The Essential Executor's Handbook: A Quick and Handy Resource for Dealing With Wills, Trusts, Benefits, and Probate (2016)

Chapter 1. Meet Your Estates

Chapter 2. Meet Your Team

Chapter 3. You: The Fiduciary

Chapter 4. The Lawyer: Courts, Contracts, and Crisis

Chapter 5. The Accountant: Taxes Aren’t Just for the Living

Chapter 6. The Appraiser and Valuation Methods

Chapter 7. The Auctioneer and the Trash Man

Chapter 8. Know Your Bureaucrat

Chapter 9. The Banker: Keeper of the Cash

Chapter 10. The Realtor: The Miracle Worker

Chapter 11. The Broker: Meeting Your Fiduciary Obligations

Chapter 12. The Insurance Agent and the Life Insurance Lotto

Chapter 13. What’s in It for You

Chapter 14. Common Conundrums