Fasting for Life: Medical Proof Fasting Reduces Risk of Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes - Francis E. Umesiri (2016)


THE WORLD OFTEN WONDERS AT THE POSSIBILITY OF integration between science and faith. But history gives us enough examples of great thinkers and scientists whose works were directly or indirectly impacted by their faith. A few examples will suffice: from Newton (gravity); Pascal, who based a lot of his thinking on Pascal’s law (physics), Pascal’s theorem (math), and Pascal’s wager (theology) on the Scriptures; Carolus Linnaeus, who used the Scriptures as a basis to develop the nomenclature for naming plants and animals; to modern-day individuals such as Sir Robert Boyd, former president of Royal Astronomical Society, and Nobel laureate in chemistry Richard Smalley (1996 Nobel Prize Chemistry). Professor Umesiri, through this book, is taking a cue from such historical precedence to effectively show that science often supports and affirms the things that the Lord teaches the church.

Umesiri, the scientist, has taken on a little appreciated but deeply needed spiritual discipline of fasting. Jesus made it clear that fasting is the basis for victory over evil and that without it signs and wonders are impossible. Umesiri, the man of faith, has shown the world the practicality of fasting as a critical tool for optimizing bodily functions. In carrying out this great task, Professor Umesiri has caused, “Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come” (1 Tim. 4:8, NLT) to come alive.

I am particularly intrigued by his engagement with understanding of brain health and freedom from diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Do these diseases qualify as the modern-day manifestation of that which will not go away without fasting and prayers? Is there a correlation between consistent commitment to the spiritual discipline of fasting and a freedom from the “diseases of Egypt”? Although we are yet to scientifically prove a direct linkage between these diseases and the demoniac elements, Professor Umesiri has scientifically proven that we can be free from their impact through fasting.

I heartily recommend this book for its practicality, its deep spirituality, and its true integrational intent—it is showing us again that science and God are not contraindicative!