Fusion Workouts: Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, and Barre - Helen Vanderburg (2016)

Part III. Fusion Workout System

Chapter 9. Fusion Workouts by Time

The fusion workouts in this chapter are based on the amount of time you want to allocate to your workout based on your fitness level or time commitment. The shorter sessions can supplement other activities such as walking or running, or they can be done on their own as a complete workout.

Many of the warm-up exercises in chapter 4 and the calming and restorative exercises in chapter 7 can be used for either warming up or calming down. In the workout charts that follow, you will see these exercises used in either step of the workout. Refer to the page numbers for reference. The mindful exercises from chapter 3 appear in the sample workouts.

20 Minutes

The 20-minute workout is an express workout that you can do on its own as your fusion workout for the day or combined with another activity. Use the 20-minute workout to complement your cardio workout or as a warm-up before heading out for a walk or run. You can do this efficient workout daily when your time is limited. It is also a great workout if you are a beginner because it is short and the intensity is low, making it easy to fit into your schedule. As you gain confidence and ability, progress to the longer workouts.

Intention: Even though this workout is short, focus on good execution and choose the most challenging version of each exercise when possible to give you great results in a short time.

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40 Minutes

The 40-minute fusion workout is an efficient total-body workout. This is an intermediate-level workout that will sculpt and define the entire body and focuses on strength, balance, and flexibility. Progress to this workout when the fusion begin workout is easy to complete or when you have a limited amount of time to work out. You can do this workout daily.

Intention: To get the most out of time spent, set your mind on giving this workout your full attention. When your mind wanders to other thoughts, bring yourself back to the exercises and the sensation of movement.

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60 Minutes

The 60-minute fusion workout is a challenging total-body workout. This workout targets all of the major muscles of the body and trains strength, balance, and flexibility. Progress from the shorter and easier workouts to this full-body sculpting workout. Choose the exercise intensity that is best for you, and refer to the exercises in chapters 4 through 7 for options and variations. As you master this workout, you can add intensity by doing more repetitions of each exercise or longer holds.

Intention: Focus your mind on being strong and determined.

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