NOTES - Down to the Last Pitch: How the 1991 Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves Gave Us the Best World Series of All Time - Tim Wendel

Down to the Last Pitch: How the 1991 Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves Gave Us the Best World Series of All Time - Tim Wendel (2014)



ixthe ballpark looks as if: “Warts, Love and Dreams in Buffalo,” Sports Illustrated, Jan 20, 1969.

ix“last fine time: Verlyn Klinekenborg, The Last Fine Time, 3–7.


1as loud as they had been in 1987: Greg Gagne, author’s interview, Feb 21, 2013.

1despite a bad knee: Gene Larkin, author’s interview, May 7, 2013.

2“What people target is that both of them”: Ibid.

2thinking nearly the same thing: Brian Harper, author’s interview, Feb 14, 2013.

3Such postseason classics can be counted: Discussions with the researchers at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

4“Every pitch, every strike”: Terry Pendleton, author’s interview, May 21, 2013.

4“My father told me”: “Jack Morris and Tom Kelly Relive Game Seven,” (St. Paul) Pioneer Press, Aug 5, 2011. Kelly said something similar in the victorious clubhouse after the final game in 1991.

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8“Just kidding”: author’s observation.

8“It’s the feel”: Frank Robinson, author’s interview, July 9, 1995.

10“be ready for the fastball”: Gagne interview.

10“that’s what he got”: Tom Kelly, press conference, Oct 19, 1991.

11“I wasn’t close to any of them”: Gagne interview.

12“He struck out Kirby Puckett twice”: Greg Olson, author’s interview, Oct 19, 1991.

12In short order: Paul White, author’s interview, June 9, 2013.

14“Damn right I was worried”: Tom Kelly, press conference, Oct 14, 1991.

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15“we knew he could play”: Kirby Puckett, postgame, Oct 19, 1991.

15“We had a very patient ownership group”: Pat Gillick interview, Hall of Fame, accessed at

16“Thanks for that phone call”: author’s observation.

17“it wasn’t a popular thing to say”: MacPhail interview.

17“She was more embarrassed than anything”: Fay Vincent, postgame comments, Oct 19, 1991.

18“the most human baseball player”: “The Crazy & The Wacky,” ESPN The Magazine, May 2004.

18“if he wasn’t in baseball”: Joe Kelly, author’s interview, Aug 16, 1991.

18“If I wasn’t managing baseball”: Tom Kelly, author’s interview, Aug 17, 1991.

19“It gave me an understanding”: “The Twins’ Silent Partner,” New York Times, July 13, 1992.

19“You ain’t doing diddly”: Ibid.

21“such a competitor”: Harper interview.

21“We didn’t invent the rally caps”: Mark Grant, author’s interview, April 13, 2013.

22“doing deep-breathing exercises”: Footage of the Braves after the National League Championship Series,

23“They got us to the seventh game of the World Series”: “Pitching Potential,” USA Today Sports Weekly, June 18, 2003.

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28“good uses for nuclear weapons”: “Jim Caple’s Worst Ballparks,”,

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28“problem with the roof”: “NL champ to enter house of horror,” USA Today Baseball Weekly, Oct 19–25, 1991.

28“You cannot do that in the Metrodome”: Harper interview.

29“Lemke has much better range”: Pregame press conference, Oct 20, 1991.

29Team payrolls: USA Today, accessed at It’s amazing to change the year from 1991 toward future dates on this Web site. You literally see the separation between the haves and the have-nots in baseball. The Oakland Athletics go from being the team with the biggest payroll in the game to the team of Moneyball before your eyes.

30“I’m not stupid”: Chili Davis, author’s interview, May 18, 2013.

30“He helped everybody”: “Words flow easily—but infrequently—from Chili Davis,” (Minneapolis) Star Tribune, Oct 6, 1991.

30“the guys won about 75 percent”: Davis, Pregame comments, Oct 20, 1991.

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32“His momentum”: Drew Coble, postgame comments, pool reporter, Oct 20, 1991.

33“There is no appeal”: Don Denkinger, postgame comments, pool reporter, Oct 20, 1991.

