Yorktown - Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships 2017 (Berlitz Cruise Guide) (2016)

Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships 2017 (Berlitz Cruise Guide) (2016)



Berlitz’s Ratings

Ship: 199 out of 500

Accommodation: 76 out of 200

Food: 211 out of 400

Service: 231 out of 400

Entertainment: 50 out of 100

Cruise: 183 out of 400

Overall Score: 950 out of 2000

Yorktown Statistics

Size: Boutique Ship

Tonnage: 2,354

Lifestyle: Standard

Cruise Line: Travel Dynamics International

Former Names: Yorktown Clipper

IMO Number: 8949472

Builder: First Coast Shipbuilding (USA)

Original Cost: $12 million

Entered Service: Apr 1988/May 2012

Registry: USA

Length (ft/m): 257.0/78.3

Beam (ft/m): 43.0/13.1

Draft (ft/m): 8.0/2.4

Propulsion/Propellers: diesel (1,044kW)/2

Passenger Decks: 4

Total Crew: 33

Passengers (lower beds): 138

Passenger Space Ratio (lower beds): 17.0

Passenger/Crew Ratio (lower beds): 3.4

Cabins (total): 69

Size Range (sq ft/m): 121.0-138.0/11.2-12.8

Cabins (for one person): 0

Cabins (with private balcony): 0

Cabins (wheelchair accessible): 0

Wheelchair accessibility: None

Cabin Current: 110 volts

Elevators: 0

Casino (gaming tables): No

Slot Machines: No

Swimming Pools: 0

Hot Tubs (on deck): 0

Self-Service Launderette: No

Dedicated Cinema/Seats: No

Library: Yes

Onboard currency: US$


Modest all-American ship for coastal and inland cruises

Overview. The vessel is best suited to couples and single travelers who enjoy nature and wildlife at close range. Best for outdoors types who don’t need constant entertainment.

The Ship. Yorktown was built specifically for coastal and inland waterway cruises in North America. With a small draft, the ship has good maneuverability. There is a teakwood outdoor sun deck. Inflatable rubber Zodiac craft can be used for close-in shore excursions. At present, Yorktown is the largest, active US-flag coastal ship.

Inside, there is a glass-walled observation lounge, the ship’s principal public room. This is a decidedly American experience for those seeking to learn more about the coastal ports along the USA’s east coast and the Great Lakes during the summer and fall, including several Mississippi River cruises between New Orleans and Memphis.

The lifestyle is casual and unregimented - rather like a small, congenial country club. There are always specialist lecturers aboard, which enhances the learning experience. The inclusive price is high for what you get when compared to many other ships, and any air fare is extra, but all shore excursions are included. There is a no-smoking policy throughout all interior areas.

This high-density ship has only two public rooms: a dining room and a lounge. The engine noise level can be high when the ship is underway. Although there is a walk-around teakwood walking deck outdoors, it is quite narrow. There is no elevator, which can be a disadvantage for older passengers. However, Travel Dynamics International, which knows small-ship cruising, always provides good specialist lecturers.

Accommodation. The all-outside cabins are really quite small - think mobile home, not cruise ship - but, with lots of wood-accented trim and restful colors, they are marginally comfortable and tastefully furnished. There are no cabins with private balconies, and the fixed windows cannot be opened. The bathrooms are small, with little space for toiletries, but a night-light is provided. Fixed shower heads are standard, making it difficult to wash thoroughly. There is no room service for food and beverage items.

Dining. The Dining Room, warm and fairly inviting, has large picture windows, but no tables for two. There is one open seating, so you can dine with whomever you wish.

The cuisine is generally of a good quality, made from locally purchased fresh ingredients. There is little menu choice, but the food provided is nicely presented. There’s an adequate but very limited selection of breads and fruits, and the wine list is limited.

Entertainment. There is no formal entertainment.

Spa/Fitness. No facilities are provided.