THE DANGERS OF SUGAR - NUTRITION - High Intensity Interval Training (2015)

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training (2015)



Sugar is one of the biggest causes of obesity and serious health conditions! This white stuff can be a highly addictive drug that many of us have become hooked on without even realizing it, and this substance is hidden in all sorts of foods, sauces, and drinks! You may think you don’t have much sugar in your diet, but here is an example of a client of mine, Jemma, who was struggling to shift those last few pounds. She was convinced that she did not have much sugar in her diet.

She never sprinkled it on her cereal and always had tea without sugar. She just had one coffee a day, but this is where she was an addict without realizing it!

This is taken from Jemma’s food diary, and I have bolded everything with sugar in it.

Even though Jemma was not eating anything deep-fried or eating chips, cookies, doughnuts, or soda, she was still consuming vast amounts of sugar. No wonder she complained of bloating and feeling tired.

Refined sugar is found in most processed foods, and this is why we need to go back to eating a healthy unprocessed diet. Beware of clever packaging labels on foods that tell us they are good for us yet often have hidden sugar!

I gave Jemma a Fit Food Diet for her to try which was similar to hers, but with no REFINED sugar.

This day’s diet had no refined sugar, and Jemma said for once she was not bloated and felt full and satisfied after each meal and had plenty of energy.

The problem is that nowadays sugar is in everything. When I was a child, sugar would just be associated with having that cake or cookie, but since the food manufacturers started putting extra white stuff in all sorts of foods, especially things like cereals, breads, drinks, and worse, kids’ foods, it is now being consumed so much more. This is one of the biggest reasons for the rise in obesity.

But if we simply eat clean fit food we can ensure that the refined white sugars stay well out of our diet, which then means we keep that healthy body weight, reduce the risk of disease, and wake up every morning feeling great.