The Last Chance(2015)

Chapter Ten


It was raining hard by the time they made it into the hotel. They were soaked, but they didn’t care. During their journey, they’d ducked under almost every shelter, awning, or canopy. And while there, they’d taken full advantage of one another’s bodies. They’d kissed, rubbed, and licked one another. Anna’s hands had roamed over the plane of Brian’s abs. Brian’s hand had travelled up her skirt. She was wet. They were drenched by the rain, but Anna was moist for other reasons. She had become so consumed by her need to have Brian inside of her. She had been so worked up that she’d almost been ready to throw caution to the wind and beg Brian just take her in a back alley somewhere. But they’d made it.

The grand lobby was basically empty. Only a lone desk clerk waited in the quiet. Holding hands, Brian and Anna ran up to the desk, leaving a trail of water behind them. The clerk didn’t look to happy about that.

“I want your best room,” Brian said.

That got the clerk’s attention. A smile appeared out of thin air.


Once in the elevator, the touching recommenced. Their food was in a bag. It’s ends were looped around Brian’s wrist, leaving his hands free. He pushed the button and then walked Anna back into the far wall. He placed his hands underneath her butt and picked her up.  Anna wrapped her legs around him. At this angle, she could feel his hard member pressed against her panty covered opening.

His lips began to move down her neck, over her collarbone. Anna leaned her head back, giving him full access. Her hands inched under the wet fabric of his sleeves. Her fingers roamed over his strong shoulders and arms. He was so well build.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” his warm breath was at her chest.

Anna sighed. “You have no idea.”

He laughed.

The elevator rang right before the door opened.

Brian didn’t put her down. He carried her. There was only one door on their floor. They had the penthouse. He pulled out the key card and inserted it into the door. The green light flashed. He turned the knob and pushed them in.

Anna didn’t get a chance to look at the room. His face blocked her view as his mouth found hers. Once his tongue was in her mouth, she was all but lost to everything but him.  A moan came from her mouth.

She felt him place their food on a table. The key card as well. He kicked off his shoes and began a quick jog towards another door. Anna kicked her shoes off as well. It was dark. Their only light came from the city below them outside the window. They stumbled through the door and found the bedroom on the first try. Anna was glad.

Once they were by the bed, Anna felt him put her down on her feet. Her hands went to his shirt. She wanted to feel his skin. His hands covered hers, stopping her.

She looked up in confusion.

His face was serious. “Have you done this before?”

Anna was ready to say, ‘duh’, but stopped. She hadn’t. Not with this body. Anna wouldn’t lose her virginity until she was in her Master’s study. It was also around the time Anna would cut and permed her hair. For a moment, she wondered if the two had anything to do with one another. Either way, Anna didn’t know how to respond.

Brian placed his hands on her face and brought her eyes to meet his. He seemed to think he knew the answer.  “We’ll go slow.”

No. Anna didn’t want it slow. She wanted it hard. She wanted Brian to work her body until she saw stars. But Anna didn’t say any of that. He didn’t give her the chance. He simply began to kiss her again, but the urgency was gone. It was gentle now. So sweet. So loving. Anna moaned again.

His hands went back to hers and helped her remove his shirt. Anna had seen his chest before, but this was different. There was no pool around. There was no skins vs. shirts basketball game happening. It was just them two. Alone. In one of the nicest hotel rooms Anna had ever been in.

Anna leaned forward and place a kiss close to the middle of his heart, where she believed his heart lay. It wasn’t not so much as a sexual gesture as much as it was a loving one. His hands still held her head. He lifted her tolds him and kissed her again. Her hands caressed the muscles in his back.

Brain’s hands went to the back of her neck, found the zipper, and began the slow trip down her back. When he reached the end, his fingers found the zipper that held the skirt. He unzipped the skirt just as he’d done the top.

He stepped back and Anna let the top fall and stepped out of the skirt. Once she was done, she crossed her arms around herself. She stood in nothing by a white bra and panty. She tried to move back into his arms. Brian took a step back. His eyes roamed over her. Anna never felt so naked in her life. It wasn’t just her body. It was everything that had led up to this moment. The emotions. The exposed feelings. Everything seemed to be building up to this one conclusion.

Brian sighed. “You’re so beautiful.”

With her wet red hair still plastered to her face and body, Anna doubted it. She was sure she looked like a drowned puppy. She turned away. “I bet you say that to all the girls.”

Brian didn’t comment. They both knew that he did.

He walked up to her and tilt her face up to meet his. Anna hadn’t realized she’d been looking away until she met his eyes. Their eyes held. He placed a simple kiss to her lips. Her chin locked in his fingers. His voice was soft. “No one means more to me than you do.”

Anna didn’t want to believe him. She didn’t want to be just another girl in the Brian Walker Fan Club. Yeah, she’d probably build and maintain the website, but she’d rather stay anonymous. “Prove it.”

Brian’s eyes searched hers. “What do you want?”

Anna placed her hands back on his warm chest. Did she dare ask him for something he wouldn’t give? “What if I want everything? What if I want all of you?”

They seemed to have entered into a staring contest. “I’m already yours.”

“For how long?”

“How long do you want me?”

Forever. Anna didn’t say that. She didn’t dare. She loved him, but she didn’t dare, but Brain’s eyes narrowed. He could see her mind working. “What do you want, Anna?”

“Make love to me.”