 68th St]


Excellent coffee and pastries. Thanks Belgium.

✵ Le Pain Quotidien ✵

833 Lexington Ave [E 64th St]


Excellent coffee. Excellent pastries. Thanks Belgium.

✵ Le Pain Quotidien ✵

1131 Madison Ave [E 84th St]


Excellent coffee. Excellent pastries. Thanks Belgium.

✵ Oren’s Daily Roast ✵

985 Lexington Ave [E 71st St]


Hip staff pours superior java at local mini-chain.

For a down and out dive (translation: our kind of bar) ride the Subway Inn or go old country Irish whiskey tasting at Donohues. For a little more class grab the perfect glass of wine at Uva. For even more class, no old money Upper East Side evening is complete without a visit to Bemelmans Bar.

✵ Oslo ✵ 422 E 75th St [1st Ave]

Coffee with attention to detail.

✵ Via Quadronno ✵ 25 E 73rd St [Madison Ave]


Straight up Italian espresso from Milan.

✵ Viand ✵ 673 Madison Ave [E 61st St]


Old-school diner complete with long counter.

image Farmers Markets

✵ 82nd Street / St. Stephen’s Greenmarket ✵

E 82nd St & York Ave

July-Dec, Sat, 9 am-3 pm.

image Nightlife

✵ American Trash ✵ 1471 1st Ave [E 77th St]


Punk rockin’ I-Bankers unite.

✵ Bailey’s Corner Pub ✵

1607 York Ave [E 85th St]


Friendly Irish local. Watch the game or play darts.

✵ Baker Street ✵ 1152 1st Ave [E 63rd St]


Flat screen TVs with above average bar food.

✵ Banshee Pub ✵ 1373 1st Ave [E 74th St]


Good, fun Upper East Sider.

✵ Bar Seine ✵ 37 E 64th St [Madison Ave]


Check into this classy hotel bar for rest, relaxation and cocktails

✵ Bemelmans Bar ✵ 35 E 76th St [Madison Ave]


When NFT actually has money, we drink here. Classic UES vibe.

✵ Bounce ✵ 1403 2nd Ave [E 73rd St]


Lots of beer. Lots of sports.

✵ Brandy’s Piano Bar ✵ 235 E 84th St [3rd Ave]


Good ol’ rollicking time.

✵ Brother Jimmy’s ✵ 1485 2nd Ave [E 77th St]


Crowded meat market that sells meat you can eat.

✵ Café Carlyle ✵ 35 E 76th St [Madison Ave]


Classic cabaret venue where Woody plays. Hellishly expensive.

✵ Caledonia Scottish Pub ✵

1609 2nd Ave [E 83rd St]


Put on your kilt to sip Scotch and nibble on haggis.

✵ Club Macanudo ✵ 26 E 63rd St [Madison Ave]


A perfect environment for smokers (and non-smokers).

✵ Comic Strip Live ✵ 1568 2nd Ave [E 81st St]


A rabbi walks into a bar with a frog on his shoulder…

✵ Dangerfield’s ✵ 1118 1st Ave [E 61st St]


Hardy har har.

✵ Donohue’s Steak House ✵

845 Lexington Ave [E 64th St]


Old-school Irish. Sit at the bar and drink whiskey.

✵ Dorrian’s ✵ 1616 2nd Ave [E 84th St]


Pop your collar for the last beer of the night here.

✵ Finnegan’s Wake ✵ 1361 1st Ave [E 73rd St]


Standard Irish pub. Therefore, pretty good.

✵ The Gilroy ✵ 1561 2nd Ave [E 81st St]


A craft cocktail kind of place.

✵ Hungarian House ✵ 213 E 82nd St [3rd Ave]


Party Hungarian-style. Lots of special events.

✵ Iggy’s ✵ 1452 2nd Ave [E 75th St]


Super-friendly bartenders help cue up the cheesy karaoke action.

✵ The Jeffrey ✵ 311 E 60th St [2nd Ave]


Tons of craft beer, truffle potato chips and giant TVs.

✵ Jones Wood Foundry ✵ 401 E 76th St [1st Ave]


Chill with the European expats and cheer on their favorite ‘football’ squads

✵ Lexington Bar & Books ✵

1020 Lexington Ave [E 73rd St]


Proper attire required but James Bond films available upon request.

