Glossary - Lesson 3 - Resources - Moon El Salvador (Moon Handbooks) - Jaime Jacques

Moon El Salvador (Moon Handbooks) - Jaime Jacques (2014)



aguacatero: street dog

aguas termales: hot springs

alcaldía: mayor’s office

almuerzo: lunch

artesanías: handicrafts

bicho/a: a slightly disrespectful term for a young person

birria: beer

bolado: to be drunk

bolo: a drunk

buxo: to be ready

cabal: exactly, perfect, right on

cabaña: cabin

caliche: Salvadoran slang

campesino/campesina: rural resident

campo: countryside

Carretera Litoral: coastal highway

casamiento: rice and beans

cerveza: beer

chapín: slang for someone from Guatemala

chela: beer

chele/a: someone with light skin

chicha: fermented maize drink

chivo: cool

chocolate: hot chocolate

la chota: the cops

chupar: to suck; slang for to drink alcohol

cipote: a child

combo: container

comedor: small restaurant serving typical Salvadoran food

comida a la vista: pre-prepared typical Salvadoran food

comida chatarra: fast food

comida típica: fast food

finca: farm

gringo/a: foreigner; usually used to refer to Americans, but can refer to any foreigner with light skin

guanaco/a: slang for someone from El Salvador

guaro: alcohol

huésped: guest in hotel

lancha: small motorized boat

lavandería: Laundromat

licuado: smoothie

mara: gang

la mara: slang for a group of friends, “the gang”

mestizo: someone of mixed ethnicity

moreno/a: someone with dark skin and hair

paleta: ice pop

panamericana: Pan-American Highway

paseo: pedestrian area

pisto: money

propina: tip

puchica: way of expressing amazement, anger, frustration

pupusería: restaurant that sells only pupusas

quesadilla: dense cake made with cheese, milk and sugar

refresco: juice or soda

salchicha: hotdog

salu: good-bye

sorbete: ice cream

tienda: small store with basic goods

torta: submarine sandwich

zancudos: mosquitoes