The Billionaire Professor 2 (2015)

Chapter 8




We lay naked together in a patch of leaves and soft grass in the park following dinner. Laying on my back, I swear I could see every star in the universe.

While I marveled at the night sky, Max was on his hands and knees looking down at me, almost as if he had something to tell me. Before he could say a word, though, I pulled him by his shoulders closer to me and I kissed him. For the first time it was my tongue that explored his, my tongue that pushed its way to the edges of his mouth, that felt the immense delight of tasting his tongue, feeling its texture, exploring every part of his mouth.

Oh, God, yes, he became a willing participant soon enough as his tongue took its own turn.

He slowly lowered himself ever closer to my body and resting his pelvic area and that nearly hardened dick on my pelvic. He first gently pushed my hair out of my eyes. Then, kneeling back to free his hands, he took one of my breasts and massaged it, using all the pressure, I swear, he could muster. I squealed with delight.

“Did you know that it’s possible for you to experience an orgasm just through me playing with your two play pals here,” he said, referring to my breasts.

He took his other hand and began massaging that one as well. I tried to speak the words to answer him, but no words would come out. I just lay there, feeling the natural comfort and coolness of the earth, leaves and grass on my back and the heated sensual buds of an orgasm building inside.

Oh, my God, I thought. It just might be possible. The sexual urge crescendoed within me. It was as if a rush of flood waters were pushing rhythmically against a dam, a forceful ebb and tide threatening to break the barrier. Each wave far greater than the last.

‘Don’t hold back, Jaz,” Max told me. “Don’t wait for me this time.”

I reached down to rub my clitoris. “Oh, no fair cheating,” Max admonished. He grabbed my hand and pinned it above me, all the while somehow without lessening the pressure on the breast. The man was simply amazing.

  He lowered his face closer to mine and kissed me. “You can do it, sweetheart,” he said. “You know you can.” Since one of Max’s hands still pinned my arm to the ground, Max, after muttering those words of encouragement, immediately sucked my other breast and using the sexual magic of his tongue, stimulated my nipple.

I couldn’t hold the flood waters back any longer. An orgasm burst forth, a sexual experience unlike any other I ever had.

Max let go of my hand, and leaned back on his knees. If he thought he was going to get a breather, he was sadly (or perhaps not so sadly) mistaken. After all, it was I who had just climaxed, not he.

I cupped both of my hands, held them behind his head and passionately – yes, if you can call a passionate kiss violent – violently kissed him. I raked the ever-beckoning hair with both hands. The soft  strands contrasted starkly with the hardening of his penis.

I thought at that very moment, I was the luckiest woman in the entire world. No, the entire universe. There was nothing, absolutely nothing that Max could do or say that would break this magical spell.




I had every intent on telling Jazmin. I really did. But I gazed down at her lying there naked amid the grass and leaves. I tried to fulfill my promise to my brother, Paul, but I got lost in those eyes, her luscious red lips. Before I knew it, I was transformed into the average American male – my dick hijacked my brain.

I gave her an orgasm in a way she’d never experienced it before – and through a route she’s not likely to ever forget.

We rolled in the fallen leaves and I found myself prone on the ground, I felt unusually vulnerable at that moment. I’m not sure if Jazmin could read that on my face or through my body language.

Regardless, her touch, while always loving, seemed even more extraordinarily caring. She knelt above me, traced the crow’s feet around my eyes with her fingers, brought the fingers down gently, working her way down toward my Adam’s apple.  Before she could move her finger that far, however, I hurriedly grabbed for it with all the force I dared muster.

Her initial reaction was one of pure reflex that reverberated throughout her body, right down to her pelvic area. The pelvis, which obvious was aroused, moved involuntarily at least an inch. It pleased me to give her so much pleasure. I don’t ever remember such a feeling with any other woman.

She only allowed me to keep her finger in my mouth a short time. But, she did position her body, so it was pointing in practically the opposite direction as mine. It made it so much easier for me to rub her clit (What a thoughtful lady!) as she covered my dick with her hands. Her touch was light, feathering her fingers down then up to its head. She allowed her fingers to dance, almost as if the digit had a mind of its own.

Then abruptly she bent her head and put my dick in her mouth. She used only her lips initially to propel my penis as far as she could inside her mouth, then smoothly pulled it out like her lips were simply gliding on ice.

She did this three – perhaps four – times, I can’t recall because the sexual act sent shivers down my spine and drove me mad. If that weren’t enough stimulation for one man, her hair hung down around her face, causing my penis to tingle as well as bulge.

I quickly and happily returned the favor, rubbing the outside of her clit. I knew this woman and her sleeping beauty so well, I didn’t need to search for her sweet spot any longer. I played on the outside for several minutes, but purposely didn’t linger there. It wasn’t long before they found their way inside her and I poked and prodded inside and got an extra sexual surge just by watching her unbridled reactions. My dick grew even more if that were possible and I was damned close to emptying.

Without even taking her mouth out of my organ, she said, “Bwing bwit bwon!” After translating that as “Bring it on!” I erupted. Much to my delight, she had come again – the second time that evening.

Jazmin repositioned herself and cuddled in the crook of my arm. Feeling not only sexually fulfilled, and definitely at least momentarily exhausted, I also felt – for one of the very few times in my life – loved. Loved beyond anything I had ever experienced before.

Then horror struck. I was supposed to ‘fess up to this sleeping beauty. I failed. I failed to keep my word to my brother. I failed to come clean with this amazing lady.

Would Jazmin still feel the same way after I tell her about my past?

Oh God! I can’t do it now – and disrupt this ideal movement.