✵ O’Flanagan’s ✵ 1215 1st Ave [E 66th St]


Unpretentious bar where recent grads and college kids mix peacefully.

✵ The Penrose ✵ 1590 2nd Ave [83rd St]


Tasty cocktails & pub grub with a touch of class.

✵ Ryan’s Daughter ✵ 350 E 85th St [2nd Ave]


Free chips!

✵ Session 73 ✵ 1359 1st Ave [E 73rd St]


Live music and yuppies.

✵ The Stumble Inn ✵ 1454 2nd Ave [E 76th St]


Thanks to the amazing specials, expect to stumble out.

✵ Subway Inn ✵ 1140 2nd Ave [E 60th St]


Sad, bad, glare, worn-out, ugh. Totally great.

✵ Swig ✵ 1629 2nd Ave [E 85th St]


Decent beer selection meets amazing fries and burgers.

✵ Trinity Pub ✵ 299 E 84th St [2nd Ave]


Low on the UES meathead scale. Thank goodness!

✵ Uptown Local ✵ 1606 1st Ave [E 83rd St]


Pub and beer garden with lots of good stuff on tap.

✵ Vero ✵ 1483 2nd Ave [E 77th St]


Escape a row of beer bars for a glass of wine.

image Restaurants

✵ Afghan Kebab House II ✵

1345 2nd Ave [E 71st St]

212-517-2776 $$

Great kebabs.

✵ Agora Turkish ✵ 1565 2nd Ave [E 80th St]

212-717-1220 $$

BYO family-run Turkish with big flavors and a small price.

✵ Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II ✵

156 E 64th St [Lexington Ave]

212-486-9200 $$

Eat brunch or take tea in a fairy tale setting.

✵ Andre’s Cafe ✵ 1631 2nd Ave [E 85th St]

212-327-1105 $$

Low-key Hungarian savories (goulash) and sweets (strudel).

✵ Antonucci ✵ 170 E 81st St [3rd Ave]

212-570-5100 $$$$$

Pleasant Italian spot on quiet block for dining al fresco.

✵ Atlantic Grill ✵ 1341 3rd Ave [E 77th St]

212-988-9200 $$$$$

Seafood galore. Old money loves this place.

✵ Barking Dog ✵ 1453 York Ave [E 77th St]

212-861-3600 $$

Bring Fido along for brunch.

✵ Beach Cafe ✵ 1326 2nd Ave [E 70th St]

212-988-7299 $$

Comfort food for brunch, dinner easy as a beach here.

✵ Beyoglu ✵ 1431 3rd Ave [E 81st St]

212-650-0850 $$$

Make a meal out of meze.

✵ Bistro Chat Noir ✵ 22 E 66th St [Madison Ave]

212-794-2428 $$$$

Flavorful and quaint. Prices aren’t too shabby for Madison Ave.

✵ Burger Heaven ✵

804 Lexington Ave [E 62nd St]

212-838-3580 $

’Nuff said.

✵ Burger One ✵ 1150 Lexington Ave [W 80th St]

212-737-0095 $

Pint-sized counter with burgers, fries, and tacos (of course).

✵ Burke Bar Café ✵ 1000 3rd Ave [E 59th St]

212-705-3800 $$$$

Chef Burke’s elegant, inside-Bloomingdale’s café with cheeky menu.

✵ Café Boulud ✵ 20 E 76th St [Madison Ave]

212-772-2600 $$$$$

Elegant, slightly more relaxed sibling of Daniel.

✵ Café Mingala ✵ 1393 2nd Ave [E 73rd St]

212-744-8008 $

Burmese. $5.50 lunch special!

✵ Calexico ✵ 1491 2nd Ave [E 78th St]

347-967-5955 $$

Wonderful, welcoming Tex-Mex or Cali-Mex, as the case may be.

✵ Candle 79 ✵ 154 E 79th St [Lexington Ave]

212-537-7179 $$$$

Upscale vegetarian cuisine in luxurious surroundings.

✵ Candle Café ✵ 1307 3rd Ave [E 75th St]

212-472-0970 $$$

Delicious vegetarian café ironically next door to Le Steak.

✵ Canyon Road ✵ 1470 1st Ave [E 77th St]

212-734-1600 $$$

Southwest haven.

