LEARN ABOUT CLEAN FIT FOOD - NUTRITION - High Intensity Interval Training (2015)

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training (2015)



Get faster results from your HIIT workouts with the right nutrition.

To get truly amazing results with my HIIT workouts, we need to combine them with what I call clean fit food, so welcome to my Fit Kitchen. I am going to show you how easy it is to eat healthy and super tasty food with no weighing scales. We are using clean, natural foods with some unique but, trust me, delicious combinations. I and all my friends and family have tried and tested these (many times, as they are that delicious). You saw these meals and snack ideas here first, and this is my 7-Day HIIT FIT Food.

As with anything in life, knowledge is power, so I want to break down the basics of nutrition, because I believe the more we understand how our body works and what it needs, the easier it is to stick to healthy living.

The most important thing to remember with your diet is that this is the fuel you give your body, and we want to focus on feeding it the healthiest and best quality fuel there is by eating clean fit foods (and by this, I mean unprocessed). This really makes sense when you think about it. If you want to feel in optimal health and look and feel your best and have plenty of energy throughout the day, then you can have all this by simply ensuring every mouthful is good quality.