The Last Chance(2015)

Chapter Seven


Anna felt Brian place his hands on her waist and slowly slide her shirt up, bunching the material, exposing her middle. His fingers softly brushed over her bare flesh. Anna sighed. He was taking his time, dragging it out. The crowd around them grew quiet. The anticipation was thick in the air. Anna leaned her head up to look at him. Brian’s eyes were concentrating on her stomach. This hands swept the flat lines. He was completely fixated on her her body. Anna felt a heat begin to build between her legs. If he didn’t hurry, she was sure she’d catch fire. She opened her mouth to hurry him along, but was stopped when Tiffany popped a lime into her mouth.

The look she gave Tiffany was one of anger, but it didn’t cause Tiffany to flinch. Instead, she gave me a look that said, ‘you can still back out’. Yeah right.

The feel of something wet splashing on her stomach almost made Anna jump. Brian was pouring liquor up and down her abdomen. It made Anna wonder if he planned on licking it all up. At the moment, Brian turned to meet her eyes and those green depths opened for her. The answer was ‘yes’.

The first flick of his heavy tongue was almost enough to cause Anna to moan out loud. Brain’s eyes stayed with hers as his tongue ran down the planes of her belly. His strokes were long and Anna knew her panties would be soaked by the end of this. Their eyes stay locked.  The room around them faded. Everything cease to exist, except for the way Brian was lapping at her body right then and there.

As he moved higher up, his tongue picked up the sprinkle of crystals that laid there. Anna didn’t know if he’d chosen salt or sugar. All Anna knew was that she wanted that tongue in other places. Right now.

Finished with his sweet torture, Brian leaned over her face and plucked the lme from her mouth without so much as touching his lips with hers. He didn’t move back far once the fruit was in his mouth. Brian just stayed hovering over Anna face. That time, Anna did moan, but not at the pleasure of the experience, but at the lost. Only Brian was close enough to hear it. He smiled around the lime that was still planted in his mouth.

There was so much Anna wanted to say to him. Beg him for. A strong need for Brian coursed through her. She knew he could see it in her eyes. She was never good to lying to him. With him, Anna was completely readable. Unlike Brian, who’d smile had slowly began to slide away. They were both very still for a moment. Brian took the lime out of his mouth. “You should stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what?”

Anna felt herself being elevated off the table. On instinct, she wrapped her arms around Brian’s neck. The crowd broke away as Brian carried Anna away from the kitchen. They were cheering them on, assuming that Brian and she were about to have sex. So supportive.

Brian didn’t put her down until they were back outside the front door. Anna fixed her skirt once she was on her own feet and prayed she hadn’t flashed anyone while Brian had been carrying her. Anna began to fuss with the back of her hair when she realized what she was doing. She was avoiding to look at Brian.

“What do you want to do?”

Anna looked over at him. The faint light coming from the doorstep was all they had. Brian’s back was to it. He looked like a large shadow glooming in the light. She couldn’t see his face, but didn’t believe that would help her any. She never would guess his mood unless he wanted her to know. Seeing his face would please her, but never help. “We don’t have to leave because of me.”

Brian shook his head. He moved away from the light, coming closer to her. Anna’s eyes slowly adjusted to the dark. She could see his face now. His expression looked annoyed. He grabbed her hand and began to walk with her down the street. It was a rather quiet neighborhood once you got away from the party’s door. “No, I was over it the minute we walked in.”

Anna stopped walking and crossed her arms. “I don’t know. You seemed pretty at home to me.”

Brain stopped as well. “What do you mean?”

Anna told herself not to say it, but... “The way Tiffany was all over you”. Anna turned away from his gaze. She didn’t want him to see how she felt. “Did you two have plans before you roped me into hang out with you tonight?”

His hands touched her arms, but he didn’t say anything. Brian waited until Anna looked up at him. His eyes were gentle. “No, I made plans with Tiffany after I asked you, but once you changed your mind, I cancelled the plan with her.”

The news didn’t make Anna feel any better. It should have, but it didn’t. Was Anna so easily replaceable? Not even thirty minutes had past before Brian had made plans with someone else. She stepped out of his hold. A feeling of unease was starting to settle back in.

Anna was starting to realize that she knew nothing about Brian’s dating life. Sure, they were friends, but Brian never talked to her about the girls he went out with. It had been mainly her fault. Whenever he’d bring it up, she’d shy away from the topic. Anna didn’t want to know what went on in Brian’s bed. Her imagination was too good for such knowledge. “You didn’t ask me out.” She wouldn’t look at him.

There was confusion in Brian’s voice. “What?”

“You said you asked Tiffany out after you asked me out, but you never asked me out, you just assumed I’d go along you guys.”

Brian’s hand reached out and lifted Anna’s chin, forcing her pale blue eyes to look at him. His words were soft. “You’re the only one I want to be with tonight.” His eyes looked sincere.

Anna didn’t believe him. Her eyes narrowed. “Then why did you ask Tiffany out?”

Brian dropped her chin and shrugged. He took a step back. “I don’t know.”

Anna invaded his space. “Yes, you do.” She was growing angry. She’d used the last twelve hours of her time travel allowance to come back and get this man, but now Anna wasn’t too sure if Brian was worth it. Yes, Anna loved him, but she wouldn’t play second best for anyone. Not now, not ever. She had more pride than that. She’d rather live her life alone than allow a man to trample over her heart.

Anna placed a finger on his chest. “Tell me,” she demanded.

Brian ran both of his hands through his short brown hair. “Anna, I don’t know.” His face revealed a sense of panic right before the muscles slipped back into a blank canvas. “I don’t know.” He was calm now.

Anna took a step back. She was wasting her time. “Fine.” She shrugged. “Have a good night.” Anna turned to leave.