33“You don’t like to cry”: Bobby Cox, postgame comments, Oct 20, 1991.

33“Ron Gant forgot to slide”: Dan Gladden, author’s interview, May 28, 2013.

33“Andy was asking me the usual questions”: Harper interview.

33“Umpires don’t like to be embarrassed”: Cox, postgame comments, Oct 20, 1991.

34“gave our approval”: “Twins bobblehead on Aug. 5 to immortalize Hrbek/Gant tango,” (Minneapolis) Star Tribune, March 7, 2011.

34“still cursed”: Gladden interview. This is another reason why I’ll tune in the Twins’ broadcasts. Gladden will do the goofiest stunts.

34reminded pitching coach Leo Mazzone of Whitey Ford: “Glavine is the Whitey Ford of his era,” USA Today, July 22, 2002.

34“stoic figure”: Ibid.

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36McGwire quit baseball temporarily: Ibid.

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44“I didn’t know if I was really ready or not”: Ibid.

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44“a great coach”: Leius interview.

45“Glavine had all his pitches going”: Ibid.

45“Every night it’s somebody different”: “Leius matches hero with dramatic homer,” USA Today Baseball Weekly, Oct 25–31, 1991.

45“kind of that team we were”: Ibid.

45“didn’t know what to do”: Leius interview.

46Early save numbers: National Baseball Hall of Fame.

47As Dalkowski soon disappeared: Steve Dalkowski remains one of my favorite characters in baseball. For more about this phenom fireballer who didn’t make it, check out my book High Heat: The Secret History of the Fastball and the Improbable Search for the Fastest Pitcher of All Time.

48This phase was redefined beginning in 1987: The 1986–1987 Oakland Athletics were one of the first teams I ever covered on a daily basis, which I touch on several times here. They were a colorful group, and nobody was more of a showman than Dennis Eckersley, the pitcher that manager Tony La Russa and pitching coach Dave Duncan made into the prototypical closer.

48“Eck always threw strikes”: “One Eck of a Guy,” Sports Illustrated, Dec 12, 1988.

50“used like Jeff Reardon”: “Aguilera has last Minny ha-ha,” (New York) Daily News, July 15, 1990.

51“Off the field”: Harper interview.


54“That series”: “Series becomes a classic one run at a time,” USA Today Baseball Weekly, Oct 19–24, 1991.

54“so sweet”: Ibid.

55“His concentration level is so great”: “Avery: New Steve Carlton?” Sporting News, April 30, 1990.

55grew up a Tigers fan: “NL Beat,” USA Today Baseball Weekly, Aug 21–28, 1991. It does boggle the mind what could have been for the Detroit Tigers if they had somehow signed Avery and hung on to John Smoltz. The ballclub in the early 1990s had Cecil Fielder and the double-play combination of Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell, but after staff ace Jack Morris left to sign with the Twins the starting rotation was Frank Tanana and not much else.

56“Makes you wonder:” Tom Kelly, pregame comments, Oct 22, 1991.

56Although Avery was expected to get stronger: “At 21, Avery owns October,” (New York) Daily News, Oct 18, 1991.

56“It’s just a style I prefer”: “Who Is This Guy?” Baseball America, Aug 9, 1991.

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56“snake in the grass”: Ibid.

56Top Gun at least one hundred times: “Night owl, future accountant, movie buff is multifaceted guy,” (Minneapolis) Star Tribune, “July 25, 1991.

57“Ted Ortiz”: Ted Robinson, author’s interview, Feb 25, 2013.

58attendance in Wisconsin dropped: “The Franchise Transfer that Fostered a Broadcasting Revolution,” The National Pastime: Baseball in the Peach State, Aug 2010.

59Georgia-born all-star team: “The All-Time Atlanta Braves All-Star Team,” The National Pastime. While he may have grown up a St. Louis Cardinals fan, Terry Sloope certainly embraced the Braves after moving to the Atlanta area. Not only did he compile this All-Star team, but he’s one of the key members of the Magnolia Chapter of the Society of American Baseball Research in Atlanta. I see now that one of this book’s beginnings came in 2009 when chapter president and author Mil Fisher brought me down to speak to the Magnolia Chapter about my book High Heat, in which I went in search of the fastest pitcher of all time. It was a great evening as Mil, Terry, and other chapter members talked baseball into the night and stayed in touch ever since.

