The Complete Chess Course From Beginning To Winning Chess! (2016)

Book One – The Basic Rules of Chess

  How the Pieces Move

  Check and Checkmate


  Additional Powers of the Pawn

  How the Moves Are Recorded

  Relative Values of the Chess Pieces

  How Games Are Drawn

Book Two – The Nine Bad Moves

  Neglecting Development of Your Pieces

  Exposing Your King to Attack

  Making Too Many Queen Moves in the Opening

  Grabbing Pawns Thoughtlessly

  Weakening Your Castled Position

  Getting Pinned

  Failing to Guard against Captures

  Underestimating Your Opponent’s Threats

  Losing a Won Game

Book Three – How to Play the White Pieces

  How to Control the Center

  How to Exploit Your Superior Development

  How to Exploit Your Superior Mobility

  How to Exploit Black’s Premature Opening Up of the Position

  How to Exploit Black’s Premature Counterattack

  How to Exploit Black’s Weakening Pawn Moves5

  How to Exploit Black’s Errors of Judgment

  Opening Mistakes White Should Avoid

Book Four - How to Play the Black Pieces

  How to Exploit White’s Weaknesses

  How to Seize the Initiative

  How to Play against Gambits

  How to Defend against a Powerful Attack

  How to Seize the Attack

  Opening Mistakes Black Should Avoid

Book Five – How to Win When You’re Ahead

  Superior Force Should Win!

  The Power of Pawn Promotion

  King and Pawn Endings

  Endgames with a Piece Ahead

  Endgames with the Exchange Ahead

  Rook and Pawn Endings

  Endings with Minor Pieces

  Sundry Endings

  How to Simplify into a Won Ending

  Exceptions: Material Advantage Doesn’t Always Win

  Beware of Overconfidence!

Book Six – How to Fight Back

  Counterattack – How to Meet the Crisis

  Resourceful Defense – How to Simplify

  Half a Point Is Better than None

  The Defense Fumbles

  How to Fight Back: Practical Examples

  Point of No Return

Book Seven – How to Play the e-pawn Openings

  Center Game

  Danish Gambit

  Bishop’s Opening

  Vienna Game

  King’s Gambit

  King’s Gambit Declined

  Falkbeer Counter Gambit

  Latvian Counter Gambit

  Philidor’s Defense

  Petroff’s Defense

  Scotch Game

  Ponziani Opening

  Hungarian Defense

  Giuoco Piano

  Evans Gambit

  Two Knights’ Defense

  Max Lange Attack

  Four Knights’ Game (including Three Knights’ Game)

  Ruy Lopez

  French Defense

  Sicilian Defense

  Caro-Kann Defense

  Alekhine’s Defense

  Scandinavian Defense

  Nimzovich Defense

  Pirc Defense

Book Eight – How to Play the d-pawn Openings

  Queen’s Gambit Declined

  Albin Counter Gambit

  Queen’s Gambit Accepted

  Miscellaneous Double d-pawn Openings

  Nimzo-Indian Defense

  Queen’s Indian Defense

  King’s Indian Defense

  Grünfeld Defense

  Blumenfeld Counter Gambit

  Budapest Defense

  Benoni Defense

  Dutch Defense

  Réti Opening

  Catalan System

  English Opening

  Bird’s Opening