Discover Your Authentic Self: Be You, Be Free, Be Happy - Sherrie Dillard (2016)

Final Thoughts


While writing this book, my life has changed. When I first started the manuscript, I moved into a new house. Now, as I put the finishing touches on the book, I am moving once again. In this house in the woods, near a lake, a new me has been emerging. Yet it is not so easy to pin down and fully identify who I am becoming. As the old me silently slips away without struggle, the new me has yet to fully make herself known.

Every book I write changes me, this one maybe more so than the others. The door to self, I have discovered, leads to a deep, open, and vast expanse, a step into nothingness that is cushioned with the odd comfort of freedom. We are always changing and evolving. Like the ocean tides during a full moon, new aspects of our authentic self surface and swiftly flow onto the banks of our awareness. As we embody and accept these new insights and revelations, what we thought ourselves to be recedes, pulled back into the immense sea of the unconscious. This cycle of evolution repeats itself over and over. The eternal tide of the authentic self is never static and is always evolving.

My wish is that you have the courage to accept this kind of fluid awareness of your authentic self. Flow with the moment-to-moment movement and light of your unencumbered soul. Lose all that you thought yourself to be. Without the burden of your emotional wounds, your pride, and your ego, you are transparent. Embrace your vulnerability with the full acceptance of what is and allow for the entrance of grace. Look deep within without judgment and fear. The fog will eventually clear and your goodness will shine through. Allow your gentle kindness and love to greet you each day. Look at yourself in the mirror in the morning with a smile of recognition. You are the one, brave and a beacon of light. Let your soul be seen. In this world of confusion and struggle, you are the lighthouse that shines bright in the darkness.


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