59the Black Crackers: “The Atlanta Crackers,” The National Pastime. Leslie Heaphy wrote this piece and few know more about the game’s beginnings in this part of the country than him.

60“I’ll never forget meeting him”: the Rev. Billy Graham, author’s interview, May 27, 1994.

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79“only one pitcher embarrassed”: Kelly, postgame comments.

81“I felt pretty comfortable”: Rick Aguilera, author’s interview, April 1, 2013.

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83“storybook ending”: Randy Bush, postgame comments.

83“weirdest thing”: Kevin Tapani, postgame comments.


85“most underpaid pitcher out there”: “Series becoming classic,” USA Today Baseball Weekly, Oct 25–31, 1991.

86“the chanting makes it special”: Ibid.

86“That’s the way”: Leius interview.

87“I thought”: “Braves knock homers, heads,” USA Today Baseball Weekly, Oct 25–31, 1991.

87“I think back now”: Harper interview.

87“Maybe it’s the adrenaline”: Ibid.

87Buck Martinez breaks ankle: In my opinion, this is one of the wackiest, most courageous plays ever. Several years ago, I was a guest on Sirius/XM Radio morning baseball show and Martinez was one of the cohosts. I told him that this was one of my favorite plays and he replied that sometimes baseball can be a strange game. He had no explanation why this happened to him. Here’s the YouTube footage,

88“Sometimes playing catcher”: Buck Martinez, author’s interview, May 15, 2009.

88“We hit straight on” Harper interview.

89“He lost a lot of his career”: Bill James, The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract, 428.

89nothing on the gridiron: Harper interview.

90“A catcher must want to catch”: Baseball Hall of Fame research department.

90“I was satisfied if I could just be a backup catcher”: Harper interview.

90“I knew that Brian was strong”: “Harper crashes into World Series history,” USA Today Baseball Weekly, Oct 25-31, 1991.

90“I knew I was hurt”: “Rose’s hit, claims still hurt Fosse,” Fox Sports, July 5, 2012.

91John Dowd: “Why Rose can’t enter the Hall,” USA Today Baseball Weekly, Jan 7, 1998. Much of this section comes from a cover story I did for Baseball Weekly. John Dowd remains one of the most passionate and most honest people I’ve ever met in baseball. You always know where you stay with the guy. He has nothing to hide and no matter how much you may love Pete Rose and how hard he played, it’s difficult to defend the guy after hearing Dowd out.

96“allow him to be on the ballot”: “Pete Rose’s image boosted by PED scandal,” USA Today, Aug 12, 2013.

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101Jim Lefebvre call: I cannot tell you how rare it is to have a big-league manager call you at the office to air a gripe. That’s how Lefebvre is. He doesn’t believe in letting things fester.

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107“looked for Mack”: Ibid.

107“Thank God”: Ibid.

108“helluva call”: “Harper crashes into World Series history,” USA Today Baseball Weekly, Oct 25–31, 1991.

108“I made contact”: Ibid.

108“you’re out most of the time”: Ibid.

108“TK screwed up”: “The Ultimate Gamer,” Sports Illustrated, March 31, 2003.


109told to put away his glove: Discussions with Chili Davis and Andy MacPhail, then and now, underscored that the onetime outfielder was considered a full-time designated hitter by the 1991 season.

110“I knew the National League parks”: Davis interview.

110“defensive liability”: Tom Kelly comments during the American League Championship Series, author’s notes.

110“You’re talking to Puck, right?” Davis interview.

110“got sick and tired”: “Trip to Atlanta a total washout for Twins,” USA Today Baseball Weekly, Nov 1–7, 1991.

110“there’s nothing left:” Davis interview.

