The Mind Reader (2015)

Chapter 14


The two of them could have eaten anywhere, from the corner mobile hot dog wagon to the most prestigious and expensive restaurant in town. It didn’t matter one whit. Keeping her eyes fixed on Ted, throughout the entire meal, she learned every facet of his new plans. She knew those plans, now only real in his mind, would soon be the basis of the biggest financial and business rebound this country had ever witnessed.

He had told her in the hospital yesterday yet – yes, it was only yesterday. It felt as if she had known him forever – that his greatest asset that couldn’t be taken from him was his extensive list of business contacts. She soon knew that he didn’t call her right away because he was eagerly working this list. A nudge here. A nudge there. In about twenty four hours, he had pulled in enough money – and more – to start on solid footing.

“I want you to know,” Ted said, almost shyly, “that I’m so very appreciative of everything you’ve done for me. But . . . “ he hesitated. Chara waited patiently. What else could she do? She couldn’t read his mind? That was her usual modus operandi in situations like this – dig in and interpret his thoughts.

Would the other shoe drop finally? Was he letting her down easy? No, she thought, he had mentioned late night plans. She was at it again. Letting her thoughts mold her future. Wait for it . . . she thought. Wait for it.

She wasn’t disappointed. She didn’t have to wait long. “I see you as much more than just a life coach,” he said, leaning toward her and placing his hand on top of hers. “I also see you more than just a friend as well. I see you as someone I would like to share my life with – and least attempt to.” He stopped for a moment. “That is if you’d like that. I understand that I’m not the easiest person to be around for the long term. All you have to do is ask my ex-wife.”

He’s doing that again with his eyes, she thought, staring at me with those penetrating piercing eyes. I wonder if he even knows he’s melting my very soul.

Still, a part of her worried. How would she know if he were serious? What if he were just using me like Dr. Renault?

That’s when the conversation with her mother rang through her ears. Her mother and father enjoyed a long and lasting marriage without either one reading the other’s thoughts. Her mother attributed it to trust.

She took a deep breath and decided that this was the time to trust her heart and ignore the nagging voice of her overactive and overactive talkative mind. She felt as if her grandmother would have agreed.

After the meal, Ted appeared a bit nervous. As far as Chara was concerned the most nerve-wracking part of the evening had passed. “Would you think me too forward,” he began as he opened the car door of his Volkswagen beetle, “if I invited you . . . – he paused again. It didn’t take a mind reader for her to see he was at a loss for words.

“Would you . . . could I . . . Oh hell, would you like to come home with me so we can make love?”

“You certainly know how to make your point,” she said, only mildly surprised at the question. The truth was she was hoping he would ask just that.

“And you’re wonderfully graceful at dancing around the answer.”

Her mother’s words rang in her ears again – trust.

“I would like that very much.”

Chara knew that with those words she took a leap into the great unknown. It may very well have been the first time in her life to enter into any type of a relationship without knowing what the other person was feeling.

How will I know how to please him if I can’t hear it in his mind? Worse yet, what if I do something he totally doesn’t want me to do? How will I ever know? So this is what others go through their entire lives? I wonder if it gets any easier?

Pushing aside her own hesitancy and fear, she readily allowed Ted to take her hand. And wondered how the rest of the evening would unfold.


* * * *


Ted led Chara into his small apartment, cluttered at the moment with papers on his desk, dining room table and chairs and anywhere else there was a bit of room to arrange them the way he needed.

“Pardon the mess. Since I’ve been released, I’ve been working like a madman on this new project. Not only that I’ve been setting myself up so I can slide easily into a new one when this one has been set into motion.”

“Who knew one person could unleash a tornado of a mess in less than twenty-four hours?” Chara stood in the dining room surveying the papers which seemed to sprout from nowhere.

“Creativity is nothing if not messy,” he said as he shrugged his shoulders. He grinned at her and his entire face lit up.

