Fusion Workouts: Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and Barre - Helen Vanderburg (2016)

Part III. Fusion Workout System

By level

By time

By purpose

By activity

Never be bored with your workout routine again. In the following chapters you will see the diversity of the fusion workout system. Choose from the 15 sample workouts to find your perfect workout for the day.

The fusion workout system is designed to meet your ever-changing needs and can easily be adjust based on your purpose and the amount of time you have to workout. In the following chapters are sample workouts based on fitness level, time, purpose for training, and preferred activity. Once you become comfortable with the workouts, you can tweak them by adding exercises, changing the number of repetitions or time, and choosing a different variation of the exercise from the fusion exercise library in chapters 4 through 7.

Use the workouts in this book or design your own unique workout simply by following the fusion workout system and template in appendix A and selecting exercises from each of the exercise categories in the fusion workout exercise chapters.

Chapter 8. Fusion Workouts by Level

The fusion workouts in this chapter are based on intensity. The exercises, duration and number of repetitions change in each level to progressively become more challenging. Each level can progress gradually to the next level by increasing the number of repetitions you perform and the length of time you hold the exercise. Before each workout you may want to refresh your memory by referring to the previous chapters for technique suggestions as well as for progression and modifications.

Many of the warm-up exercises in chapter 4 and the calming and restorative exercises in chapter 7 can be used for either warming up or calming down. In the workout charts that follow, you will see these exercises used in either step of the workout; refer to the page numbers for reference. The mindful exercises from chapter 3 appear in the sample workouts.


The begin fusion workout is an excellent place to start or a good workout to come back to if you have had an extended time away from exercise. When you begin exercising, do this workout three times per week and gradually work your way up to daily. When you feel this workout is no longer challenging, move to the next level. As you move to the more challenging workouts, you can still come back to this workout on days that you need less challenge or are tight on time.

Move through the exercises at your own pace. When you become fatigued, take a break before moving on. Progress to more challenging variations of the exercises when you feel ready to take on more work.

Intention: Take your time to master the exercises and gain confidence. Focus on good form, alignment, and exercise execution. Concentrate on the quality of the exercise rather than the quantity.

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The evolve fusion workout is an intermediate-level workout that will challenge strength, balance, and flexibility. This workout is perfect if you are ready to try more challenging variations of the exercises in the fusion workout method. When you begin this level of fusion workouts, add one per week while continuing the begin-level fusion workouts on the other days. As your fitness improves, replace the begin-level workouts with more evolve-level workouts per week. When this workout becomes easy for you, move to the challenge-level fusion workout.

Intention: Proper technique and good form determine whether an exercise is effective and safe. Focus on the foundation of each exercise. Ensure that your foundation is well set so that you can execute the rest of the movement with good alignment.

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The challenge fusion workout is the most intense of the fusion workout levels. Do this workout when you are ready to push yourself to the next level of fitness. Add one challenge fusion workout into your weekly fitness routine as you progress from the evolve-level fusion workouts. Gradually increase the number of times you do this workout up to four days per week. On the other days of the week, do easier fusion workouts. At first, start with the easier version of the exercise and progress to challenge yourself to perform the most advanced option. As your skill level increases, add more repetitions or hold the exercise for a longer time. Once the challenge fusion workout becomes familiar and you are ready for variety, you can add other fusion exercises from chapters 4 through 7 into this workout.

Intention: Use breath control to give you strength when you need it and to foster relaxation when you are holding on too tightly. The inhalations bring energy into the body, and the exhalations help release unwanted tension. Focus on strong, deep breaths.

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