Costa Diadema - Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships 2017 (Berlitz Cruise Guide) (2016)

Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships 2017 (Berlitz Cruise Guide) (2016)

Costa Diadema


Berlitz’s Ratings

Ship: 391 out of 500

Accommodation: 143 out of 200

Food: 246 out of 400

Service: 272 out of 400

Entertainment: 65 out of 100

Cruise: 273 out of 400

Overall Score: 1390 out of 2000

Costa Diadema Statistics

Size: Large Resort Ship

Tonnage: 132,500

Lifestyle: Standard

Cruise Line: Costa Cruises

Former Names: none

IMO Number: 9636888

Builder: Fincantieri (Italy)

Original Cost: $550 million

Entered Service: Nov 2013

Registry: Italy

Length (ft/m): 1,003.9/306.0

Beam (ft/m): 122.0/37.2

Draft (ft/m): 27.2/8.3

Propulsion/Propellers: diesel-electric (42,000kW)/2

Passenger Decks: 14

Total Crew: 1,253

Passengers (lower beds): 3,732

Passenger Space Ratio (lower beds): 35.5

Passenger/Crew Ratio (lower beds): 2.9

Cabins (total): 1,866

Size Range (sq ft/m): 125.9-554.3/11.7-51.5

Cabins (for one person): 0

Cabins (with private balcony): 913

Cabins (wheelchair accessible): 8

Wheelchair accessibility: Good

Cabin Current: 110 and 220 volts

Elevators: 19

Casino (gaming tables): Yes

Slot Machines: Yes

Swimming Pools: 2 (1 w/sliding glass dome)

Hot Tubs (on deck): 8

Self-Service Launderette: No

Dedicated Cinema/Seats: No

Library: Yes

Onboard currency: Euros


This sparkly, family-friendly Italian ship is for contemporary cruising

Overview. Costa Diadema is the newest, largest, and grandest ship in the growing Costa Cruises fleet of family-friendly ships, and becomes the company’s new flagship. This is all about casual cruising for a youthful clientele who enjoy the Italian flair for life.

The Ship. The ship (whose name means ‘tiara’) has a well-proportioned profile with a rounded front, bolt-upright Costa yellow funnel, and nicely tiered aft decks. The lifeboats are mounted lower down, and this position gives a sense of balance to the ship’s towering superstructure. Costa Diadema is equipped with a cold ironing facility, allowing it to plug into shore-side electric power, and all solid waste is collected for recycling.

The central focal point is the atrium lobby (Atrium Sissi), which features four panoramic elevators and a lobby bar that often has live music. Look upwards from the lobby bar area and you’ll see the inner part of the multi-deck atrium studded with diamonds - well, lighting that looks like diamonds (you’ll find them in the ceiling of other public areas, too). In fact, you’ll see diamonds in the artwork throughout the ship. The reception desk and shore excursion desk are located to one side, while comfortable seating is set around the lobby and adjacent areas.

There are seven restaurants and eateries (four of these are at extra cost) and 15 bars to enjoy including a Birreia La Flamma pub.

A whole shopping street awaits you in the form of the Portobello Market Piazza - filled with designer stores within its 1,100-sq-m area.

Niggles include the fact that, in common with many large resort ships today, there is little open deck space, so be prepared to hunt for seating around the main swimming pool/water park area.

Accommodation. The accommodation configuration consists of 12 Grand Suites, 49 Suites, 14 Mini-Suites, 795 Balcony Cabin, 110 Cove Balcony, 240 Oceanview Cabins, and 666 Interior Cabins. The Grand Suites are not true suites (there’s no completely separate bedroom), and are small when compared to many other ships; they measure 51.5 sq m (554.3 sq ft), including balcony.

Some 130 of these are designated Samsara Spa-grade suites/cabins, whose occupants eat in the intimate Samsara Restaurant.

Dining. Sissi Restaurant is the main dining room; it is a cavernous room that is two decks high, with bright decor. Seating, which is allocated according to your accommodation grade and location, is at banquettes and individual chairs with armrests.

Samsara Restaurant is a smaller, more intimate venue for occupants of Samsara-grade accommodation. The cuisine focuses more on healthy items, reduced calories, fat, and salt.

With this ship, Costa has introduced some more ethnic-centric eating areas, such as a Vinoteca, Proseccherria, a Bavarian Bierkeller, a Japanese Tavola Teppanyaki Grill, an extra-cost pizzeria (it’s in the Piazza, so it’s called the Pizzeria in Piazza Pizza - now there’s a mouthful!), and a Gelateria. This gives you a choice of different venues and food styles.

The Club Diadema restaurant is an extra-cost, reservations-required dining spot, and delivers more upscale cuisine. It’s worth it if you are celebrating something special, or for something a little different to the noisy main dining room.

Entertainment. The Emerald Theater - the ship’s showlounge - is spread over three decks and has over 1,500 seats, many of which have upright backs, a large stage with proscenium arch, and the latest in LED lighting technology. Costa Cruises’ revue-style shows - performed by a troupe of resident onboard singers/dancers - are all about color, lights, high-energy action, and volume.

A Country Rock Club is something new for Costa Cruises; it’s an upbeat venue for listening to country-rock crossover music.

Spa/Fitness. Measuring some 780 sq m (8,396 sq ft), Samsara Spa is a large facility, spread over three decks. It includes a large gymnasium with the latest in muscle-training equipment, saunas, steam rooms, a thermal area, and several massage/body treatment rooms. VIP treatment rooms are also available to couples for half-day rentals. You can purchase a day pass in order to use the sauna/steam rooms, thermal suite and relaxation area. Some fitness classes are free, while others cost extra.