He led her into his bedroom. Reaching the bed, he momentarily stopped, wrapped his arms around her and gave her a long, passionate kiss. If was if his tongue had sought the comfort and warmth of her mouth and used it as a refuge for his entire body.

Chara wondered how those thoughts popped into her head, they certainly didn’t come from him. Yet, she felt certain that was his reasoning for such action. After several moments, she decided she was wasting her time and the joy of the moment, by attempting to create a step-by-step description of the experience in her mind. All she needed to do was enjoy every wonderful, sexually delightful moment.

Together they fell on his bed, both still fully clothes, but hands frantically searching for the quickest way to undress the other. Every time Ted touched her body, a bolt of lightning seared through her entire body, starting at the spine and extending to her arms and legs.

Ted had no idea what he unleashed in her, a desire to please him, a desire to make his skin feel the same electric jolt that just swallowed her whole. She wanted nothing more than to make him feel like the sexiest man in the world. Because at that very moment he was.

He rolled her over on her back and then laid on top of her. She let out a slight sigh, thinking what an amazing feeling that was. Feeling incredibly desirous, she felt small and fragile compared to him. She allowed, even welcomed, his fingers as they grazed carefully over her stomach – only creating the illusion of her fragility as if she were a breakable porcelain doll.

Vulnerability, she allowed herself to think momentarily. That’s what made the moment all the sweeter.

At the same time, he removed his mouth from hers and licked her collarbone. Startled, her body flinched momentarily, but he quickly placed his hands around her wrists and positioned them above her head. “You’re not going anywhere, my sweet.” His raspy voice whispered into her ear. “Not yet at least. Just trust me, baby. Trust me.”

Trust. There was that word again. She was in no position, either emotionally or physically, to do anything but trust him.

Not knowing what to expect next, Chara found her breathing abruptly became shallow as she waited. He lowered his head slightly and licked her collarbone. The warm, wet sensation against her skin sent more shivers down her spine and her pelvic area arched, reaching for the ceiling. She closed her eyes in ecstasy.

Carefully, Ted entered Chara, stretching her opening around his penis. His eyes though  were thoroughly and unabashedly focused on Chara. “Open those eyes, baby,” he whispered. “Open those eyes and look at me when you come, darling,” he told her. “I want to experience every moment with you.”

He continued working his penis into her, then when she thought he couldn’t possibly go any deeper he went just a bit more, causing her to moan softly. Then, he slowly pulled out slightly, just long enough to see a sweet smile on her face, before reaching the depths of her soul.

Continuing in this slow-motion fashion, Ted refused to unlock his eyes from hers. Then suddenly and quite surprisingly, Chara came in a final gasp. A moment later Ted came. They laid, motionless for a few moments longer each looking at the eagerly and lovingly.

The couple position themselves a bit more comfortably on the bed and Chara curled up around him, her arms wrapped snugly around his torso, her legs around his lower body. There they both fell asleep till morning.

* * * *

Neither of them woke until the soft rays of the sunrise peeked into the bedroom. They stirred for a few moments, neither of them wanting to be the first to break their hold of each other from the night before. Ted kissed Chara’s head, stroked her hair and softly whispered in her ear. “Ready for the most delicious omelet you’ve ever tasted in your life?”

Chara’s body cringed at hearing the word omelet. Her mind immediately scolding her for making such a bold move as to trust this two-timing man. Her gut reaction was to wonder who he wanted to take with him. Then she took in several deep breaths finally, fully comprehending that he was asking her a direct question.

She had to ask, though, just to satisfy her mind. “Are you asking me?”

Ted took a quick scan of the room. “Did anyone sneak into the bedroom with us while we were sleeping?”

“No, I don’t think so,” she replied quietly.

“Why of course I’m asking you,” he said, “Why would you even question that?” His face looked puzzled.

“I’m not sure,” she answered, “just a moment of brain fog, I guess.”

He laughed lightly, not at her, but with her and began to gently caress her breasts. Once again, she was in bliss, placing complete trust in the most wonderful man she ever met.