The Billionaire Professor 2 (2015)

Chapter 3




Max barely allowed the elevator at the Plaza to close and I felt the warmth of his mouth in mine. His hands were as expedient as his mouth, as he ravenously dug under my blouse, found my bra and released it.

“Those girls were telling me they wanted to come out and play,” he whispered. I laughed as he pulled one out with one hand and began massaging it.




Her squirming told me everything I needed to know. After a much too short of a ride, the elevator stopped at the floor my penthouse was on. The door began to open and clicked it to close.

My mouth moved swiftly from Jazmin’s mouth to her tit. I sucked on the nipple, quickly but boldly. I pulled away and looked her straight in the eyes -- those precious pale blue eyes. “Where are your super hero powers now?”

“I think you sucked them out of me,” she answered.

“Oh, that was the grand plan of the evil art history professor. Now, without your super shield force of protection, you’re at my mercy.”

“Quite frankly, my dear man,” she answered, “I can think of no one better to be under . . . “  She paused a beat. “…both figuratively and literally.”




I’m amazed at how, in the past several days, I’m growing more comfortable with Max. When I first met him, I thought his attention toward me was nothing more than a joke. I thought a group of friends bet him he would go up to the fat girl, hit on her and make her cry.

Other girls always got picked up in bars – at least hit on. But not girls like me. And even if we did it wouldn’t be by dark-haired, drop-dead gorgeous men who performed sizzling sex.

What prompted this man’s attention to me I may never know. What I do know, though, is that because of the way he looks at me, I see myself differently. I feel as like a brand new person. A born-again sexual creature, if you will.

We exited the elevator to his penthouse and crossed the short hallway. All the while he continued to drive me mad by teasing me with an orgasm, merely by massaging my tit and playing with my nipple. I thought I could stand it no more and thought the orgasm would burst at any moment. Right at that point he would release the tension on my breast.

He magically, or so it appeared, unlocked the door and interlocked as we were moved step by careful step toward the living room.

“No,” I said firmly, “let’s use the kitchen table.”

He didn’t hesitate to take me up on my suggestion. He began to lay me on the table. 
“Oh, no you don’t,” I said as I took his shirt off, making sure I fondled every tendril of the hair on his chest. “That table is for you.” His face expressed no sense of reaction to this remark.

He dutifully helped me undress him. My level of excitement rose steadily like a thermometer heating up. I felt as if I could feel each and every rise in my temperature.

My thighs tingled. The feelings in my clit heightened to an urgent level. As much as a part of my romantic side wanted to slowly undress Max, my sexual animal drive wanted to rip his clothes off. The animalistic me kept nudging the romantic me. “Don’t be gentle. Take him like he’s never been taken before. Screw his brains out.”

I felt an involuntary smile grow on my face.

Only several days ago I was standing alone, even though I was ‘in’ a group of people. Today, I’m making love passionately to possibly the hottest man on the face of the planet.

Max hopped on the table and leaned back on his elbows as if he were going to lie back.

“Oh, no you don’t, big boy,” I admonished him, looking directly at his penis.

“Sit up straight, like I’m sure your mom always told you.”

He complied, no questions asked. That in itself surprised me. All the while I’ve been playfully rubbing his dick, getting him in the mood. Now that his dick had hardened, I surveyed the situation.

Being short, I wasn’t sure that I could hop up onto his lap with the aim required for this maneuver.

So I moved a dining room chair, stepped on it (The expression on Max’s face showed his amazement at what I was doing.) From that higher perch I could swing a leg over him and sit on his dick.

“Nice,” he said, “very nice touch.”

I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed with all my might. In response, he wrapped one arm around my waist; with his free hand he fondled my clit, searching for my sweet spot.

“Oh my God,” I abruptly squealed. I reeled from the shock of the feeling, even though I had been anticipating it all evening.




“I take it I found it,” I asked Jazmin when my fingers hit that golden spot on her clitoris. Sometimes it’s so satisfying to be a philanthropist like myself and give back to society.

I leaned forward and kissed her passionately on the lips. I didn’t know any other way to express my deep appreciation and love for this sleeping beauty.

Without a doubt, she was ready and she repaid the enjoyment I had teased her with. She provided me with enjoyment of my own. With my penis in her, she began to move up and down. Slowly and deliberately at first in a distinct and delightful rhythm. The lady knew exactly what she was doing. Even though I thought I knew what was going to happen next, my level of sexual anticipation would only make the ride that much sweeter.

I made sure my penis, in its hardened state, pressed against the sides of her. I could tell by the look on her face she was doing everything within her power to contain the orgasm that so wanted to explode inside her.

“Where are your superpowers now?” I asked her.

“Every superhero has her equivalent of kryptonite,” she said through clenched teeth. 
“Obviously, you’ve just exposed mine.”

Her timing was impeccable. “I’m coming,” she finally confessed, whispering in my ear. Together, we created an explosive synergistic sexual pleasure that defied all logic. If I didn’t know better, I would have said her evil plan to ‘screw my brains out’ was working . . . and working very well.

There was really only one word to describe what I had just experienced: raw. I had to repeat that single word over and over again in my mind. Even though it was rough – raw – and exquisitely pure sexual experience, it involved a level of pure, unconditional love. It seemed like an unexplained paradox. Something so rough, so solidly instinctive, could be infused with a tremendous amount of pure, unadulterated – dare I say unconditional – love.

Jazmin placed on hand on my chest. It rose and fell swiftly as my heartbeat pounded with a quick succession of thuds within me. She lovingly massaged my chest all the while playfully fondling every tendril of hair on my chest, I swear. In turn, I cupped my hand behind her head and stroked her hair.

Together, we slowly fell backwards and lay on the table together, as if the table were our life raft from the outside world. Here nothing and nobody could harm us.

The lady had surprised me once again.