The Last Chance(2015)

Chapter Five


The sun was gone by the time everyone was dressed. Anna had gone to a bathroom in order to really get a look at herself and was shocked at her make up. It was no longer the soft look from this morning. When Heather had touched it up, she’d changed it to suit the evening. Her eyeshadow was done in dark shades of brown. The black eyeliner was sharp. It added an energy to her pale blue eyes. It made them look more alive.  Her cheeks were highlighted and her lips were a deep shade of red. With her wild red crown and black dress, Anna had to admit that she looked kind of fierce. Nothing truly needed to be done, so she just added a little more lip gloss and left. The guys were dressed and ready when Anna came out. Charles wore a red shirt and faded jeans. Brian a black shirt and really dark pair of jeans. And guess what Whitney was wearing when she swayed down the stairs? You guessed it. Jean. They were such a faded color that they were almost white. A matching jean midriff shirt completed the look. Red heels were on her feet.

Part of Anna couldn’t help but wonder what happened this night in her original timeline. She knew how Whitney and Charles’ night had ended. Sex. But, Brian had never spoken to her about this night. It was almost as if they’d both avoided talking about it. Like the topic had been too taboo for their friendship. Anna remembered what she’d done. She’d gone home with her family and had been surprised with two tickets to France. Anna had taken Whitney who’d been sad about leaving Charles all they up until they’d walked into the first Paris shop. Retail Therapy to the rescue.

Anna looked over at Brian who sat on the couch with her. He was almost sitting on her. He was so close. Their arms brushed. They were slightly slouched, both leaning into the back of the cushion. It was a very relaxed position, but Anna noticed that he watching her rather intensely. She had to crane her neck to meet his eyes. Brian’s expression was unreadable. “What?” He was making Anna nervous.

Brian didn’t answer, he just kept looking at her. His expression unchanged.  He looked as though he wanted to tell her something, but wasn’t sure if he should share. He eventually shook his head, deciding that he wouldn’t share his thoughts. The move did nothing to help Anna’s anxiety. Charles and Whitney heading for the door. Anna got up, pulled down her skirt, and followed. Brian was right behind her.