The Billionaire Professor 2 (2015)

Chapter 6




Paul knew how to come straight to the point. “Have you told that sweet young lady who’s standing up for you about your less than stellar past escapades?”

I shook my head. He always had a way of shining his figurative light on me and making me feel like a large stinkin’ pile of shit.

“Her face is plastered all over the internet. Her actions in saving your puny ass made the front page of the Arts section of last Sunday’s New York Times.

“Don’t remind me,” I told him, “I saw it.”

“Did Jazmin see it?”

“I don’t know,” I honestly replied, “Probably. I’m sure if she didn’t one of her friends did.”

I thought for a moment that Paul was going to raise his voice at this point. He, though, was able to keep his composure. “This young lady is going far beyond the call of duty just for a good lay.” He stared into my eyes. It was his classic “I don’t approve of your behavior” look.

Even though he was my younger brother by five years, he’s always been the emotional and moral bastion that I depended on. He was born with common sense. I’m not sure sometimes what happened to mine.

“The bottom line, Max, is that you’re allowing her to go that far is a friggin sin if the only future you’re considering with her is to be the fifth ex-Mrs. Maxwell St. James. It’s also a shame that she’s going through this media circus without all the necessary information. Let’s face it. It’s only going to be a matter of time before that part of your past which you believe you’ve effectively buried pops up somewhere on the internet.

“You can run, Max, but you can’t hide.”

Wow, Paul’s observations hurt. That didn’t mean, though, he wasn’t one hundred percent correct. But before I could even formulate a coherent complaint, he kept on talking. “You are going to try to tell me you’re finally ready to settle down. But I know better. The day you settle down is the day hell freezes over.”

Sitting in of the receiving chairs all this time, Paul crossed his legs and carefully studied my reaction.

“Oh, my God,” Paul exclaimed and abruptly jumped up. “You really are taken with this young lady.” He placed the palms of his hands on the desk. He reminded me of an attorney trying to make an argument to the court.

“Then all the more reason to tell her NOW!” If you hold something like that back, she’ll drop you like the inconsiderate bastard you truly are.”