The Billionaire Stepbrother (2015)



Chris turned to me, his hand still in the dresser. I shook my head. “I’m on the pill.”

He shook his head. “I always use protection,” he said, but he didn’t move. His hand just sat there in the dresser drawer. His body leaned over. My eyes roamed over his every plane. Toned, solid, strong. Leaned over he looked like a sculpture of some Roman god.

My hand went back up to his face and I found him doing the same to me, studying my body as I’d done his. Chris’ eyes seemed to mark my body wherever they landed and I saw the hesitation in them. He wanted me, and he was considering doing it raw. I wondered if he’d ever done it raw before. I was sure he had, but I could see how big of a decision he felt he had to make. It came down to trust. Did he trust me?

I watched him fight his conscience and I smiled when I realized that I’d won. He trusted me. His body came back over mine and I rewarded him with a kiss. His lips felt softer than pillows, but there was nothing soft about the thing that was asking my lower body for access. I opened for Chris, body and soul, letting him successfully take me, fitting his body into mine. The connection was perfect and so complete.

Chris began a moderate tempo and my body followed his moves. Our bodies met and then parted almost to the point of detachment, right before we’d rock back together. With each stroke, Chris enticed me more. His body seemed to call something within mine, bribing my senses, promising things I knew only he could give. I felt seduced by him. My body began to shake as if it were ready to cry, scream out at him. And I realized that I was screaming, shouting, begging him to let me have the thing promised. And he did.

Chris’ head went back just as my eyes closed. We came in waves, calling out each other’s name, shouting up towards the heavens. With every release, I felt lighter and lighter, until I felt as if I were nothing, as if I ceased to exist. A great nothing, right before the final lingering tremor of pleasure writhed through my body. Right before I relaxed with exhaustion and Chris crashed on top of me.

I tried to move my arms and wrap them around him, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t feel them. I didn’t even think my mind knew where to start to find feeling in them. My body had shut down for the time being. It seemed my limbs had all taken a vote and decided they deserved to rest. I couldn’t disagree, so I just laid there.

While I laid there, I thought about what had just happened. I’d just had sex with Chris, my brother, and it had been everything I’d wanted it to be. Thinking about it seemed to trigger something in my mind and I felt my body shake again with the memory of the pleasure.

Chris’ head slowly came up. “What was that?”

I blushed, but didn’t turn away. “I don’t know.” My voice was hoarse, rough from the screaming. I was trying to be coy and see if he’d let it go.

He smiled a knowing smile and then proceeded to rain kisses down my throat and chest. I felt him take one of my nipples into my mouth and my body reacted. A sharp hiss left my lips. I found the strength to sit up and look at him. “What are you doing?”

His answer was a flick of his tongue across my nipple before taking it into his mouth. I fell back on the bed as my body began to burn from the inside out. I felt possessed. Desire crept through me like a prowling lion, invading every corner of my being. I sighed from surprise. “What is this?” I asked aloud, but I didn’t think my question was to Chris. I thought I was asking my body, or anyone in the universe who had the answer.

Chris’ teeth raked over my nipples and I let out a moan. My head rocked back and forth on the bed. I felt amazing, crazy, and wet—very wet. How could that be? Surely my body had nothing else to give. Chris had already emptied me. How could this be happening?

Chris’ hands played over my sides. He grabbed me by the hips and flipped me over. My face had just hit the pillow when I felt his hardened member begin to tunnel its way back into my swollen flesh. It hurt, but my body didn’t care. I wanted it. I wanted him back inside of me. I was mad with the need to feel him.

A hard slam came over my ass right before Chris shoved his entire length into me. I grabbed the headboard just as my mouth opened, but no sound came out. I strained to scream, but couldn’t. I couldn’t breath. My nails dug into the headboard as Chris began to pump fast and furiously into me. I finally found my voice, and the words that left my mouth were words that had never left my mouth before. I urged Chris on, crying and pleading for him to never stop, asking for it faster and harder, begging for him, calling his name over and over again. He’d invoked something deep inside of me that I’d never known existed, a hunger. I wanted to devour him, seal him to myself for all eternity.