JG Melon’s burger is one of the best reasons to go above 14th Street. Cascabel’s counter features wallet-friendly Mexican, and for an old-time favorite, try Cilantro. Get your seafood any way you like it at Atlantic Grill or grab a lobster roll from Luke’s Lobster. If after all that you need a giant sundae and a candy fix, try Dylan’s Candy Bar, a magical wonderland created by Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan.

✵ Cascabel Taqueria ✵ 1538 2nd Ave [E 80th St]

212-717-8226 $

Great Mexican food at Taco Bell prices.

✵ Cilantro ✵ 1321 1st Ave [E 71st St]

212-537-4040 $$$

Where transplanted Texans satisfy cravings for Southwestern fare.

✵ Daniel ✵ 60 E 65th St [Park Ave]

212-288-0033 $$$$$

Overrated $150+ meal.

✵ Donguri ✵ 309 E 83rd St [2nd Ave]

212-737-5656 $$$$$

Transcendent, UES Japanese standout.

✵ The East Pole ✵ 133 E 65th St [Lexington Ave]

212-249-2222 $$$$

Sort of like a four-star British tavern, if you can imagine that.

✵ EAT ✵ 1064 Madison Ave [E 81st St]

212-772-0022 $$$

Great brunch spot—part of the Eli Zabar empire.

✵ Eat Here Now ✵ 839 Lexington Ave [E 64th St]

212-751-0724 $$

Clean, classic diner. Fast, friendly service.

✵ EJ’s Luncheonette ✵ 1271 3rd Ave [E 73rd St]

212-472-0600 $$

Homey mini-chain diner.

✵ Elio’s ✵ 1621 2nd Ave [E 84th St]

212-772-2242 $$$$$

UES Italian where schmoozing with the “who’s-who” goes down.

✵ Farinella ✵ 1132 Lexington Ave [E 79th St]

212-327-2702 $$

4-ft long pizzas and fresh panini. Napoli-style service.

✵ Flex Mussels ✵ 174 E 82nd St [3rd Ave]

212-717-7772 $$$

23 flavors—try the Abbey or Spaniard.

✵ Haru ✵ 1329 3rd Ave [E 76th St]

212-452-2230 $$

Delicious, fresh sushi—try the cucumber rolls (no rice)!

✵ Heidelberg ✵ 1648 2nd Ave [E 86th St]

212-628-2332 $$$$

Dirndls and lederhosen serving colossal beers and sausage platters.

✵ Heidi’s House ✵ 308 E 78th St [2nd Ave]

212-249-0069 $$$

Cozy comfort food in a happy place.

✵ Hummus Kitchen ✵ 1613 2nd Ave [E 84th St]

212-988-0090 $$

Hummus so good they named a Kitchen after it.

✵ Il Vagabondo ✵ 351 E 62nd St [1st Ave]

212-832-9221 $$$

Italian restaurant with an indoor bocce court.

✵ Indian Tandoor Oven ✵

175 E 83rd St [3rd Ave]

212-628-3000 $$

Delectable Indian specialties in cozy, color-draped surroundings.

✵ Jackson Hole ✵ 232 E 64th St [3rd Ave]

212-371-7187 $$

Extremely large burgers from this mini-chain.

✵ Jacques Brasserie ✵ 204 E 85th St [3rd Ave]

212-327-2272 $$$$

UES spot for tasty moules frites and Stella on tap.

✵ JG Melon ✵ 1291 3rd Ave [E 73rd St]

212-650-1310 $$

Top NYC burgers. Always crowded. Open ‘till 2:30 a.m.

✵ John’s Pizzeria ✵ 408 E 64th St [1st Ave]

212-935-2895 $$

Quintessential NY pizza, but not as good as downtown.

✵ JoJo ✵ 160 E 64th St [Lexington Ave]

212-223-5656 $$$$$

Charming French bistro.

✵ Kings’ Carriage House ✵

251 E 82nd St [2nd Ave]

212-734-5490 $$$$$

Romantic fine dining in a charming, old carriage house.

✵ Le Pain Quotidien ✵

833 Lexington Ave [E 64th St]

212-755-5810 $$

Great breads. Communal Table. Euro vibe.

✵ Le Pain Quotidien ✵

1131 Madison Ave [E 84th St]

212-327-4900 $$

Great breads. Communal Table. Euro vibe.

