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Not For Tourists Guide to New York City - Not For Tourists (2016)

Map 1. Financial District


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Map 1. Financial District



Neighborhood Overview


Map 1

This is where it all began. Site of the original Dutch settlement on Manhattan Island, the Financial District contains more historical markers than any other part of the city. If you're looking for a place to start, check out St. Paul's Chapel and Cemetery, which dates back to 1766, Trinity Church, whose spire was once the tallest point in Manhattan, and Federal Hall, site of the first capitol of the United States. You can also head to Battery Park to take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, and, far more interestingly, to Ellis Island where you can explore the history of immigration in the United States.

That's just the beginning. The importance of New York as a financial and commercial center is evident on practically every street. To take it in, check out, in no particular order, the New York Stock Exchange, the NYSE Amex Equities (formerly known as the American Stock Exchange), the Federal Reserve Bank, the first JP Morgan Bank (still visibly scarred from a bombing in 1920), John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Building, and the Alexander Hamilton US Custom House (now the National Museum of the American Indian). The architecture of the chocolate brown federal-style India House and stunning maritime-themed interior of the Cunard Building both represent distinct eras of New York's commercial past. Rivaling Grand Central and Brooklyn Bridge as Manhattan's most gorgeous gateway, the Battery Maritime Building is the departure point for the summer ferry to Governor's Island, where you can stroll around fortifications built during the Revolutionary War. Last but not least, the Charging Bull statue at Bowling Green, initially installed as a piece of guerrilla art, has become the ultimate symbol for New York's financial strength, and beloved by photo-snapping tourists from all over the world.

Financial growth led to the creation of the modern skyscraper, and many famous examples soar above these streets. Notable buildings include 40 Wall Street (now known as the "Trump Building"), art-deco gems 20 Exchange Place and the American International Building, the massive Equitable Building, and the Bankers Trust Company Building. Of course, the most famous structure is the one that's missing—the World Trade Center Towers, which were destroyed by a terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. That said, the World Trade Center has been reborn in an inspiring if slightly schizophrenic monument to both its tragic past and hopeful future. Two mammoth pools mark the footprint of the original towers and the gut-wrenching National September 11 Memorial & Museum literally digs deep to tell the definitive story of that day and commemorate those lives lost. Looking up, One World Trade Center, the city's (and Western Hemisphere's) tallest skyscraper, towers over the site. As soon as its ceremonial spire was put in place, the 1,776-foot-high landmark restored Lower Manhattan's visual and psychic balance; now all that's left is to rent out all that vacant space.

When you're ready for a break from all that history and architecture, take in some people watching at Zuccotti Park (onetime hub for the Occupy Wall Street protest) or reflect in the relative peace and quiet of the Vietnam Veterans Plaza. The best way to chill out might be by simply grabbing a beer on board the free Staten Island Ferry and checking out the awesome views of New York Harbor commuters get to enjoy every day. The tourists will all be at South Street Seaport, which might be best avoided unless you like crowded cobblestoned shopping malls. As far as kicking back in quaint downtown is concerned, Stone Street and Front Street are perfect spots to grab a bite and a drink after a day of wandering around. We'll see you there!

It ain't the village by any stretch, but Front Street has some good options like wine bar Bin 220 and Fresh Salt. Old stalwarts like the The Paris Cafe and the Bridge Cafe capture the history of the area. The semi-secret Blue Bar at India House is a NFT favorite—you can thank us later.

Financial District


Map 1

image Landmarks

✵ 20 Exchange Place ✵

20 Exchange Pl [William St]

Cool facade with bronze depictions of various modes of transport.

✵ 40 Wall St ✵

40 Wall St [William St]

Tallest building in the world for a day in 1930. Oh and Trump owns it.

✵ 70 Pine Street ✵

70 Pine St [Pearl St]

Great Art Deco skyscraper.

✵ 8 Spruce Street ✵

8 Spruce St [William St]

76-story Gehry masterpiece overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. Sublime.

✵ Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House ✵

1 Bowling Green [State St]

Stately Cass Gilbert building; check out the oval staircases.

✵ American Stock Exchange ✵

86 Trinity Pl [Thames St]


New York’s other stock exchange.

✵ Bankers Trust Company Building ✵

14 Wall St [Nassau St]

More neck-craning excitement from the NYC skyline!

✵ Battery Maritime Building ✵

10 South St [Broad St]

Ready-to-be-converted riverfront building.