110“This guy”: Ibid. Over the years, Twins manager Tom Kelly has justifiably gained the reputation for methodically handling a ballclub. But team announcer Ted Robinson says that putting Davis in the field underscored how desperate the Twins were to win a game in Atlanta. Robinson and Davis agreed that the two close losses in Games Three and Four led to this roll of the dice.

111“I was playing him shallow”: Davis interview.

112The son of a dairy farmer: Love him or hate him, there’s no more intriguing person in baseball than super agent Scott Boras. I’ve had several conversations with him over the years, but a good starting point is BloombergTV, “Risk Takers,” Aug 10, 2013,

113“Ask anyone”: “Boras’ Clients Break the Bank,” Baseball America, Oct 10, 1991.

113“enough is enough”: Ibid.

114“he was the man for us”: “Taylor, Yankees Reach an Impasse,” Baseball America, July 25, 1991. “Acrimony Surrounds Taylor Deal,” Baseball America, Sept 25, 1991.

114“should be shot”: Baseball America, “Steinbrenner Ruins Amateur Draft,” Oct 10, 1991.

115“then pay for it”: Scott Boras, author’s interview, May 20, 1993. This remains a basic principle of Boras’ working philosophy and a statement that he has made many times.

115“Tommy threw the ball great”: “Braves Rout Twins, 14–5, Take World Series Lead,” Washington Post, Oct 25, 1991.

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118string test: Ibid.

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121“By the time”: Ibid, 355.

122“That was it”: Michael Allen, author’s interview, May 15, 1992.

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124nod to the past: Ibid.

124“It was fitting”: “Camden Yards turns 20,”, April 6, 2012.

125“It was very exciting”: Ibid.

125“downtown setting”: Smith interview.

125Lonnie Smith accomplishments: National Baseball Hall of Fame research department. Smith was an accomplished performer in the postseason. Unfortunately, he will always be remembered for the base-running blunder in Game Seven. But to be with Lou Gehrig, Johnny Mize, Hank Bauer, and Reggie Jackson? That’s fine company.

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134“We’re off track”: “Trip to Atlanta a total washout for Twins,” USA Today Baseball Weekly,” Nov 1–7, 1991.

134“can’t blame TK”: Ibid.

134“We’ll be fine once we get home”: Ibid.

135“affected his family”: Ibid.

135Hrbek’s mother: “Hrbek’s mother would like to forget the whole thing,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Oct 24, 1991; “For Twins, Powers That Be Aren’t,” New York Times, Oct 23, 1991.

135Deciding on baseball, Hrbek interview.

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136“hometown guy”: Gagne interview.

136“just tried to enjoy every minute”: Larkin interview.

137“a lot of flashbulbs”: “Trip to Atlanta a total washout for Twins,” USA Today Baseball Weekly,” Nov 1–7, 1991.

137“All I have to do”: Ibid.


139“You listening, Dog?”: Any writer is thankful to anyone who will talk to him when he’s trying to pull together scenes for a book, especially when it concerns events that happened decades ago. But any writer will also tell you that not all interviews are equal. Some can crystallize a project—help one see all the angles and ramifications. When I was writing High Heat, I remember a discussion with Nolan Ryan when he got up from behind his desk at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, and began to demonstrate pitching mechanics and how a small adjust or two made all the difference in his delivery. With Summer of ’68, one of the first people I spoke with was Jon Warden, who was a rookie pitcher in that season. A guy from nowhere who found himself in downtown Detroit when a curfew had been issued, wondering if the city was about to go up in flames again. With this book, my chat with Chili Davis proved to be crucial. Game Six remains one of the classics, but only the Twins’ DH knew how close it came to be a different game plan and likely a different outcome.

142“If he hadn’t made that catch”: Larkin interview.

142“Jump on board”: Comments were reported by a number of media outlets, including the newspapers in the Twin Cities and USA Today.

142“in a bad way”: Larkin interview.

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144cab to Anaheim: This account has been retold in several publications, but I’m going with the account by longtime Twins reporter Stew Thornley.

144Puckett never looked back: Baseball Encyclopedia.

145“People loved to watch him”: Gagne interview.

145“unbelievable hitter”: Harper interview.

145“you’d have to smile”: Hrbek interview.

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