✵ Le Veau d’Or ✵ 129 E 60th St [Lexington Ave]

212-838-8133 $$$

Classic Parisian bistro with a cheap prix fixe.

✵ Lexington Candy Shop ✵

1226 Lexington Ave [E 83rd St]

212-288-0057 $

Charming old-timey soda shop with twirly stools.

✵ Little Vincent’s Pizza ✵

1399 2nd Ave [E 73rd St]

212-249-0120 $

Unpretentious neighborhood staple in a sea of pricey restaurants.

✵ Luke’s Lobster ✵ 242 E 81st St [2nd Ave]

212-249-4241 $$

Fresh-from-the sea lobster rolls, without sticker shock.

✵ Maya ✵ 1191 1st Ave [E 65th St]

212-585-1818 $$$$

Top-drawer Mexican.

✵ Mei Jin Ramen ✵ 1574 2nd Ave [E 82nd St]

212-327-2800 $$

Hard-to-find beef ramen with sweet lunch specials.

✵ Mimi’s Pizza & Restaurant ✵

1248 Lexington Ave [E 84th St]

212-861-3363 $$

Said to be Paul McCartney’s favorite NYC pizza.

✵ Neil’s Coffee Shop ✵

961 Lexington Ave [E 70th St]

212-628-7474 $$

Friendly diner for Hunter students and old timers.

✵ The New Amity Restaurant ✵

1134 Madison Ave [E 84th St]

212-861-3255 $$

Sometimes you just need a not-so-cheap tuna melt.

✵ Nica Trattoria ✵ 354 E 84th St [1st Ave]

212-472-5040 $$$

Cash-only Italian with great food and lots of rules.

✵ Oita Sushi ✵ 1317 2nd Ave [E 70th St]

212-535-0002 $$$

Small sushi bar with creative rolls.

✵ Orsay ✵ 1057 Lexington Ave [E 75th St]

212-517-6400 $$$$$

Upscale brasserie popular with “about-town” uptowners.

✵ Our Place ✵ 1444 3rd Ave [E 82nd St]

212-288-4888 $$$$

Next level Chinese.

✵ Pastrami Queen ✵

1125 Lexington Ave [E 78th St]

212-734-1500 $$

Meats worthy of their royal names.

✵ Poke ✵ 343 E 85th St [2nd Ave]

212-249-0569 $$

Good sushi. BYO Sake.

✵ Seamstress ✵ 339 E 75th St [1st Ave]

212-288-8033 $$$

Inventive dishes, smart cocktails, and hipsterish in a good way.

✵ Serafina ✵ 33 E 61st St [Madison Ave]

212-702-9898 $$

Pretty decent pizza and pasta.

✵ Serendipity 3 ✵ 225 E 60th St [3rd Ave]

212-838-3531 $$

Home of the legendary “Frrrozen Hot Chocolate.”

✵ Sette Mezzo ✵ 969 Lexington Ave [E 70th St]

212-472-0400 $$$$$

Oprah’s fave.

✵ Sushi of Gari ✵ 402 E 78th St [1st Ave]

212-517-5340 $$$$$

Sure to please even the snootiest sushi snobs.

✵ Tony Dragonas Cart ✵

Madison Ave & E 62nd St


Street meat goes Greek.

✵ Up Thai ✵ 1411 2nd Ave [E 74th St]

212-256-1199 $$$

Thai classics on a higher level. And cocktails!

✵ Uskudar ✵ 1405 2nd Ave [E 73rd St]

212-988-4046 $

Delicious Turkish on the UES.

✵ Uva ✵ 1486 2nd Ave [E 77th St]

212-472-4552 $

Come for the wine list, food optional.

✵ V-Note ✵ 1522 1st Ave [E 80th St]

212-249-5009 $$

Taste of health.

✵ Vero Panini & Wine Bar ✵

1483 2nd Ave [E 77th St]

212-452-3354 $$

Try a panini or some pasta with your cocktails or wine.

✵ Via Quadronno ✵ 25 E 73rd St [Madison Ave]

212-650-9880 $$

This paninoteca is the cheapest lunch option around.

✵ Viand ✵ 673 Madison Ave [E 61st St]

212-751-6622 $$

Basic diner.