✵ Bowling Green ✵

Broadway & State St

Watch the tourists take pics of the bull. New York’s first park.

✵ Bridge Cafe ✵

279 Water St [Dover St]


The oldest bar in NYC. Great vibe, good food too.

✵ Canyon of Heroes ✵

Broadway b/n Bowling Green & City Hall Park

Markers in the sidewalk remember those honored with a ticker tape parade.

✵ Charging Bull ✵

Bowling Green Park

Rub his cojones for luck.

✵ Cunard Building ✵

25 Broadway [Morris St]

Former Cunard headquarters, former post office, currently a locked building with great ceiling mosaics.

✵ Delmonico’s ✵

56 Beaver St [S William St]


Once the site of THE restaurant in New York.

✵ Equitable Building ✵ 120 Broadway [Cedar St]

Its massiveness gave momentum to zoning laws for skyscrapers.

✵ Federal Hall ✵

26 Wall St [Broad St]


Where George the First was inaugurated.

✵ Federal Reserve Bank of New York ✵

33 Liberty St [William St]


Where Die Hard 3 took place.

✵ Ferry to Ellis Island ✵

Pier A & Battery Park

The main building features beautiful domed ceilings and Guastavino tiled arches.

✵ The First JP Morgan Bank ✵

23 Wall St [Broad St]

Still visibly scarred from an anarchist bombing in 1920.

✵ India House Club ✵

1 Hanover Sq [Stone St]


Members-only club in historic, nautical-themed house.

✵ National September 11 Memorial & Museum ✵

Greenwich St [Cortlandt St]


Awe-inspiring tribute to those lost, surrounded by rebirth.

✵ New York Stock Exchange ✵

20 Broad St [Exchange Pl]


Where Wall Street took place.

✵ One World Trade Center ✵

Vesey St [West St]

At 1,776 feet, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

✵ South Street Seaport ✵

12 Fulton St [South St]


Mall with historic ships as backdrop.

✵ St. Paul’s Chapel & Cemetery ✵

Broadway & Fulton St


Old-time NYC church and cemetery.

✵ Standard Oil Building ✵

26 Broadway [Morris St]

Sweeping wall of a building overlooking Bowling Green.

✵ Staten Island Ferry ✵

1 Whitehall St [Stone St]

Grab a tall boy on board and enjoy the view.

✵ Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza ✵

55 Water St [Coenties Slip]


A nice quiet spot to contemplate our faded dreams of empire.

✵ World Trade Center ✵

Church St & Vesey St

Inspiring (if schizophrenic) monument to tragic past and hopeful future.

✵ Zuccotti Park ✵

Trinity Pl & Cedar St

Birthplace of Occupy Wall Street, ca. 2011.

Our Stone Street favorite is Adrienne's Pizza Bar, and on Front Street it's the New Zealand goodness of Nelson Blue. You can eat cheaply at Sophie's, Financier Patisserie, Zaitzeff, and greasy spoon Pearl Street Diner while you wait for financial success and a table at Mark Joseph.

image Coffee

✵ Cosi ✵

55 Broad St [Beaver St]


Starbucks-lite with fire roasted sandwiches.

✵ FIKA ✵

66 Pearl St [Broad St]


Great coffeehouse run by friendly Swedes.

✵ Financier Patisserie ✵

35 Cedar St [Liberty St]


Trés bien croissants.

✵ Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee ✵

222 Front St [Peck Slip]


Excellent little coffehouse, especially for these parts.

image Farmers Markets

✵ Bowling Green Greenmarket ✵

Broadway & Battery Pl

Tues & Thurs 8 am-5 pm, Year Round

✵ PATH Greenmarket ✵

Barclay St & W Broadway

Tues & Thurs 8 am-6 pm, April-Dec

✵ Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal Greenmarket ✵

4 South St [Whitehall St]

Tues & Fri 8 am-7 pm, Year Round

image Nightlife

✵ Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club ✵

89 South St [Beekman St]


Seaport sandbox with awesome Brooklyn Bridge views.

✵ Bin 220 ✵

220 Front St [Beekman St]


Escape the tourists at this excellent little wine bar.

✵ Bridge Cafe ✵

279 Water St [Dover St]


Oldest bar in NYC; good whiskey selection.

✵ The Dead Rabbit ✵

30 Water St [Broad St]


Fancy cocktails in an old-timey, Irish-American atmosphere.

✵ Fresh Salt ✵

146 Beekman St [Front St]


Where architects go for happy hour.

