INTRODUCTION - The Literature Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained) (2016)

The Literature Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained) (2016)



In 2007, I left the States for a remote island off the coast of Honduras. It wasn’t exactly a career move. At the time, all I wanted to do was teach scuba diving and put off getting a desk job. I’d been a fitness fanatic for years before hopping on the plane and landing in the middle of nowhere, so I felt anxious when it dawned on me that I’d have virtually no access to traditional gym equipment. After a little research, I realized that calisthenics was my best option (my only one, really) for staying in shape. It was then that I put together my first bodyweight circuits.

For the next four years, I traveled to various parts of Central America, integrating my circuits wherever and whenever I could. When I found I was able to maintain strength and size, and even build my endurance, I understood the raw power of calisthenics.

Being strong is more than being able to bench press or squat 300 pounds. It’s about keeping every part of your body fit while allowing your joints to work through a full range of motion. The exercises and workout programs outlined in this book will get you ready for everything, from a grueling backpacking trip to helping a friend move out of a fifth-floor walk-up to simply taking off your shirt at the beach with confidence. You’ll learn how to get strong, stay (or get) slim, and decrease your risk of injury.

The word calisthenics comes from the Greek words kallos, meaning “beauty,” and sthenos, meaning “strength.” Calisthenic exercises work to develop a lean, muscular, statuesque body—a body to be admired, like a work of art. Whether you’re totally new to regular exercise or have been weight training for years, the innovative techniques and customizable workouts in this book will make peak physical fitness your reality—while changing your perspective on what it means to be strong. Let’s get started.