✵ Wajima ✵ 134 E 61st [Lexington Ave]

212-813-9065 $$$

Really good Japanese food. No pretensions. Great lunch specials.

image Shopping

✵ Agata & Valentina ✵ 1505 1st Ave [E 79th St]


Great gourmet market that will suck your wallet dry.

✵ Agent Provocateur ✵

675 Madison Ave [E 61st St]


Super fabulous, slightly hardcore lingerie, get your credit cards ready.

✵ Barneys New York ✵

660 Madison Ave [E 61st St]


Museum-quality fashion (with prices to match). Recommended.

Can’t afford $600 socks on Madison Avenue? Check out Housing Works Thrift Shop or BIS Designer Resale for clothes handed down from Park Avenue. Although pricey, Eli’s is one of the best places to buy food in the city, and Fairway is another great option for UES victuals. For unique wine breads try Orwasher’s and for all your fastening needs, hit up Tender Buttons.

✵ Bis Designer Resale ✵

1134 Madison Ave [E 84th St]


Where you can actually afford Gucci and Prada.

✵ Bloomingdale’s ✵ 1000 3rd Ave [E 60th St]


Where your mother disappears when she’s in town.

✵ Butterfield Market ✵

1114 Lexington Ave [E 78th St]


UES gourmet grocer circa 1915.

✵ Crawford Doyle Booksellers ✵

1082 Madison Ave [E 82nd St]


Lovely place to browse and find a classic.

✵ Creel & Gow ✵ 131 E 70th St [Lexington Ave]


Super fancy, arty things for rich people in a former stable.

✵ Dean & Deluca ✵ 1150 Madison Ave [E 85th St]


Divine & Expensive.

✵ Dylan’s Candy Bar ✵ 1011 3rd Ave [E 60th St]


Keeping NYC pediatric dentists in business since 2001.

✵ Eli’s Manhattan ✵ 1411 3rd Ave [E 80th St]


Blissful gourmet shopping experience. Just bring $$$.

✵ Fairway Market ✵ 240 E 86th St [2nd Ave]


So big. So good. So New York.

✵ Garnet Wines & Liquors ✵

929 Lexington Ave [E 69th St]


Huge selection for people with money.

✵ Housing Works Thrift Shop ✵

202 E 77th St [3rd Ave]


Our favorite thrift store.

✵ In Vino Veritas ✵ 1375 1st Ave [E 73rd St]


These bros know their wine.

✵ Jeff’s Bicycles NYC ✵ 1400 3rd Ave [E 79th St]


Since 1977; convenient to Central Park.

✵ Lyric Hi-Fi & Video ✵

1221 Lexington Ave [E 83rd St]


Friendly, high-end stereo shop.

✵ Maison Kayser ✵ 1294 3rd Ave [E 74th St]


Spectacular baguettes straight from a Paris legend.

✵ Maroni Hot Pots ✵ 307 E 77th St [2nd Ave]


Take-out pasta; deposit on the vessel.

✵ NYCeWheels ✵ 1603 York Ave [E 85th St]


Specializing in folding and electric bikes.

✵ Orwashers ✵ 308 E 78th St [2nd Ave]


Handmade wine breads. Best challah on the east side.

✵ Ottomanelli Butcher Shoppe ✵

1549 York Ave [E 82nd St]


Old-school butcher still going strong.

✵ Park East Kosher ✵ 1623 2nd Ave [E 84th St]


Meats and smoked fish. It’s all good, and it’s all kosher.

✵ Pedal Pusher Bike Shop ✵

1306 2nd Ave [E 68th St]


Sales, service, repairs, and rentals.

✵ Sprinkles Cupcake ATM ✵

780 Lexington Ave [E 61st St]

24/7 cupcake and cookie vending machine, impressively not stale!

✵ State News ✵ 1243 3rd Ave [E 72nd St]


Longstanding party supply store with costumes, piñatas, and kid stuff.

✵ Tender Buttons ✵

143 E 62nd St [Lexington Ave]


Antique, rare, and unusual buttons.

✵ Two Little Red Hens ✵

1652 2nd Ave [E 86th St]


Lovely cases of cakes and pies flanked by kitschy hen memorabilia.

✵ Ursus Books and Prints ✵

699 Madison Ave [E 62nd St]


Specialty—art books.

✵ Venture Stationers ✵

1156 Madison Ave [E 85th St]


Great neighborhood stationers. Do people still use paper?