✵ Harry’s Cafe & Steak ✵

1 Hanover Sq [Pearl St]


The vintage French wine flows like a river. Or at least it used to.

✵ India House Club ✵

1 Hanover Sq [Stone St]


Secret bar to the left up the stairs. You’re welcome.

✵ Jeremy’s Ale House ✵

228 Front St [Peck Slip]


Weekend nights are at your own risk.

✵ Killarney Rose ✵

127 Pearl St [Hanover St]


Irish pub where you can pregame for the Staten Island Ferry.

✵ Liquid Assets ✵

55 Church St [Fulton St]


Plush seating and soft lighting.

✵ Paris Café ✵

119 South St [Peck Slip]


Good, historic bar but used to be better. Best very late.

✵ Ulysses Folk House ✵

95 Pearl St [Hanover Sq]


Slightly hipper downtown bar.

✵ Vintry ✵

57 Stone St [Mill Ln]


Fine wine and whiskey for sophisticated grape and grain lovers.

✵ Whitehorse Tavern ✵

25 Bridge St [Whitehall St]


Downtown dive. Not to be confused with the one in the West Village.

image Restaurants

✵ Acqua at Peck Slip ✵

21 Peck Slip [Water St]

212-349-4433 $$$

Italian straight off the boat. Nice one.

✵ Adrienne’s Pizzabar ✵

54 Stone St [S William St]

212-248-3838 $$

Delectable rectangular pies from a NYC pizza master.

✵ Barbalu ✵

225-227 Front St [Beekman St]

646-918-6565 $$$

Elegant Italian from Sandy survivors/former Barbarini owners.

✵ Bareburger ✵ 155 Williams St [Ann St]

646-657-0388 $$

Good local burger chain serving up exotic meats.

✵ Battery Gardens ✵

Battery Park [Across from 17 State St]

212-809-5508 $$$$$

Panoramic views of NY harbor with a wood-burning fireplace.

✵ BonChon Chicken ✵

104 John St [Cliff St]

646-692-4660 $$

Korean fried chicken joint. Always a good bet.

✵ Bridge Cafe ✵

279 Water St [Dover St]

212-227-3344 $$$$$

Expensive but effective Seaport dining. Historic.

✵ The Capital Grille ✵

120 Broadway [Pine St]

212-374-1811 $$$$$

High-end chain perfect for someone else’s expense account.

✵ Cosi ✵

55 Broad St [Beaver St]

212-344-5000 $

Sandwiches for the masses.

✵ Cowgirl Sea-Horse ✵

259 Front St [Dover St]

212-608-7873 $$

Surf shack serving up home “beach baskets.”

✵ Crepes du Nord ✵

17 S William St [Mill Ln]

212-422-9500 $$

A crepe is as good as a bagel, and vice versa.

✵ Delmonico’s ✵

56 Beaver St [S William St]

212-509-1144 $$$$

Classic NYC spot. Since 1837.

✵ Dig Inn Seasonal Market ✵

80 Pine St [Pearl St]

212-785-1110 $

Excellent farm-fresh meat and veggie buffet, surprisingly inexpensive.

✵ Dorlan’s Tavern ✵ 213 Front St [Beekman St]

212-779-2222 $$$

At least ten raw oyster options. We’re there.

✵ El Luchador ✵

87 South St [John St]

646-398-7499 $$

Great taqueria w/ outdoor seating.

✵ Felice 15 ✵

15 Gold St [Platt St]

212-785-5950 $$$

Nice contemporary Italian with good appetizers.

✵ Financier Patisserie ✵

62 Stone St [Mill Ln]

212-344-5600 $$

Have your cake and a light meal, too.

✵ GRK Fresh Greek ✵

111 Fulton St [Ann St]

212-385-2010 $$$

Good quick Greek for lunch.

✵ Grotto Pizzeria ✵

69 New St [Beaver St]

212-809-6990 $$

More quick, tasty Italian. Less nudity than that other grotto.

✵ The Growler ✵

55 Stone St [Mill Ln]

917-409-0251 $$

Pub grub, craft beer, and a dog-friendly patio.

✵ Harry’s Cafe & Steak ✵

1 Hanover Sq [Pearl St]

212-785-9200 $$$$

When the market is flush so is Harry.

✵ Keg No. 229 ✵

229 Front St [Peck Slip]

212-566-2337 $$

All-American craft beer bar serving comfort food.

✵ Les Halles ✵

15 John St [Broadway]

212-285-8585 $$$

Excellent French steakhouse. Thanks Mr. Bourdain.

