Manage Your Pain: Practical and Positive Ways of Adapting to Chronic Pain - Michael K. Nicholas, Allan Molloy, Lee Beeston, Lois Tonkin (2012)

Appendix 2


Creative activities

·        Doing artwork

·        Pottery, ceramics, etc

·        Knitting, needlework, sewing, etc

·        Taking a course in a creative skill (eg art, photography, cooking, pottery, etc)

·        Cooking something special or new

·        Redecorating a part of a room or house

·        Restoring furniture, antiques, etc

·        Woodwork or carpentry

·        Repairing things

·        Working with machines, engines, electrical equipment, etc

·        Photography

·        Writing

·        Thinking up or arranging songs or music

·        Singing

·        Playing a musical instrument (alone or with others)

·        Learning to play a musical instrument

·        Acting or taking acting lessons

·        Participating in an organisation related to your creative interests

·        Reading books, articles or magazines related to creative interests

Entertainment activities

·        Watching television

·        Listening to the radio

·        Listening to music

·        Going to a play

·        Going to the movies

·        Going to a concert, the opera or ballet

·        Going to an art gallery, a museum or an exhibition

·        Going to a rock concert

·        Going to a sports event

·        Going to the races (car, boat, horses, etc)

·        Reading the newspaper or a magazine

Educational activities

·        Reading books, plays, poems, etc

·        Reading about a subject which interests you

·        Going to lecture courses or other classes which interest you

·        Learning a foreign language

·        Learning to do something new (eg acquiring a new skill)

·        Going to the library

Physical activities

·        Playing bowls or other lawn sports

·        Swimming

·        Going for a walk

·        Snorkelling

·        Boating

·        Hunting, shooting, archery, etc

·        Fishing

·        Bushwalking or exploring

·        Camping

·        Sitting in the sun 

·        Being at the beach

·        Driving a car or riding a motorcycle

·        Going for a trip on a bus, ferry or train (just for fun)

·        Participating in a club related to your own sporting interests

·        Playing sport in competition

·        Playing snooker, pool, etc

Social activities

·        Writing to or recontacting an old friend

·        Telephoning an old friend

·        Visiting a neighbour or friend

·        Inviting a friend or neighbour to your place

·        Having a friend or neighbour to lunch or dinner, or to morning or afternoon tea

·        Arranging or going on an outing with a friend or neighbour

·        Arranging a meeting or outing with several mutual friends

·        Having friends or relatives over for lunch or dinner

·        Throwing a party

·        Meeting someone new of the same sex

·        Meeting someone new of the opposite sex

·        Joining a club (social, recreational, academic, etc)

·        Going to a wine bar, coffee shop, hotel, etc

·        Going to a restaurant with friends

·        Going to a party, picnic, barbecue, etc

·        Being with people you like

·        Talking about your interests: sport, movies, politics, philosophy, etc

·        Going out on a date

·        Going to a ball, dance, etc

·        Complimenting, praising or thanking someone

·        Doing something positive for someone (eg offering assistance, giving a gift, etc)

·        Having your preferred sexual activities

Miscellaneous activities

·        Active involvement in politics, community or social action groups, etc

·        Being involved in religious or church activities, etc

·        Speaking a foreign language

·        Playing chess, draughts, etc

·        Playing cards, bridge, board games, etc

·        Collecting things (eg stamps, coins, wine, etc)

·        Gathering natural objects (eg flowers, rocks, driftwood, etc)

·        Gardening, caring for house-plants, etc

·        Visiting interesting places outdoors (eg the zoo, reserves, parks, riverside, harbour, etc)

·        Caring for or being with animals or pets

·        Being in the country, the mountains, or at the seaside

·        Planning or taking a holiday or trip

·        Giving or receiving massages or backrubs

·        Going to a sauna or doing health-related activities

·        Having your hair done or cut

·        Taking a hot shower or bath

·        Getting dressed up

·        Having a hot drink in bed at night

·        Having a take-away meal

·        Having a meal in a restaurant

·        Buying something special for yourself (or someone else)