Survival Defense Techniques - SURVIVAL - Survival Guide: The Book All Survivalist and Preppers Need ( 3 in 1 ) (2016)

Survival Guide: The Book All Survivalist and Preppers Need ( 3 in 1 ) (2016)

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Survival Defense Techniques

Out there in the bush land, forest or desert, you are bound to face many dangers from wild animals and other people as you try to survive. As such, you need to learn how to stay strong to survive each day until help comes your way. This is why defense techniques come in. You don’t need to be a pro athlete to be able to protect yourself from dangers in the wild. Here are some of the defense techniques to help you stay alive:

ü Dish Out Lethal Blow

You can overpower an enemy by throwing a lethal blow on the enemy. Before using this method, you have to ensure that you can easily overpower the enemy with the blow, and when throwing the blow, you have to put much energy into it. Strike with full force as though your life depends on that single blow you give, and also aim for vulnerable parts of the body like the eyes. A lethal blow can either kill the enemy or destabilize them for some time and give you enough time to escape. Also, if you are close to the enemy, you can use your elbow to strike instead of your fist; an elbow blow is more lethal than a blow with your fist.

ü Strike With A Knife

Always ensure that you have a small sharp knife with you wherever you go. You can use the knife to strike the enemy. The knife wound may not kill the enemy at the spot, but it will give you ample time to escape. Aim for the jugular bone or the abdomen when using a knife.

ü Claw Your Finger

If you are caught unawares by your enemy in an attack, you can defend yourself by using your nails to claw at the enemy’s eyes. Once you get your target, you should be able to destabilize your enemy for awhile because no living thing can continue an attack when its eyes are hurting.

ü Find A Distraction

Another self-defense method you can apply is the method of distraction. Find a way to distract your enemy momentarily while you strike. You can throw a stick or stone to another direction to get your enemy’s eyes away from you for the moment, then take the opportunity to deal a lethal blow.

How To Outsmart Wildlife

You have to master how to outsmart wildlife in the bush land because most of the animals in the wild are actually intelligent and even faster than the fastest Olympic sprinter so running away is not just an option here for you. You can apply the following tricks to outsmart wildlife in the open.

ü Climb The Nearest Tree

If you are being pursued by a wild animal, you can opt to climb any tree closest to you. Most wild animals don’t know how to climb. Additionally, the good thing is that they will probably get tired waiting for you to come down. But keep in mind that this trick doesn’t work for all wild animals.

ü Set Line Traps

You can set a strong line trap on the pathway that the wild animals mostly use. All you need to do is to use a Paracord, and tie it from one tree trunk to another. A Paracord is very strong to trip large animals and also too tiny for any animal to see it. This will give you time to think of a good escape route before the animal regains balance.

ü Play Dead

This may be the best option you have to outsmart most wild animals. Most wild animals don’t eat dead meat. As such, you can outsmart them by remaining very still while they sniff you. If the animal stiffs for a short time and you remain absolutely still, it will walk away.

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