BACK TO BASICS - Eat Yourself Fit: Make Your Workout Work Harder - Rosanna Davison

Eat Yourself Fit: Make Your Workout Work Harder - Rosanna Davison (2016)


“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”


Eat Yourself Fit combines good food, easy-to-follow recipes and functional nutrition with fitness information and practical tips to help with stress management and emotional well-being. I have focused on bringing together body and mind in a unique holistic approach to create a sustainable and health-promoting lifestyle.

We live in a busy, stressful and often demanding world in which our own health and wellness needs can be pushed down the list of priorities to make room for family, friends, work, study and life. Many of us need to find a way to re-establish that elusive balance between mind, body and spirit and to discover a way to take better charge of our own physical and emotional needs by listening to the signs our bodies share with us and becoming more tuned in to them.

It may take some time to really learn about how your body works once you start paying attention to its subtle signals. I’m a strong advocate of following the lifestyle that suits you best because we’re all biochemically unique individuals. Yet there is a powerful interconnection between body and mind in all of us and I firmly believe that full health, wellness and contentment within ourselves is best achieved by taking the time to nourish both.

In this book, I have created a food for fitness plan that will help achieve real results. You will get more from the food you eat, helping to boost your energy levels, reduce body fat, improve muscle tone, lift your mood, manage stress and even enhance the quality of your sleep.

I explain all you need to know about the most effective foods and exercises for maximising your workouts, sculpting your body and ensuring that you feel strong, fit, healthy and confident.

Packed with information on health and fitness, recipes and my favourite tips and secrets, this book has everything you need to help you reach your health and fitness potential, whatever your own personal goals may be.

I hope you enjoy reading my story, trying out my fitness tips and food plan and tasting the wide range of delicious recipes as much as I have loved sharing them with you.

In fitness and health,

Rosanna x