Fusion Workouts: Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and Barre - Helen Vanderburg (2016)

Appendix A. Building a Fusion Workout

The fusion workout design template is provided for you to create your own unique fusion workouts. Once you feel confident with the fusion workout exercises, begin to build workouts using the fusion workout five-step system. Simply go back to the chapters for warming up, standing exercises, floor exercises, and calming and restorative exercises and choose what you will do for your workout.

Fill in your exercise selections, duration, and repetitions in the blank fusion workout template. The number of exercises you select is based on your skill level, fitness, time available, and exercises preferences. The length of time you hold an exercise or the number of repetitions you perform is based on your workout intention, whether it is a challenging workout or a restorative workout, and the objective you want to accomplish. In other words, if you want to challenge yourself, you need to complete enough repetitions or hold the exercise long enough to feel muscle fatigue. If your objective is to restore, choose fewer exercises from the standing and floor strength, balance, and flexibility and more exercises from the calming and restorative section.

As a general guideline, select four or five exercises for warming up or do the fusion sun salutation, five to eight exercises for standing and floor strength, balance, and flexibility and finish with four or five exercises from calming and restorative. Vary the tempo, number of repetitions, and length of holds to give you a suitable workout.

Be creative and try different exercise combinations, or use one of the fusion workouts provided for ideas and add or change some of the exercises to enhance variety. For example, start with alternating fitness lunges for 10 repetitions, then hold a yoga crescent lunge for five deep breaths on your right leg, move into a yoga warrior 3 pose for five deep breaths, and finish with fitness squats for 10 repetitions. Repeat the sequence of exercises on the left side, beginning with the fitness lunges.

Your fusion workout options are endless. Have fun experimenting with your workouts, but always remember to be safe. Move in a pain-free range of motion and select exercises that are appropriate for you. The number of repetitions you choose should be challenging, but not exhausting. When holding an exercise, remember to use the 3D breathing technique to provide the body with much-needed energy and focus.