SIZE MATTERS! - NUTRITION - High Intensity Interval Training (2015)

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training (2015)



Nowadays foods portions are way too big and have doubled and even tripled in size. The dinner plate, which 20 years ago on average was 9 inches, has now doubled to 18 inches, so no wonder we are all getting bigger, as we are simply consuming too many calories. So know what size portions you should be eating. This is a simple tool to familiarize yourself with. And this guide of mine will help keep you on track, as size really does matter.

· Vegetables: small saucepan

· Lean meats: size of a deck of playing cards

· Pastas, pulses, grains, cereal: size of a tennis ball

· Cheese or dairy products: size of a matchbox

· Fruit: size of a tea cup

· Fish: size of a checkbook

· Oils, honey, and dressings: size of thimble