The Last Chance(2015)

Chapter Four


Five minutes later, and with a new lipstick tube in her shoulder purse, Anna was turning in the direction that she’d last seen her friends, but they weren’t there. Anna panicked. Had they left? She looked around the lawn and could see them on the edge of the parking lot. “Wait up!” She yelled.

The trio turned. A stunned look covering their faces. Brian was the first to break and began a jog to meet up with her. They met halfway.

A hesitant smile was on his face. “Did you change your mind?”

Anna smiled. “Yeah, let’s do this.”

Brian’s smile seemed to bloom before her eyes. Anna felt it touch her heart and hit her right in the heart. He held out his hand. Anna only hesitated for a moment before taking his hand in hers. They’d held hands before, just as friends, but this was different. Anna could feel it. Looking into his vivid green depths, she could tell me could feel it as well. Their fingers entwined.

“Hurry it up!” Whitney yelled in their direction, right before hopping into the passenger seat of Charles’ car. Hand in hand, Anna and Brian walked towards the car. He held open the door to the back seat and Anna slid in. Brian came in beside her and closed the door. Charles pulled off after seatbelts were put into place.

Charles always had the best cars. His father played professional football. Go figure. But Charles was already making his own money. He’d started an internship at a large corporation last summer and they’d offered him a package deal before he’d graduated. Charles had bought the car and Whitney’s ring with his own money. Seven years from now, he’d be the Head of Technology for the entire company.

The plan was to head to Brian and Charles’ apartment, change, and then hit up a series of hot spots downtown. Anna had been to the guys’ apartment before. She knew Whitney had clothes there. So that meant, everyone would be changing, but Anna. “Wish someone had told me to bring a pair of jeans,” Anna said to the car at large.

“Anna, you look great,” Whitney said before waving her off. “I’m the one dressed like a nun.”

“A very sexy nun,” Charles grabbed her hand and kissed her knuckles. Her large engagement diamond close to his mouth. Whitney giggled.

Anna shook her head at them and knew she’d probably be doing it for the rest of the night. It was either she take it one minute at a time, or she burst their bubble by laying out their entire future, or at least the next seven years.

A wave of unease hit her when she felt Brian lean over. His mouth hovered over her shoulder. She could feel his warm breath against her ear. “I think you look amazing,” he whispered. He’d told her that before, in their future life, but never the way she’d just said it. His sweet words had been said in the low tempo of a lover. She couldn’t believe she was hearing them from Brian. Anna felt her head turn in his direction and immediately regretted it.

She watched as his eyes roamed over her body. She had to tell herself not to shield herself from his gaze. When it landed on the edge of her skirt, which looked even shorter now that she was sitting down, Anna had to fight herself not yank it down. His eyes did a slow travel up until they landed on her face. The look in them was something Anna knew she’d never seen before. Lust. Her lower body tightened. Fear made her want to slide to the other side of the car, but her own lust made her stay. His breath was on her face now, faintly brushing her lips. It wouldn’t take a lot to just lean in and…

“Alright, boys and girls, we’re here.”

Charles’ comment was all Anna needed to break out of the spell. She saw a nerve jump in Brian’s jaw right before she turned and got out the other side of the car. The heat of the weather was a strict contrast to the cool interior of the car. The shock had been just what Anna needed to get her hormones in check. The sun would be set soon.

Walking up with the group up to the third floor of the apartment building felt like old times. Anna remembered everything about this place. When the doors were opened, memories flooded back to her. Board game nights, finals cramming, and just plain old hanging out session had all taken place here. The only time Anna hadn’t come over was during a party. Too many people. Too much that could go wrong. Brian and Charles may had been computer nerds, but they were great looking and knew how to party just like the rest of the world.

The apartment was sweet. It had the latest of everything and smelt new. Dark hardwood floors went throughout the entire two floors. A red bricked accent wall, the hanging spotlight fixtures, and the black leather furniture were like a neon sign that said, ‘Bachelor Pad’.  The bedrooms were upstairs. Whitney was climbing the stairs after Charles when she turned to look at Anna. “Are you going to check out Brian’s room?” She purred.

Anna had seen Brian’s room on multiple occasion. Part of her wanted to check it out for sentimental reasons, but after what just happened in the car, or what almost happened… Anna did even look over at Brian as she answered. “I’ll be alright.” She took a seat on the couch.

Whitney sighed, before retreating up the stairs. Brian was behind her. “I’ll be right back,” he called at her.

“I’ll be here.” Anna didn’t know what else to say, but she saw that the words pleased Brian before he disappeared upstairs.