The Last Chance(2015)

Chapter Eleven

They were kissing again. Anna found the buckle to his jeans and peeling the wet fabric off of his muscular thighs. She only got a faintest glimpse of his manhood pressing against his boxers before he was touching her again. His hands came back around to her butt and lifted her off the ground. He cradled her to him and placed her down on the bed. Their lips never broke as Anna’s body hit the soft and cool sheets. Her feet were planted on the bed. 

Brian’s mouth moved down her neck. His hands took the edges of her panties and began to pull them off her. Once they were discarded, his hands went for her bra. His massaged her breast through the fabric. Anna arched into his hands. Her fingers dug into his shoulders. She sighed. She then felt one of his hands reveal one of her nipples and get replaced by his warm mouth. Anna soared.

She was so lost in his mouth that she jumped when she felt something hard at her lower entrance. Anna’s eyes flew open. She leaned up to get a look, but was blocked by Brian. He kissed her mouth and began to lean her back down on the bed. The head of his warm member rubbed against her folds until he was slick enough to push forward.

Anna hadn’t gotten a chance to see it, but knew it was big. Brian began to stretch her open. He was doing a gentle in and out motion with just his head. Anna felt herself tighten around him as she tried to inched down the bed, drawing more of him into her. She wanted him so bad.

Brian placed a hand on her hip, holding her in place. “Anna, please stop,” his voice sounded strained. Anna stopped moving altogether.  She quickly popped her head up, looked, and then lowered her head back down. Brian was huge! Anna started to panic. She’d just opened her mouth to say something when Brian started rocking again, this time, the pace was a little faster, he was moving deeper. It felt good. It felt so good. Her skin felt like it were trying to shout from the pleasure. Anna shuddered as a rush of hot need flooded her.

Brian’s pace kicked up as Anna grew more wet. He body slid further into hers until it pressed into a wall. Anna’s eyes flew open again. It hurt. She was a virgin. She hadn’t remember that it would be a big deal until this moment. Her hands went up Brian’s chest to stop him just as Brian pushed past the barrier.

Anna’s mouth flew open as a loud cry ripped out of her. It was all pain. No pleasure. Brian stopped moving. Anna buried her face in his arm. His hand began to gently run through her hair, comforting her. She didn’t say anything as her sobs subsided. Brian began to move again, inching himself out of her just before sliding back in. Over and over again, he did this while continuing to rub his hands through the back of Anna’s hair, cradling her to him.

Anna closed her eyes as the pain was subdued. Soon, his rhythm began to reawaken her pleasure. The friction of his long shift  refueled Anna’s hunger for him. She laid back. Her eyes met Brian’s. She saw concern in his brows. “How does it feel?”

Anna leaned up and kisses him hard on his mouth. She tightened her lower muscles. She felt him shudder. He cursed in her mouth. Brian kept the same pace, inching deeper into her still, opening her up to him. Anna began to slid her body further down him, taking more of his swollen shift. She rode him as he began to thrust into her, slamming into her, feeding her body all of him, driving her over the edge.

Anna felt her body begin to shake. She grabbed her hands full of the bedspread as she felt flames light her entire body. Anna exploded around him. Brian picked up the pace, which only caused the wave of ecstasy to crash over her again. Anna cried as she came a second, third time. A hoarse cry broke from Brian’s throat. He buried his face in Anna’s shoulder as he came. He held her close to him, tightly, as the waves calmed. When his heartbeat slowed, he rolled over onto the bed, taking Anna with him. “How do you feel?”

Anna snuggled into his chest. She wrapped an arm around his middle. “Amazing,” she told him. His ran his hand through her hair. Anna closed her eyes and sighed. She’d never felt so perfect before. “I love you.” Anna’s eyes flew opened at her words. Her body went very still as she hoped Brian hadn’t heard her. But his hand had stopped moving. He’d heard.

Anna started to pull herself up, but Brian’s arms stop her. He was so strong. He brought her up over his body, forcing her face to hover over his. Anna turned her head away. Her hair became a wild veil around their faces. She didn’t want to meet his eyes. Anna felt so stupid. This was why she’d tried to maintain distance from Brian all these years. He saw too much, forced her to reveal too much of herself.

“Look at me, Anna.”

She couldn’t. Instead, she buried her face in his neck, wishing the words back. She held her eyes shut tightly, praying over and over again that the words would be retracted from history. If only I could go back. Just two minutes? Hey, it had worked before.

“Will you marry me?”

Anna brought her head up to look into Brian’s face. His face was closed to her. He was wearing his emotionless mask again. His hold on her was loose. Anna leaned all the way up onto her knees. Brain sat up as well, his eyes locked with hers.

Anna was shocked. She didn’t know what to say. She would have said ‘yes’, but Brian didn’t look happy. “You want to marry me?”



Brian didn’t move. Only his blinking let Anna know he was still alive. “Because I love you too.”

Anna’s eyes narrowed. “You saw it so matter-of-factly.”

Brian shrugged. “It is a fact.”

Anna touched his face. “Then why don’t you look happy about it?”

Brian sighed. His face softened. His hands brushed the hair from her shoulders. They travelled down until they touched her taut nipples. Anna closed her eyes and leaned her chest into his hands.

“If you were any other woman, I’d know what you’ll say. I’d know you’d say ‘yes’.” Anna opened her eyes and looked at him. He had a gentle smile on his hard face. “But you’re not any other woman, Anna. You’ll do what it is that you want to do, and that scares me.”

Anna smiled. Maybe she wasn’t as predictable as she assumed. She leaned forwards and placed a kiss on his lips. Her hand wrapped around his already hardening member. Brian drug in a shaky breath against her mouth. Anna pulled back. “Ask me again.”

His green eyes stared into hers. He was smiling softly at her. “Will you marry me?”

A flash of light caught Anna’s eye.

The clock on the the nightstand read two fifty-nine.

Anna panicked. The time changed. Three.

The world around Anna began to fade away. She became surrounded by a cloud. She was returning to her time. “No! I mean, yes! Yes! I’ll marry you!” But it was too late. She knew it was too late. He hadn’t heard her answer and she didn’t know which answer she’d given him. She was traveling forward in time, travelling back to the point in time that she’d left behind twelve hours ago.

Her body felt light. She was falling again. She tried to cry, but found great difficulty in it. The air was tight. She didn’t know what happened and a felt dread overtake her. Please have said yes. Please have said yes. Please.

And then there was black.