Prepping: Getting Started - SURVIVAL - Survival Guide: The Book All Survivalist and Preppers Need ( 3 in 1 ) (2016)

Survival Guide: The Book All Survivalist and Preppers Need ( 3 in 1 ) (2016)

Book 2


Prepping: Getting Started

When disaster strikes, many of us hope that the government will be there to help. And it does. But one thing is true; even with all the budgetary allocation for disaster preparedness, when disaster strikes, the victims face it first hand and before any help can show up, you will probably have spent several hours, days or even weeks before help can come depending on where you are and the nature of the disaster. Well, unfortunately, that’s how life is and in as much as we may want to say that the government might fail in its responsiveness, it may not be practically possible to help everyone when disaster strikes especially when the area affected is pretty large and is densely populated. And even if you were to go to your nearby rescue center, the truth is that they may be pretty ill prepared for an emergency thus making it almost impossible for them to manage the large group of those in need. Soon, you will start fighting for staples when the rescue center cannot keep up with the number. So what should you do at such times? Well, if you were not prepared, the best thing you can hang on is hope. But when you start prepping, you have control over what happens during a survival situation. You don’t just wait for the government and aid agencies to rescue you. Instead, you take deliberate measures to ensure that you have everything you need to survive. But even with all the prepping, one thing is true; your mindset is your biggest asset when it comes to prepping. With the right mindset, you can do anything and overcome any challenge you may face. But whatever you do, it is important to keep in mind that:

· 3 minutes without air is enough to leave you unconscious

· 3 hours without synchronized body temperature is enough to leave you unconscious

· 3 days without water will leave you dead

· 3 weeks without food is enough to kill you

This means one thing; as you prepare for survival, you need to make sure that you prep in order i.e. shelter followed by water then finally food. With proper planning, assessment, and re-evaluation, you should be able to avoid/minimize panic and negative mindset and with that, your chances of survival will be drastically increased. So how do you prep? Where do you start? Well, it starts with preparing a survival pantry. Let’s learn how to do that in the next chapter.