Voyager - Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships 2017 (Berlitz Cruise Guide) (2016)

Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships 2017 (Berlitz Cruise Guide) (2016)



Berlitz’s Ratings

Ship: 311 out of 500

Accommodation: 126 out of 200

Food: 286 out of 400

Service: 288 out of 400

Entertainment: 61 out of 100

Cruise: 260 out of 400

Overall Score: 1332 out of 2000

Voyager Statistics

Size: Small Ship

Tonnage: 15,343

Lifestyle: Standard

Cruise Line: Voyages of Discovery

Former Names: Alexander von Humboldt, Jules Verne, Walrus, Crown Monarch

IMO Number: 8985957

Builder: Union de Levante (Spain)

Original Cost: $95 million

Entered Service: Dec 1990/Nov 2012

Registry: Bahamas

Length (ft/m): 494.4/150.7

Beam (ft/m): 67.6/20.62

Draft (ft/m): 18.7/5.7

Propulsion/Propellers: diesel/2

Passenger Decks: 7

Total Crew: 240

Passengers (lower beds): 556

Passenger Space Ratio (lower beds): 27.5

Passenger/Crew Ratio (lower beds): 2.3

Cabins (total): 278

Size Range (sq ft/m): 110-398.2/10.2-37.0

Cabins (for one person): 0

Cabins (with private balcony): 30

Cabins (wheelchair accessible): 3

Wheelchair accessibility: Fair

Cabin Current: 110 volts

Elevators: 4

Casino (gaming tables): Yes

Slot Machines: Yes

Swimming Pools: 1

Hot Tubs (on deck): 2

Self-Service Launderette: No

Dedicated Cinema/Seats: No

Library: Yes

Onboard currency: UK£


For discovery and learning aboard a cozy small ship

Overview. This modest-looking ship is really best suited to adult couples and singles seeking ‘soft’ adventure and enrichment-style cruising in a small ship.

The Ship. Voyager, bought at auction by the UK’s All Leisure Group in 2009, underwent an extensive refurbishment and was tailored for the British cruise market in 2012. Its profile is somewhat angular, and it has a small, swept-back funnel.

On deck, the space is very limited, although there’s more sunbathing space on the deck above. The swimming pool is really just a ‘plunge’ pool, and is flanked by two hot tubs. The focal point of the ship’s social life is Harry’s Bar Scotts Lounge - a high-ceilinged lifestyle lounge/bar, off to one side of which is a nicely revamped library. A separate bridge club is provided for card games.

Accommodation. There are 18 cabin price grades. There are 35 suites, 30 of which have a private balcony and 10 of which are located behind the navigation bridge. The sleeping area, which includes a small sofa and drinks table, and ample drawer space, can be curtained off from the lounge area, which includes a mini-fridge. There are two balcony doors (one each from the bedroom and the lounge). The bathrooms have a Jacuzzi tub/shower combination.

The standard cabins have all the basics, including twin beds that convert to a double, a small vanity desk and small chair, and flat-screen TV set. Bathrooms have a shower enclosure, toilet, and washbasin. There’s not much closet and drawer space, and the soundproofing between cabins could be better. Cabins on the lowest decks have portholes, while those on upper decks have windows.

Dining. The 280-seat Discovery Restaurant is quite comfortable, with a slightly raised center section. Seating is at tables for two, four, six, or eight. It operates an open, one-seating arrangement, although there is often a long wait, due to the lack of available seating (particularly in colder weather areas, when the outdoor seating in The Veranda cannot be used). Adjacent to the restaurant is Explorer Grill, serving steaks. Alternatively, casual, buffet-style meals can be taken in the Veranda indoor-outdoor eatery, although in the indoor section, windows have obstructed views.

Entertainment. The Darwin Lounge accommodates is a single-level lounge with mostly banquette seating for around 300, but the sight lines to the wooden dance floor/stage are poor.

Spa/Fitness. A wellness center is located aft of the discotheque on the uppermost deck overlooking the stern, while a beauty salon is located several decks below, as is a small unisex sauna. There’s a shuffleboard area on the topmost deck.