✵ Luke’s Lobster ✵ 26 S William St [Broad St]

212-747-1700 $$

Fresh-from-the sea lobster rolls, without sticker shock.

✵ Mark Joseph Steakhouse ✵

261 Water St [Peck Slip]

212-277-0020 $$$$

Luger’s wannabe: damn close, actually, and they take plastic.

✵ Melt Shop ✵

110 Fulton St [Dutch St]

646-741-7910 $$

”Shop” tots and fried chicken grilled cheese sandwiches. Ah.

✵ Neapolitan Express ✵

40 Wall St [Williams St]

844-697-5423 $$

Mission-driven pizza; 900-degree ovens with zero emissions.

Gourmet markets Jubilee and Zeytuna keep Financial District dwellers fed. Pick up some wine from Downtown Cellars or Pasanella, then grab a coffee at Fika.

✵ Nelson Blue ✵

233 Front St [Peck Slip]

212-346-9090 $$$

New Zealand lollichop lollichop, whoah lollichop…

✵ Open Door ✵

110 John St [Cliff St]

212-608-0200 $$$

Irish tavern with actually decent food.

✵ Paris Café ✵

119 South St [Peck Slip]

212-240-9797 $$$

Good burgers and seafood, a bit pricey though.

✵ Pearl Street Diner ✵

212 Pearl St [Platt St]

212-344-6620 $

Greasy spoon hidden among the skyscrapers.

✵ Smorgas Chef ✵

53 Stone St [Mill Ln]

212-422-3500 $$

Best ‘balls on Wall Street…

✵ Sophie’s Cuban ✵

73 New St [Beaver St]

212-809-7755 $

Great cheap Cuban/Caribbean.

✵ Sophie’s Cuban ✵ 76 Fulton St [Gold St]

212-608-6769 $$

Great cheap Cuban/Caribbean.

✵ Suteishi ✵

24 Peck Slip [Front St]

212-766-2344 $$$

Hip seaport sushi. Get the Orange/Red Dragon split.

✵ Toloache ✵

83 Maiden Ln [Gold St]

212-809-9800 $$

Upscale Mexican and a gigantic tequila selection.

✵ Trading Post ✵

170 John St [South St]

646-370-3337 $$$

Super-cool bi-level American, with oysters and drinks.

✵ Trinity Place ✵

115 Broadway [Cedar St]

212-964-0939 $$$$

Good drinks and American-Irish cuisine in bank vault space.

✵ Ulysses Folk House ✵

95 Pearl St [Hanover Sq]

212-482-0400 $$$

Highlight: the buffet spread.

✵ Wall Street Bath & Spa ✵

88 Fulton St [Gold St]

212-766-8600 $$

Pre- and post- rub and tub grub.

✵ Zaitzeff ✵

72 Nassau St [John St]

212-571-7272 $$

Quick and organic burgers for lunch.

✵ Zeytuna ✵

59 Maiden Ln [William St]

212-742-2436 $$

Gourmet take-out. NFT fave.

image Shopping

✵ Barclay Rex ✵

75 Broad St [S William St]


For all your smoking needs.

✵ Bowne & Co Stationers ✵

211 Water St [Beekman St]


Old fashioned presses make prints, maps & cards.

✵ Century 21 ✵

22 Cortlandt St [Broadway]


Where most New Yorkers buy their underwear.

✵ Dick’s Cut Rate Hardware ✵

9 Gold St [Platt St]


Not a sex shop.

✵ Drago Shoe Repair ✵

123 Fulton St [Dutch St]


When your sole needs fixin’.

✵ J&R Music & Computer World ✵

23 Park Row [Beekman St]


Computers, electronics, and a good record store, to boot!

✵ Jubilee Marketplace ✵

99 John St [Cliff St]


Godsend for Financial District dwellers.

✵ La Petite Cave ✵

83 Maiden Ln [Liberty St]


Friendly owner with well curated wine selection.

✵ Little Airplane Productions ✵

207 Front St [Beekman St]


Cute little toy store run by “Wonder Pets” creators.

✵ New Amsterdam Market ✵

South St b/w Beekman St & Peck Slip

Awesome outdoor market, open every Sunday.

✵ Pasanella and Son Vintners ✵

115 South St [Peck Slip]


Great wine shop. Movies screenings in the back tasting room!

✵ Zeytuna ✵

59 Maiden Ln [William St]


Excellent gourmet store—fish, meat, cheese counters. Yum.