I heard Chris shout right before he came, still pumping inside of me, emptying himself into me, filling me with his body, seeds, and emotions. Filling me with everything that he was. I could feel it. It was more than a sexual release. It was himself that opened for me and I took everything that poured out of him.

The moment he withdrew, I flipped over, crawled into his lap, and grabbed him to me. I held him and felt him grab me, hold me just as tightly as I held him. His breathing was harsh and warm on my flesh. His body slippery with sweat, but I held on to him. I held Chris as if he were a child and he held on to me like I was the last boat off a sinking ship. And maybe something was sinking—his defenses. The defenses he put up against the world, including me.

I held him while one of my hands touched his hair, sliding through the short black strands, while I whispered soothing words to him. Eventually, all I kept saying was how much I loved him and would always love him, repeatedly, filling that place within that he’d dumped only seconds ago. Giving him my comfort just before he could rebuild the walls around his heart. I needed him to more than know the truth. I needed him to feel it. Chris was hurting and I needed him to know that he didn’t have to hurt anymore, because I was here and I would never let him go. He was mine and I was his. Forever.

Once Chris’ breathing calmed, he looked up and stared into my eyes; his hands still around my back. I didn’t know what I saw in those eyes, but I sensed a peace or acceptance right before he confirmed it. “Okay.”

“Okay?” I asked.

He nodded. “Okay.” A smile on his face. I’d messed up his hair so he looked completely adorable. I couldn’t help but return the smile.

But I still needed to know what we were agreeing to. I didn’t want miscommunication on either of our ends because my heart could not stand the disappointment now. Not after what we’d just done. If we were going to be moving forward, I needed to know exactly what that included. “Okay what?”

Chris’ hand slid up my back and waded through my hair. “Let’s do this.”

“Let’s do what, Chris?”


“What does ‘us’ mean?”

He shook his head. “What do you need it to mean?”

I shook my head. “No. You tell me what you mean by it.”

He looked away before looking back at me. “I can’t live without you.”

My heart skipped a beat. My hands held on to him more firmly. “What does that mean?”

He smiled. “You know what it means.”

I smiled and slapped his sweaty shoulder. “No, I don’t, Christopher Ray. You say it, right now.”

His grin reached all the way up to his eyes. “It means that I love you, Linda.”

My hands tightened even more, pulling on as much of his short black hair as my fingers could lock on. “Chris, don’t lie to me.”

He shook his head and laughed. “I wouldn’t lie to you, Linda.”

My face went very serious. “If you hurt me, I’ll skin you alive.”

His eyes widened at my words, but his smile didn’t fall. “Okay.”

“I mean it, Chris. I’ll kill you.”

His smile slowly fell. He grew serious as well, his hands resting on the side of my body. “Have I ever hurt you?”

“Yes,” I quickly said. “When you walked out of the room an hour ago.” I could feel my heart beating in my throat. I was scared. So scared. I wanted him enough to risk my heart. I really did. Even if he tried to pull back, I knew I’d give in. I couldn’t live without him either. I needed Chris any way I could have him. He was mine, but if he hurt me, I’d kill him. At that moment, that’s how I felt. He was mine and I’d destroy anything that got in my way. “You hurt me when you walked out after I told you that I was in love with you.”

Chris’ hands came up and cupped my face gently, the exact opposite way of my hold on him. “Linda, you are my sun.” His hand moved through my hair so lovingly; his words whispered across my face. “You are my obsession. You are the need that is never sufficed and now that I have tasted and touched you, my only wish in life is to worship and adore you. So it is you who has the power to hurt me. And do not hurt me, Linda, because life without you would be a fate worse than death.”

My hand relaxed its hold on him as I stared into his soul and saw the truth of his words—the serious set of his jaw. I was his sun. He was just as crazy about me as I was of him. I shook my head as tears leaked from my eyes. Chris’ lips were there to stop them before they fell too far. I wiped my face against him; certain I was messing up any makeup that I still had on. Nothing mattered though. I wanted to bathe in this moment. I wanted to hold this moment in my hands forever. I was free. I had the one thing in life I thought I would forever be denied. Chris was mine and I would never hurt him. I would never let him go. He’d be mine forever.