The Mind Reader (2015)

Chapter 9


Chara had no sooner exited the elevator and stepped on her floor than she heard it. “Wow, that lady is loud when she wants to be,” Chara mumbled under her breath. Mrs. Kendricks was wondering where her nurse was. Instead of being upset, she seemed pleased, at least the thoughts Chara could muster her from this distance. But she couldn’t quite make out why.

She made a brief stop at the nurses’ station to let the head nurse know she was back, then hustled off to calm Mrs. Kendricks down.

“I’m so sorry my lunch appointment took so long,” Chara said as she entered the hospital room. Wham! The change in energy hit her like a bullet. Instead of the negative, low vibrations that had been ricocheting around the room, nothing be high energy, positive thoughts filled it.

And then Chara paused a moment and knew why. Renault had been in giving Kendricks the good news. He became the hero after he made this great big scene of allowing Chara to do the honors. Of course, Chara was still thrilled for Mrs. Kendricks, but was disappointed that Renault had lied to her. She certainly didn’t see that coming.

How could he lie to me she thought. How did I miss those thoughts? Where were they hiding? 

“Chara, I know you were behind all this,” Mrs. Kendricks said, as if this woman could read her mind. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am. I’m excited to start my new diet. Dr. Renault said you would help me select my meal tonight so it would be gluten-free.”

“Of course I will. In fact, let me call the cafeteria right now and see what gluten-free options they have.  The problem has become so widespread that they may have those types of choices. We may be able to get you gluten-free bread or pasta if you like.”

The nurse pulled out her cell phone and made a quick call. “That should be perfect. Thank you so much.”

When she left that room she hurried to Mr. Petruzzi’s room. Just as she suspected, they had already released him. Yea! She thought. Good for him.

Then she rushed to Ted Langley’s room. She hoped his mood was still as buoyant as it was when she left. Indeed, it truly was. She still couldn’t read his thoughts, but he was hustling about the room like an over energetic child.

When he heard Chara, he pivoted around and grinned ear-to-ear. “I’ve got it!” he said, with obvious elation. “I know how to bounce back from all of this. And do you know what happened just about the moment I figured it?

Chara shook her head. How infuriatingly frustrating! She really didn’t know what happened because she couldn’t read his mind. Come on, Chara, her mind was telling her, isn’t it at least a bit exciting now knowing what’s going through his mind.

“Are you breaking out of this place?” she asked him.

“No, not yet,” he said, “I’m looking for a pen and some paper.”

Chara handed him a pen. “I don’t have any blank paper, but I can go back to the nurses’ station and get you some.”

“Would you do that for me?” he asked. “That would be great. I want to get all of these ideas on paper before I lose them.”

Chara found herself caught up in the moment. She discovered how contagious unbridled enthusiasm could be when it hit her from out of the blue – like with Ted Langley.

She returned and he began to outline his plans to her. Suddenly he stopped in mid-sentence. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he said. “You probably don’t have the time to listen to this – nor are you really interested.”

“Well, you’re batting five-hundred. I am truly interested because it has literally changed the status of your health around. But, I’m a bit pressed for time. I do need to check in on a few more patients,” she told him.

“No problem, sweetheart,” he blurted out.

Chara sat there and stared out him. Sweetheart? Where did that come from?

“Oops! I’m sorry, I got carried away in the moment.”

Chara laughed, “That’s fine. I’ve been called a lot worse names than that by my patients.”

“I would love for you to know what I’m planning though,” he said, “but only if you could find the time before they spring me. I’m hoping they do it soon.”

“By the looks of it, they’ll be kicking you out soon. I have no doubt of that. I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Chara said.

And she meant it. She was growing to like Ted more every time she spoke with him. There was no doubt as his enthusiasm level grew he became better looking, even handsome.

She promised herself she would check back with him as soon as she could.