Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This (2015)

Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This (2015)

Chapter 1: The Commitment Vacation

Chapter 2: Fighting the Fairy Tale

Chapter 3: Remixing Romance

Chapter 4: Buyers and Sellers

Chapter 5: The Type Re-Writer

Chapter 6: Making Personality Personal

Chapter 7: Tapping Into Your Private Dick

Chapter 8: The Taxonomy of the Asshole

Chapter 9: Rescuing Normal

Chapter 10: Fighting the Unfair Fight

Chapter 11: Scorning the Sub-Male

Chapter 12: Their Way and the Highway

Chapter 13: Your Way

Chapter 14: Rewriting the Rules - Part One

Chapter 15: Rewriting the Rules - Part Two

Chapter 16: Getting by Giving Up

Chapter 17: The Disease That Isn’t

Chapter 18: Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This

Chapter 19: Reflecting on Your Reflection

Chapter 20: Accountant in the Sky

Chapter 21: Raze/Repair

Chapter 22: The Myth of Full Disclosure

Chapter 23: Accountant in the Sky