Pearl Mist - Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships 2017 (Berlitz Cruise Guide) (2016)

Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships 2017 (Berlitz Cruise Guide) (2016)

Pearl Mist

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Berlitz’s Ratings

Ship: NYR out of 500

Accommodation: NYR out of 200

Food: NYR out of 400

Service: NYR out of 400

Entertainment: NYR out of 100

Cruise: NYR out of 400

Overall Score: NYR out of 2000

Pearl Mist Statistics

Size: Boutique Ship

Tonnage: 4,985

Lifestyle: Standard

Cruise Line: Pearl Seas Cruises

Former Names: none

IMO Number: 9412701

Builder: Irving Shipbuilding (Canada)

Original Cost: $50 million

Entered Service: Jun 2014

Registry: Marshall Islands

Length (ft/m): 335.0/102.1

Beam (ft/m): 56.0/17.0

Draft (ft/m): 12.0/3.6

Propulsion/Propellers: diesel (4,700kW)/2

Passenger Decks: 6

Total Crew: 60

Passengers (lower beds): 206

Passenger Space Ratio (lower beds): 24.1

Passenger/Crew Ratio (lower beds): 3.4

Cabins (total): 108

Size Range (sq ft/m): 302.0-580.0/28.0-53.8

Cabins (for one person): 10

Cabins (with private balcony): 108

Cabins (wheelchair accessible): 4

Wheelchair accessibility: Fair

Cabin Current: 110 volts

Elevators: 1

Casino (gaming tables): No

Slot Machines: No

Swimming Pools: 0

Hot Tubs (on deck): 1

Self-Service Launderette: No

Dedicated Cinema/Seats: No

Library: Yes

Onboard currency: US$


This small ship specializes in US coastal and Caribbean cruises

Overview. Pearl Mist is best suited to couples and single travelers of mature years who want to cruise in an all-American environment aboard a very small ship where the destinations are a more important consideration than food, service, or entertainment.

The Ship. American Cruise Lines ordered this ship from Ingalls shipyard in Canada, but had to complete the fitting out themselves in their company-owned shipyard in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.

Pearl Mist was designed and built for international ocean-going cruises. Pearl Seas Cruises is an offshore outgrowth of the all-American company, American Cruise Lines (which has several coastal ships and riverships), based in Connecticut. But don’t confuse the USA’s Pearl Seas Cruises with Australia’s Pearl Sea Cruises.

Pearl Mist is designed to be a much more comfortable and upscale ship than the smaller ones belonging to American Cruise Lines (American Glory, American Spirit, and American Star). It has greater speed, the latest navigational technology and propulsion equipment, and better onboard facilities and service. It is meant to appeal to passengers who enjoy discovering ports in the company of like-minded people, away from the hunting grounds of crowded large resort ships.

Public rooms include two principal lounges, the Pacific Lounge, and the Atlantic Lounge; one is above, and the other is below the navigation bridge.

Other public rooms include a small Coral Lounge located just behind the mast; a library, and two small midship lounges - one named Caribbean Lounge. A single elevator goes to all decks, including the outdoor sun deck.

The ship cruises in the east coast waters of the USA and Canada during the summer season and in the Caribbean during the winter season, from St. Martin. Gratuities are not included.

Accommodation. There are seven cabin price grades, but all accommodation grades are outside-view suites/cabins with private balcony (although the balcony is really quite slender). All cabins feature twin beds that convert to a king-sized bed, and have high-quality bed linens; bathrooms have a walk-in shower. Some cabins can be interconnected, so a couple (partners or friends traveling together, for example) can have a bathroom each.

Cuisine. The single dining room - at the stern of the ship - accommodates all passengers in a single, open seating, so you can sit where and with whom you want. Complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are offered before dinner in the lounges.

Entertainment. The Main Lounge is the venue for evening entertainment, lectures, and recaps, plus any entertainment that is brought on board from ashore in the various ports of call.

Spa/Fitness. The small spa has a beauty salon; additionally, there is also one hot tub on deck.